High School Mom

High School Mom – Episode 1

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High School Mom

Chapter_ one (Her work place)

Story by: Assurance Webber



Orders kept coming in as Asha kept serving different tables. Today was different from other days, customers tripped in and out.

Asha quickly ran to the second table and asked them what they wanted to order, when they said it, she jotted it down on her little jotter and ran towards the next table.

There were lot of customers today because when Asha was taking an order from a table, other customers kept on yelling “waitress!” and she found it really tiring.

Though the two other waitress were helping with the order but it felt like they aren’t going to finish anytime soon because the customers kept increasing.

” Asha!” Her colleague Lucy called and she quickly took orders before running to Lucy. She was breathing heavily with her chest heaving high and low, one could tell she was tired.

” Here is the meal you ordered for” Lucy said as she handed the tray of food to her. She works in the kitchen with the others while Asha takes orders.

” Thanks…lest I forget, those are the orders on the jotter, we need more food thank you” Asha said and quickly walked away going to serve.

Almost reaching there, her phone rang making her halt on her track. She pulled the phone out of her pocket, using the other hand to hold the tray.

She checked the caller ID and quickly answered the call.

📲 Good day miss Vivian. I already know what you want to say, I will come early today.

📲 Alright Asha.

She said and hanged up. Asha breathed out in relief.

She walked to the table and placed the tray of food on it.

” Anything else ma’am?” She asked and the woman looked at her in disgust before shaking her head sideways.

She felt embarrassed, is it because of her dressing? But nothing is wrong with her dressing.

Being the cheerful girl she is, she just let out a smile.

” Alright ma’am” she muttered before walking to the next table to take orders.

Conference room….

The conference room was already filled with the conferees as they were seated round a table.

The atmosphere was dull and everyone noticed it.

No one dared to utter a word, they were all waiting for the ceo to speak up.

The ceo was seated in the head seat facing the the board members. They were just adjusting their suits. They have been adjusting their suits since they got to the conference room.

The ceo stared at all the board members expressionlessly as usual. He wasn’t the type to smile or mess around anyways.

The man who was supposed to present was standing in front of the Airtame. He was also waiting for the ceo to speak up before he proceeds.

After close to thirty minutes of silence, the ceo clears his throat and opened a file that was kept on the table in front of him.

” Report to me” He finally said and the presenter looked at him before speaking.

” Mr camdan our products have reached different countries and have been rated five stars in every app and every form of social media and….”

” How far has our products reached?” Camdan asked sharply cutting him off.

” Our furnitures has reached top five world wide and it’s taking lead in Poland, turkey, vietnam and few others” He explained and camdan nodded in satisfaction.

The board members also smiled in satisfaction, they are happy since camdan is happy with the result. Nobody wants a day off that might turn to forever.

The presenter was actually burning inside, there seems to be a question he doesn’t have an answer for yet.

” Is there something else I need to know?” Camdan asked as if he could read the presenter’s mind.

” Yes sir, the chinese ambassador wants to make a deal with us, so I was…”

” Cancel all meetings with them and tell them we are not interested” Camdan said cutting him sharply and continued
” They are going to stab us in the back once we become one and I don’t want that. so do as I say, meeting dismissed”

After the meeting was dismissed, Camdan was on his way home when his phone rang. Checking the caller ID he sighed before answering the call.

📲 Hey mom.

📲 Hey darling, how are you doing?

📲 Am fine mom, anything the matter?

📲 Is it a crime to call my son and ask how he’s doing?

📲 No mom.

📲 Good, so meet me at honey salt’s kitchen, their food is amazing. I will be expecting you.

She said and hanged up without waiting for his reply.

Camdan sighed as he rubbed his temple tiredly. His mom is such a drama queen. What does she want to tell him this time?

He walked over to his car, his driver opened the door and he got inside.

” Where to sir?”

” Honey salt’s kitchen” he replied and the driver started the car and took off.

Mrs lucas was already seated and waiting for her son. She would glance at her wrist watch and then outside the window to check if there’s any sight of him.

She wants to see him badly, it’s been a while she last saw him.

After few minutes he arrived at the restaurant, she waved at him trying to signal him where she was seated.

” Sorry am a bit late” Camdan said as he sat down.

” It’s ok” she replied with smile. ” Am just happy you are here, it’s been a while. You’ve refused to come home and you hardly eat a thing, Look at how skinny you’ve become. You make me worry all the time.”

” Am sorry for getting you worried” he quickly apolgised and she slapped his arm slightly.

” You don’t need to apologize, am your mom so I will worry, it’s my duty to worry.”

” Ok, so we are here to eat right?” He asked. “I can’t see any food.”

” Don’t worry about that, I’ve already ordered for you, I know what you like.”

After fifteen minutes the waitress arrived with the meal. Of cause it came fast. The meal was numerous and it’s aroma filled the air.

It was indeed what he likes, he nodded in satisfaction and his mom just smiled. She knew he was happy, But he has always been the type who hardly expresses his feelings.

” Anything else ma’am?” The waitress asked and camdan diverted his gaze at her. She was indeed beautiful and charming. He has never stared this long at a girl before but this person standing here caught his attention.

” No dear, we are ok” Mrs lucas replied and the waitress bowed before leaving.

He stared at her till she was put of sight before he faced the meal that was placed in front of him.

” They know nothing about us, that’s why I like local restaurants. Not the fancy one that once we enter inside everyone will start whispering” She said and he replied with a hmmm.

” Quickly eat your food”

” Aren’t you eating?” He asked and she smiled.

” I’ve already eaten, so now eat”

At least he cared about her and that made her happy.

” Your brother is coming tomorrow” She said after few minutes of silence and continued

” Your father is at it again, I don’t know why he wants that boy to come home. I thought he will stay in spain forever, when he comes avoid him at all cost.”

Camdan didn’t say a word as he continued eating.


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