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“Yes I’ll marry you” Sandra said and Smith slid the ring on her middle finger.

Jane hissed out loud and rushed to her room. “Thanks baby” Sandra said and hug him happy. “I should be thanking you instead you made me a complete man” Smith said with a smile.

“Get inside the car let’s go celebrate” Smith said. “Sure this cause for celebration” Sandra replied.

“When is the new PA coming?” Wyatt asked his secretary.

“She will soon be here sir” his secretary replied. “Alright you can go!” Wyatt replied massaging his forehead with his palm.

“I’m very sorry for coming late” Rose said coming inside the office.

“No problem, there are some files on the table check it out” Wyatt replied nothing looking up from his system.

“Wyatt!” Rose called and Wyatt look up immediately.

“Wow nice seeing you again” Wyatt said with smile plastered on his face.

“You gave me wrong number” Rose said. “No I gave youy real number, but I lost my phone I’m very sorry” Wyatt said with a smile.

“So you’re my boss?” Rose asked with a smile. “Sure I’m nice seeing you again” Wyatt said and went to hug her.

“Awww he hug me” Rose said happily. “Drama queen!” Wyatt said with a smile.

. “Quickly attend to those files and we will discuss later” Wyatt said and walked back to his table.

“Alright boss” Rose replied. “Thyst sounds akward to my ear” Wyatt said.

“Hey what’s the mask for?” Sandra yelled.

“This is new me, I’m going to apply for the work of a maid in Nathan Mansion, I can’t wait till go back to his mansion” Jane said happily.

“You must be joking!” Sandra said.

“Watch me” Jane said and put on the mask. She look at herself in the mirror and smiled at her reflection.

“Wow this is so beautiful” Jane said and walked out of the house with her bag and Sandra shake her head in pity.

“Desperate f00l” Sandra said and walked to her room.

“Sir she’s here for the maid job” Mike said and Jane bow her head.

“What’s your name?” Nathan asked. “Clara sir” Jane replied with a smile.

“Clara, I’m not the one that need a maid it’s my baby, wait for her,” Nathan said and Adele walked inside the house with Claire.

“Hey baby!” Adele said and rushed to peck Nathan on his cheek and Jane squeeze her face in disgust.

“Easy baby, I don’t want you to stress yourself” Nathan said.

“Hope you didn’t stress my baby?” Nathan asked Claire.

“No it’s the other way round, your baby, almost ki*ll me” Claire replied.

“That’s a lie, my baby isn’t a trouble maker” Nathan said.

“I know you will be on her side Mr lover” Claire said and roll her eyes.

“Baby, meet Clara she’s here for the maid Job” Nathan said and Jane put on a fake smile. “Good afternoon ma!” Jane said with her head bow.

“How are you dear?” Adele asked with a smile. “Did you like her?” Nathan asked.

“I think I do, let’s employ her” Adele replied. “Just like that?” Claire asked and Jane secretly roll her eyes on her.

“Yeah, I like her” Adele replied. “Congratulations, I will be paying you $500 every month, but if anything happen to my love, just consider yourself d��d” Nathan said.

“She’s save with me sir” Jane replied. “Your work start today” Nathan said.

“Won’t you ask about her family?” Claire asked. “That’s not necessary, she looks like someone we can trust” Adele said.

“Okay, if you say so” Claire replied.

“Did you get something for me?” Nathan asked. “No I only shop for my baby” Adele said touching her stomach.

“I’m Jealous” Nathan said.

“You don’t have to be Jealous, I’m yours” Adele said and peck Nathan on his lips.

“Did you come with your things?” Adele asked. “No I’ll go get them later” Jane replied.

“Your bathing water is ready!” Jane said with a smile.

“Thanks, you can go” Adele said with a smile. “No I need to be with you, because I don’t want your husband to skin me alive” Jane replied.

“You’re very funny Nathan can’t do anything to you, and moreover I can take care of myself” Adele said.

“I know you can take care of yourself, but I still need to be here” Jane said.

“Alright if you insist, you can pick my clothes for me” Adele said and walked inside the bathroom.

Jane walked to the wardrobe, and brought out a blue gown.

She dropped it on the bed and walked to the kitchen to get coffee for her. She missed the coffee and also add some substance on it. “Yes!” Jane said and Burst into laughter.

She missed the coffee and walked out of the kitchen with it.

“oh, I thought you’re gone!” Adele said rubbing cream on her body.

“No ma, I went to get your coffee” Jane replied. “That’s very good of you, thank goodness I choose you” Adele said and collected the coffee from her.

She gulped it down at a goal and give the cup back to Jane.

“Ma I have a request!” Jane said. “Which is?” Adele asked.

“I want to get something down the street I’ll be right back” Jane said.

“Alright you’re free, but don’t take long” Adele said.

“Alright ma” Jane replied and went out. She burst into laughter when she get out of the house.

She look left and right before removing the mask from her face.

“I think I’m done here for now” she said and stopped a cab.

Adele lied down flat on the bed, trying to take some nap. She shouted in pain, when she feel a sharp pain on her stomach.

“Ahhh!” She shouted and hold her stomach as if her stomach wanna fly from her body.

“Ahhh!” She shouted again and Nathan rushed inside the room. “blood!” Nathan shouted.


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