BLOODY SAMARITAN � Season 2 Episode 35








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“Talk to me about what happened to Adele?” Nathan asked and Claire dragged Nathan to their room.

“What! What did you do to her?” Nathan asked immediately she saw Adele lying lifeless on the ground.

He rushed to her and carried her out of the house.

Doctor Collins was about to drive out of the hospital before he see Nathan car. Nathan rushed down from the car and carried Adele on his arm.

“Mr O’Brien what happened to her?” Doctor Collins asked.

“I don’t know, she just passed out” Nathan replied panicking.

“Don’t panick Mr O’Brien she will be fine” Doctor Collins said and the interns came out with stretcher and they stretch Adele to a ward.

“Can I come with you?” Nathan asked. “No Mr O’Brien, stay here I promise you she will be fine” Doctor Collins replied, he winked at Claire and Claire look away immediately.

Nathan keep pacing to and fro the reception and sighing at the same time.

“She will be fine” Claire assured him.

“What did you do to her?” Nathan asked.

“Calm down Mr O’Brien I didn’t do anything to her,” Claire replied.

“You didn’t do anything to her? She just passed out just like that?” Nathan asked.

“She’s my sister I can’t do anything to hurt, she was running when she slip and fall” Claire replied.

“Just pray she’s fine” Nathan said. “I’m very disappointed that you don’t trust me” Claire said.

“Whatever, if it’s related to my woman I don’t trust you” Nathan said.

Some minutes later

“Mr O’Brien I’ll like to see you in my office” doctor Collins said.

“Can’t you say what you have to say here?” Nathan asked.

“No Mr O’Brien, I’ll like to see you in my office” Doctor Collins said with a smile.

“Can I come with him?” Claire asked.

“Sure my lady!” Doctor Collins replied before walking to his office.

“Collins is really trying my patience” Nathan said and walked to doctor Collins office.

“welcome Mr O’Brien” Doctor Collins said and brought out an envelope from his wardrobe.

“Congratulations!” Doctor Collins said and gave him the envelope on his hand.

“Your girlfriend is Three weeks pregnant!” Doctor Collins said.

“You don’t mean it!” Nathan said happily and turned the envelope.

He looked into the envelope and smile happily to hiself.

“I’ll soon be a dad” Nathan screamed out loud and Claire also smile.

“Can I check on her now?” Nathan asked happily.

“Sure she’s awake, congratulations once again” doctor Collins said and Nathan rushed to Adele ward followed by Claire.

“Baby!” Nathan said and hug her happily to hiself.

He disengage from the hug and look at her stomach.

“What happened? Why are you looking at my stomach?” Adele asked.

“baby, you’re pregnant, you’re carrying our baby” Nathan said happily.

“You don’t mean it?” Adele asked touching her stomach happily.

“I love you baby” Nathan said and peck her on her cheek.

“Congratulations sister” Claire said happily and Adele roll her eyes at her.

“Hey what does that suppose to mean, you should thank me” Claire said.

“You will grow teeth on your p�ssy if you’re waiting for me too thank you” Adele said.

“when did you become a dirty talker?” Claire asked covering her ear with her hand.

“keep pretending as if you don’t f�ck” Adele said and doctor Collins walked inside the ward. “Congratulations Miss Adele” doctor Collins said with a smile.

“Thanks doctor” Adele replied happily.

“Make sure you always rest and don’t stress yourself, you passed out because you stress yourself which your body system doesn’t want” doctor Collins said.

“It was this winch that made me run” Adele said pointing at Claire.

“Can I take her back to the house?” Nathan asked.

“sure you can, here are the drugs she need” Doctor Collins said and gave Nathan a paper. “Alright thank you very much” Nathan said and lift Adele up from the bed.

“I can walk” Adele said. “Doctor Collins said you shouldn’t stress yourself!” Nathan said.

“I didn’t ask you carry her” Doctor Collins said with a smile.

“That’s none of my business, you need a new maid” Nathan said and pick his phone.

He dialed Mike number and he picked up immediately.

“Hey I need a new maid for my baby” Nathan said and end the call immediately.

“Congratulations darling, I can’t wait to see my grandchild” Mrs O’Brien said happily and Adele gilgled.

. “Miss pregy!” Mrs Clerk said entering Inside the house. “Nathan don’t tell me you called all of them today” Adele said.

“I called mum and Dad and Nathan called Mrs O’Brien” Clerk replied.

“Why, I was planning not to tell anyone till I put to bed” Adele said and everyone burst into laughter.

“Congratulations my princess” Mr Clerk said. “Thanks Daddy” Adele replied and hug Mr Clerk to herself.

“Big man, when is the marriage?” Mr Clerk asked. “Next two months” Mrs O’Brien replied. “Really?” Nathan asked.

“That’s how I want it,” Mrs O’Brien said. “I support you Mrs” Mrs Clerk said.

“Yeah, they gat no choice” Mrs O’Brien said.


The next day
“You have been happy since morning, what’s the secret?” Sandra asked Jane.

“I’m gonna get my man soon” Jane replied chewing her gum loud. “how?” Sandra asked with an eye roll.

“You don’t need to know” Jane said with an eye roll.

“Oh my man is calling” Sandra said and picked her call immediately.

“Hey darling” Sandra said and Jane roll her eyes at her. “Where are you?” Smith ask.

“I’m inside the house” Sandra replied. “I’m outside waiting for you, come outside” Smith said. “Come inside baby” Sandra replied.

“No I want you to come outside” Smith replied. “Alright I’ll be right there” Sandra said and stood up from the chair.

“Where are you going to?” Jane asked. “I’m going to meet my man outside” Sandra replied. “Okay.” Jane replied and Sandra rushed out.

“Hey baby” Sandra’s said and kissed him all over his face.

Steve brought out a ring from his pocket and went down on his kness immediately.

“Sandra Ben will you marry me?” Smith said going down in one knee. “So fast!” Jane said from the window.


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