Married to the Overlord – Episode 1

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Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay.





Gabrielle Ray sat by the floor-to-ceiling window in her room admiring the view of the garden, her lips curved slightly while thinking about her husband to be.

To the outside world, she looked so happy and calm but deep down she was nervous and couldn’t shake off the weird feeling.

“What are you doing over there Hunny, If you keep dazing out like this we’re gonna be late for your wedding. Am sure you don’t wanna keep him waiting.” Mrs Monica Ray, Gabrielle’s mom.

She walked toward her daughter with a wide grin on her face.

“I’m so nervous mom.” Gabrielle let out a sigh before walking towards the mirror. She looked at her angel themed wedding dress and smiled happily.

Mrs Monica held Gabrielle and led her away from the balcony to the mini living room in her bedroom, where her friends and Family were anxiously waiting for the new bride to be .

“You look beautiful baby girl.” Kathy Gabrielle’s best friend hugged her friend with teary eyes.

“Oh stop being dramatic Kathy it’s not like I’m leaving forever, you can always call me you know?” Gabrielle chuckled softly feeling better after talking to Kathy.

Gabrielle ‘s little sister also gave her a hug and a peck on the cheeks even though deep down she’s burning with jealousy.

Harry had always been the man of her dreams but at the end of the day he choose her.


“Come on girls it’s time to go,Harry is getting impatient already.” Gabrielle ‘s dad called out before taking his daughter’s hand In his.




Gabrielle walked hand in hand with Ray Montero into st Louis cathedral where all the guest were waiting for the beautiful bride.

She was nervous and anxiously chewing on her bottom lip, trying to keep her eyes on her husband waiting on altar with a dashing smile .

After what seem like forever she finally arrived beside her groom who took her hand from her dad and planted a gentle kiss on it.

“You look beautiful babe.”he whispered into her ear and she blushed slightly.

“Not so bad either.”

The ceremony was being wrapped up in a jiffy and Gabrielle couldn’t be more happy.


Just a few miles away from the cathedral, parked a knight XV. In it sat the vicious man with his driver. He seems not to care about anything but himself.

His long legs were crossed elegantly while he held a cigarette in between his long flawless fingers.

“Ready to intercept boss, permission to engage?”Ross the driver asked staring at his boss through the rear view. His skin was pale like that of a Vampire and lips red like blood. His white silky hair kept falling against his face, apparently his fingers has been messing up his hair style.

He dumped the cigarette on the ash tray and smiled coldly.

“Patience Ross. Tell them a strand shouldn’t go missing.” He smirked and looked outside the window with those blue eyes. He looked like a god outta a painting.




Gabrielle was beyond happy when everything went smoothly with no objections.

A few documents were handed over to her and she signed them without reading what was writing on it.

“By the power bestowed upon on me I no pronounce you man and w…” And that’s when all hell let loose,, the whole cathedral went dark throwing everyone into panick mode.

Gabrielle held onto to Harry like her life depends on it.

“What’s happening Harry I can’t see a thing.” She shuddered.

“I don’t know Elle, maybe the power went……” He didn’t get to complete his sentence when someone nabbed him from the shadows.

Gabrielle almost died from shock when she couldn’t find her husband anywhere. The place was pitch black with everyone trying to get out she couldn’t see a thing.

“Gabrielle!!” She heard her best friend calling out to her from behind.. she turned around around happily only to be hit hard on the head.

The last thing she remembered was being carried away by someone.



“Ray please I beg you bring my daughter back to me..find her please, I can’t bare to lose my child I would die please.” Monica knelt down Infront of her husband crying her balls out. Turns out Gabrielle and Harry had been abducted at the cathedral, it’s been three days and they haven’t been found.

“I’m trying trust me love have got the best men searching for them while waiting for the abductors to making a call demanding for random but surprisingly there hasn’t been any.” Ray heaved a sigh and brought Monica into his embrace.

” Sighs stop crying my love, I promise to find our daughter okay? Now go back to your room and rest you look terrible dear.” Ray comforted his wife and took her upstairs to the master bedroom.


Annabelle stood by the corner watching them. With a roll of her eyes she walked back to her room. She picked up her phone and called someone.


“Hey it’s me Annabelle.” She whispered Into her phone.

“What do you want?” The other side asked coldly, making her shiver slightly.

“Why did you take him with you that wasn’t part of the plan!” Annabelle blasted over the phone.

“I don’t have to answer to you miss, do yourself a favor and stop calling me else it’s gonna be your head that’s gonna be served to your father tonight. Piss off b***h!!” He hissed irritatedly and hung up leaving Annabelle shuddering alittle.

“What the hell?” She cursed silently rubbing the goosebumps on her arm.

How did the tables turned???

This is all that wrench fault! If she had insisted on getting engaged to Harry in the first place she would have been the one in his arms right now.

She chewed on her nails nervously thinking of what to do next, obviously she has been double crossed..

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