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TITLE: High school mom

SUBTITLE: She’s mine

Book By: Assurance Webber

GENRE: Romance/Action

TAGS: Rivals… seperation…love… reunion… hatred…ceo… billionaire…love triangle.

SETTINGS ( place) Las Vegas… Spain.


Las Vegas…10th March 2018

The cries and pleadings of people could be heard in a small but portable house.

” Mom, please don’t go” Asha cried as she knelt down beside her younger sister begging their mother endlessly.

Their mother stood at the entrance of the house as she held her waist with one of her hand, while the other clutched on her luggages tightly like it’s soon going to be snatched by a thief.

” If I don’t go, where do you want me to stay?” She asked and chuckled lightly before she continued.

” Don’t tell me you want me to stay with this good-for-nothing crippled father of yours” she said as she looked at their father who was seated on a wheelchair as usual.

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” Alora, why are you doing this?” Their father asked in a cracked voice. Tears could be seen in his eyes.

” Am leaving williams, am leaving this house. It was a grave mistake I made by getting married to you!” She yelled and added

” Am fed up williams, you no longer have money and I can’t keep on suffering. Look at me am not even up to fifty but my skin is getting wrinkled…Am sorry williams but am done!” She said as she carried her luggages leaving the house.

Asha was about going after her mother but the cry of her baby stopped her. She ran to the couch where her baby was laid and carried her. Being a 16 year old, she knew nothing about taking care of a baby.

That was the reason she needed her mom but her mom left them instead. She tried her best and cooed her baby back to sleep.

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Life has always been unpredictable and that’s why most people turn out to be what you never expect.

Everyone wants to go to school, graduate, have a good job and get married to someone they love but, that’s not the case of Asha Davenport.

Ever heard of a mom going to high school? It’s kinda weird right?

Well, that’s Asha Davenport, she had an encounter with a stranger and that resulted into pregnancy. She took it upon herself to go to school no matter the circumstances.

what do you think will happen in this novel?

Well, let’s meet our characters.


Asha Davenport:- A 20 years old single mom with blonde hair, 5ft tall. Complemented with blue eyes and a nice personality, calm and cheerful.
An high schooler that does all kinds of job to make sure she tends to the need of her family especially her daughter.


Josh Lucas:- A 25 years old with dark brown hair, 5ft6 tall, strong abs. Complemented with dark brown eyes and an unpredictable personality.
A guy of few words, he prefers his personal space. And the second son of the Lucas’s Empire.

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Camdan Lucas:- A 27 years old and an elder brother to Josh Lucas.

Tasha Dennis:- A 24 years old high standard brat with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. A fiancee to Josh Lucas.

Prudent Davenport:- An high schooler with blonde hair, Funny and sweet personality. A younger sister to Asha Davenport…17 years old.

Nicole Brown:- A 25 years old complemented with brown eyes, dark brown hair and an elder sister to Jace brown.

Jace Brown:- An high schooler and a younger brother to Nicole Brown…17 years old.

Otto Benjamin:- An high schooler and a best friend to Asha Davenport… 18 years old.

Leo Morris:- An high schooler and the only son of the Treasure enterprise….18 years old.

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