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“Ahhh!” She shouted again and Nathan rushed inside the room. “blood!” Nathan shouted and rushed to her side.

“where’s your maid?” Nathan asked and lift her up from the ground.

“What happened to her?” Claire asked panicking. “I don’t know, please get me my car key!” Nathan shouted and rushed to the garage with Adele on his hand.

Claire rushed to Nathan room and get the car key on the nightstand.

“Here’s the car key” Claire said and gave it to Nathan.

Nathan collected the key from her and rushed to the driver seat.

He drove roughly to the hospital and rushed down from the car.

Claire tried carrying Adele but Nathan pushed her hard and she fall on her b�tt. He carried Adele and rushed her Inside.

“What happened to her?” Doctor Collins asked. “Don’t ask me questions, attend to her!” Nathan yelled. Doctor Collins nods his head and collected Adele from him.

Some minutes later

“Collins what happened to my woman?” Nathan asked.

“I’m sorry, she lost the baby, someone feed her with an harmful chemical, she’s really strong to be alive because the chemical the person gave her is very strong” doctor Collins said.

“You mean my baby is gone?” Nathan asked and burst into tears.

“You have the take heart Mr O’Brien” Doctor Collins said and placed his hand on Nathan shoulder.

“Take your hand off me!” Nathan yelled and doctor Collins removed his hand immediately. “I’m �s�l�ss, why can’t I investigate the B�st�rd before employing her” Nathan said and brought out his phone.

Claire walked to a corner to call Mrs Clerk. “What happened to her?” Mrs Clerk shouted from the phone.

“She lost her baby, and I’m very sure she will cry her eyes out when she wake up, so I need you to be here” Claire said.

“Jeez, how did it happen?” Mrs Clerk asked. “You just need to be here in the next twenty minutes” Claire said.

“Alright I’ll be on my way now” Mrs Clerk replied and end the call.

Nathan walked to Adele ward and dragged a chair out. He sat down near her with tears in his eyes.

He cleaned his tear and hold Adele hand. “I’m sorry, I have been soft since you came into my life, the former Nathan won’t even allow that, but I promise to punish the person accordingly, she won’t go Scott free for killing out baby” Nathan said.

“Baby!” Adele said and hold her stomach and Mrs Clerk rushed inside the ward with Claire and Mr Clerk.

“My darling!” Mrs Clerk said and moved to Adele with smile on her face.

“I overheard you talking about our baby, what happened to our baby?” Adele said and hold her stomach.

“Our baby is gone!” Nathan said crying. “You’re joking right?” Adele asked sitting up.

“No I’m not, what did you eat last?” Nathan asked. “I only drank coffee” Adele replied.

“The coffee is poison she killed our baby” Nathan said and Adele burst into tears.

“No my baby can’t go, I’ll take what you just said as joke” Adele said.

“No my dear, the baby is gone, you need to take it easy with yourself” Mrs Clerk said. “I can’t take it easy, I have been anticipating for my baby” Adele said.

“It’s my fault!” Nathan shouted. “Take it easy with yourself” Mr Clerk said and moved closer to him

Two days Later.

“Adele please try to take something, you haven’t taken anything for the past two days” Claire said and Adele keep looking into space.

“Baby please you’re hurting yourself and you’re also hurting me” Claire said and Nathan walked inside the room.

“Thank goodness you’re here, she didn’t eat and she haven’t been talking to me since she wake up” Claire said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it from here!” Nathan said and walked to the bed.

“How did you feel?” Adele asked. “I feel bad, but everything happens for a reason” Nathan said.

“My baby is gone just like that, and you haven’t fine the idiot that ki*ll my baby” Adele yelled.

“I’m working on it my love, remember we don’t know anything about her, we just need to do some research” Nathan said.

“She’s w�ck�d!” Adele shouted. “Yes I know!” Nathan said and placed her head on his chest. “She must pay for k�lling our baby!” Adele said.

“Yes she will, you’re moving to my room” Nathan said and lift Adele up from the ground.

“I love you, just give me a chance to show you how much I love you” Rose said and dropped a file on the table.

“Really?” Wyatt asked with a smile. “Sure I do, just give me a chance to show you how much I love you” Rose said and Mrs Jones walked inside the office.

“Mum you didn’t tell me you’re coming” Wyatt said. “I don’t need to tell you, do I?” Mrs Jones asked. “No mum” Wyatt replied.

“Good afternoon ma” Rose said and tried to walked back to her table.

“How are you my dear? Come back you don’t need to run away from me, because I don’t bite” Mrs Jones said with a smile.

“I’m fine ma” Rose replied. “I over heard your discussion with Nathan, and I must say that you’re very bold and smart,” Mrs Jones said and Wyatt wink at her.

“Thanks ma” Rose replied. “I like you already, you didn’t dress to seduce him, despert loving him, you dress like a good worker, so I’m assuring you that he will love you, don’t worry” Mrs Jones said. “But mum!” Wyatt said.

“Keep quiet and let me talk!” Mrs Jones said and Wyatt holdbuos lips together with his palm.

“Thank you ma” Rose replied and smile with her. “What’s your name?” Mrs Jones asked. “Rose!” Rose replied.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl, I’ll leave you two to talk” Mrs Jones said with a smile. “I’m sorry!” Rose muttered.

“You don’t need to be sorry, I want to love you, so make me fall in love with you” Wyatt said. “Really?” Rose asked happily and Wyatt nod his head.

A month Later.

“Thank goodness you have already come out of your shell” Claire said chewing her popcorn. “I don’t have time to congratulate you well, congratulations on your engagement” Adele said with a smile.

“Thanks baby, I’m happy you’re now smiling” Claire said.

“Yeah, smiling suit me right?” Adele asked.

