Pinky Promise – Episode 1

(Highschool romance-drama)

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Pinky Promise

(Highschool romance-drama)

Written by:Authoress #princess

Episode 1


Samantha woke up with a yawn as her eyes located the alarm before grabbing it.
“Broken again?”samantha grumbled under her breathe as she felt like throwing the alarm away…she knew she was very late for work, so she dressed up quickly…she didn’t bother taking her bath, she just combed her hair,brushed her teeth and wear luny’s kitchen uniform.

She work as a waitress there, she had to work to feed her only mother and also to gather some money to continue schooling.
Though she wrote a schorlarship exam and the result will be coming out today.

“Dan will ki*ll me!!”samantha muttered as she ran to her mother’s room to see her mum sleeping soundly.
She tore a paper and scribbed down some notes.

She dropped it on the table and quickly ran out of the house boarding a cab.

?At luny’s kitchen?


10:42 am

Samantha opened the door and rushed in like a mad woman…Daniel,popularly known as dan… her boss was going to fire her..he warned her never to come late to work again but is all her f**king alarms fault.
“Stop there young lady!!”she froze immediately she heard her annoying boss voice..

“Where do you think your going to? And do you perharps know what the time is”daniel asked and samantha bit her lower lips.
“Good day sir dan..traffic was…
“No more escuse because your fired”daniel cut her off adjusting his glasses…he is a man of about 40+ years.
“Please..sir dan, pleaşe don’t do this to me…i beg you”samantha clasped her hands together.
“I have had enough of your excuses and pleadings…when your done,leave!!”dan said and walked away.

Samantha felt her eyelids getting moist and tears rolled down her eyes,she knew what she suffered to get this job but is gone!
She gripped her bag tightly and walked out of the restaurant sadly..where is she going to get another job now?…what about her mother?.
A lot of questions were going through her mind but her moment was cut short when her phone beeped.

She opened the message
?Congratulations samantha david, you topped the whole students of U.S.A in the schorlarship exam and would be offered schorlarship to study at korea in twinkling high school…once again congratulations?
Samantha’s eyes widened as she jumped happily forgetting the fact that she was walking at a pedestrian high way and people stared at her like she has gone insane.

“Am going to study…wohoo!.that luny’s kitchen to go to hell for all i care”samantha smirked victoriously as she boarded a cab back home to tell the good news to her mum.



?damn it..bryan is looking so hot today.

?bryan..i love you.

?bryan…just one night.

?bryan, please kiss me..

“Am afraid, if he kisses you he might have teeth infection”adrian, bryan’s best guy smirked and his two friends laughed making the chubby girl that made that statement flush in embarassment.

There are 4 hot guys in the school, bryan,adrian,andy and jeremy…they are the bad guys in school.
All they do is f**k and dump…they are very good at toying with girl’s heart, any girl they want, they must have but that didn’t stop girls from chasing them especially bryan.


They entered their personal class, they act just like brothers, they share things even class room.
Bryan sat on his chair and brought out his phone and began to play candy crush while chewing a bubble gum softly.
“Is going to be a long boring day”jeremy grumbled and they nodded in agreement….




Samantha dropped the remaining boxes in the car and helped her mum in before she sat down.
Then the driver drove them to the airport..
“This is going to be a long boring ride”Samantha groaned as she closed her eyes.


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