“Sure it did!” Claire replied. “I’m going to surprise Nathan in the office” Adele said.

“Wow that’s very thoughtful of you, he will be very happy at you” Claire replied.

“I know I’m going with one of his car, can you please drive me to his office?” Adele said giving her her best puppy eyes.

“Sure let’s go!” Claire replied and stood up from the chair. She dropped the bowl of Popcorn on the table and dust her cloth.

“Hey what are you doing in my office?” Nathan asked Jane.

“Did you missed me?” Jane asked seductively walking to Nathan table.

“Shup up! Who let you in?” Nathan asked and stood up from the chair.

The door throw open and Jane quickly pushed Nathan to herself and slam her lips with hers. Adele entered the office and met Jane kissing him.

“Nathan!” Adele shouted and rushed out of the office. Nathan pushed Jane away and rushed after Adele.

“Jane please drive!” Adele said when she get to the parking lot.

“What happened why’s your face like this?” Claire asked. “Drive I’ll explain to you later” Adele said and Claire nod her head.

“Sh�t she’s gone!” Nathan said and walked inside his office angrily. He moved closer to Jane and throw her hard on the wall.

“Ahh!” Jane wince in pain and used the opportunity to ran out of the office.

Nathan also picked his car key and walked out of his office.

“Hey why are you parking?” Claire asked. “I’m moving out of this state” Adele said crying.

“Are you okay? You want to move out of the state because of little misunderstanding, are you okay at all?” Claire asked.

“I’m not okay, that was why I need to go far away from this place” Adele replied. Claire tried to stop her. Adele pushed her off the way and ran out of the house with her bag.

“Where’s your sister?” Nathan asked. “She has parked out of the house” Claire replied. “What! And you allowed her?” Nathan asked.

“But what you did is very bad!” Claire said. “This isn’t the right time for you to blame me, I need the find my woman” Nathan said and Claire also drag her bag out of the house.

“Adele what type of nons�ns� decision is that?” Mrs Clerk asked angrily.

“Mum I did what I think is good, I just wanna inform you that, I don’t want you guys to look for me, I’m perfectly fine” Adele said and end the call. “this girl won’t be the end of me” Mrs Clerk said.

Two days later.

“Son, stop drinking I believe she will come back” Mrs Clerk said. “When?” Nathan asked and burst into laughter. One can tell, he’s hurt through his laughter.

“I’ll personal search for her” Mrs Clerk said. “She didn’t miss me, if she missed me, she will have come back” Nathan said.

“Trust me she will” Mrs O’Brien said trying to console her. “She won’t I hs e search everywhere for her, I think I also need a break, I need to travel out of this country” Nathan said. “I’m okay with it, but please don’t hurt yourself” Mrs O’Brien said. “I won’t I promise” Nathan replied with a smile.

“You sent for me ma!” Jane said. “Yes I sent for you, I knew you’re the that k�lled my unborn grand child” Mrs O’Brien said.

“Really how did you know?” Claire asked. “Don’t ask me silly question why did you do it?” Mrs O’Brien asked.

“I did it because I want yourself, is that too much to ask for?” Jane asked and walked away. “Wow, so she’s truly the one” Mrs O’Brien said and played the record on her hand.

The end.


“Why did I even leave the house in the first place? Now I missed him how am I going to go back? I don’t think I can go back?” Adele said and burst into tears.

“You’re still crying?” Rose asked. “I missed him!” Adele shouted. “Maybe you should go back!” Rose said.

“I can’t go back,” Adele said. “You don’t have a choice than to go back, I don’t know you, but I accommodate you because I’m the only one staying in this house” Rose said.

“I’ll go back but not now” Adele replied. “Alright are you ready to go to the mall with me?” Rose asked. “Sure I’m” Adele replied and stood up from the bed.

“Excuse me young lady” Nathan said and Adele faced him. “What!” Nathan scream and lift her up from the ground. “Why did you do that?” Nathan asked.

“I should be asking you why you kissed Jane” Adele replied. “I didn’t kissed Jane you get it wrong” Nathan replied.

“But I saw it with my two eyes” Adele replied. “She forced herself on me” Nathan replied.

Jane was arrested, as she tried hurting Nathan’s mom.

Nathan and Adele patched things up after a few weeks, as they got back together, and lived happily ever after…


We have finally come to the end of Bloody Samaritan. This story supposed to be my best story? but ghost readers make it my worst story. Any way special shout out to my loyal fans. I love you all.

Tell me your happiest and sadist scene.

Our next story is pure romance. Look out for Personal Taste. Our female lead is a b�d�ss.

I love you all


  1. Don't get it all wrong writer……it's a lovely story & I personally love it!
    ? Thumb up for you & please keep the flag flying??

  2. wow cant believe it has come 2 an end it was a long journey and i av 2 admit it dis story was 1 of a kind.more grease 2 ur elbow writer

  3. Thanks Authoress. I really loved this story because it's the best romantic story i have ever read in my life. Thank you once again Authoress. Love you

  4. Nice one Authoress ?, I don�t read any story on this platform apart from restless, but that I could read this story from beginning to end meant something to me�. It really captivating�. My happiest scene was when they found out that Steven was actually Adele�s brother, if not I can�t imagine how Nathan will have to fight for her ?� and the sadist scene was when Adele lost her baby ?�.. Kudos to the writer!

  5. I av to give it to authoress of this masterpiece & breathtaking story gbosa!!! u really tried more wisdom to ur brain my happiest scene is when they're having intercourse &my sadist scene is when adele left the house looking forward to ur next novel tnx.

  6. Reading this story is giving me chestpain because I am always looking forward to the next suspense, I just can't love it less kudos to you my dearest writer???

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