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The only thing she was thinking right now is the taste of Nathan lips.

Nathan dipper the kissed and Adele moan to the kiss.

“Ahh!” She moaned raping her hands on his waist, pushing him more to herself.


I was moaning softly with my eyes close, as he keep fasting on my lips.

The feeling is insane and my legs are shaking due to too much pleasure.

I managed to open his shirt, and I caress his manly chest with my eyes.

I gulped down saliva when I saw his manly abs.

He dragged my skirt up and dip his hand on my pant.

He stopped kissing me and look into my eyes with lust in his eyes and I smiled shyly at him.

He put off my top. Steadily his hand and palm going up and down my skin and moaned out.

With his hand still romancing my laps, he used his other hand to caress my arm, slowing creeping and moving his finger to my b��bs.

Finally his five fingers and palm got to my b��b and he started squeezing it gently at first.

“Ahh, ahh , ahh” I was moaning softly with my eyes close.

My nippl�s had become hard and big, that it hurt slightly, but the pleasure was driving me cr�zy, I haven’t feel like this before and I really love what he’s doing to me.

While still romancing my laps, his hand moved closer to my panties.

His touch was having great effect on me, and my panties is already soaked with my p�ssy juice.

You might be wondering how I know all this things, I do watch porn sometimes, so I’m s b�d�ss virgin.

I was bitting my lips so hard from his touch, that I bite open my lips. I’m not feeling any pain from the bite.

He took my lips in again and started kissing me roughly.

And he started squeezing my b��bs, faster and harder, pinching on my nippl�s. The feeling was insane and my p�ssy was itching me.

Gosh! His lips taste like strawberry and I love it. I could feel his finger pulling and teasing my cl�t�ris.

He kisses down my b��b exchanging hands for mouth.

Has he started sucking on my b��b.

He gave my nippl�s a nibble with his teeth, and at the same time I felt one of his finger entering Inside my p�ssy.

“Ahh!” I gasped bitting my lips once more as he began dipping his finger into my honeypot. It was too much for me and I felt my orgasms building up.

I climaxed, but he didn’t stop as he keep dipping his hand on my p�ssy.

“Ahhhh…. Ahhh I keep moaning loudly.”

I reached out for his trousers grabbing hold of his d�ck while inside his trouser.

Wow it’s really big and strong.

I haven’t seen a real d�ck before, this is my first time seeing real d;ck.

“Wow you’re so big” I said with a smile and he stopped sucking on my b��bs and arched his brow.

“Are you sure, you’re ready for what you’re trying the do?” He asked and I smile at him.

“I’m very much ready” I replied licking my lips. He smiled at me and resumed sucking my b��b. I started stroking it d�ck rapidly.

I could feel his d�ck getting bigger and bigger in my hands.

I love how it keeps getting bigger on my hand. Him on his part kept on squeezing and sucking my b��b, with his hand and mouth respectively, exchanging one b��b for the other.

After a while he let go of my b��b and slowly moving his hand down my back to my b�tt cheeks.

Which he slapped hard, before giving it a squeeze.

He rub his di�k head with his head, before positioning me well on the bed.

He thrust into my p�ssy, and I screamed out loud and also bite him hard on his back.

“I’m sorry” he said cleaning my tears with his hand.

He stopped thrusting and rest his head on my head.

“Continue!” I command. “Are you sure I should continue?” Nathan asked and I nod my head. “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow” He said and I nod my head.

He started thrusting slowly on me and I’m moaning softly.

“faster!” I said and he stopped and look at my face.

“Yeah faster! I’m not feeling any pain again” I said and he smiled at me before thrusting fast. He stopped and came down.

“Why did you stopped?” I asked. “Come ride me!” He said and I looked at him with shock. “Come ride me baby!” He said and lye down flat on the bed.

I stood up from the bed and climbed on him before putting his d�ck into my p�ssy and started moving on him. I started slowing, but later increased my pace on him.

My hands rest on his head as I started moving on him. His hand cup one of my br�ast and he used his other hand to hold my shoulder.

He sit up and started thrusting in my hole. He slapped my rear br��st and I giggled.

My legs keep shaking from too much pleasure and I couldn’t keep up the pace. Soon, I feel a knot forming at the pit of my stomach and Nathan d��k start getting bigger and soon we both screamed each other names.

I was expecting him to pull out, but no, he stay till every single drop of his sp�rm drops inside me, before pulling out of me, I smiled at him before touching his face.

I used my used my hand to numb in some air, to numb the hotness is p�ssy.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you” he said feeling remorseful.

“No you didn’t hurt me” I replied with a smile. “I love you” he said, he doesn’t wait for me to reply him before taking my lips into his.

He carried me from the bed and took me to his bathroom. Wow his bathroom is so sparking and neat.





He dropped me on the bathing tube, and started caressing my body with his hand and I moaned out with my eyes clothes.

He dipped his hand in the water. And I opened my eyes immediately.

“Not again, please remove your hand from the water, I’ll bath myself” I said and he burst into laughter.

“your mind is not clean” he said laughing hard. “like wise you” I replied and Smile out. “Let me bath for you” he said.

“Know I can bath for myself” I said with e eye roll.

“Okay I surrender” he said and raises his hand before walking out of in surrender.

“Call me when you are done” he said and wink at me before walking out of the bathroom.

“Hey why did you come back?” Doctor Collins asked with a smile. “I just feel like coming back, don’t you like it?” Claire asked.

“I love it, let’s go to my office, I’m done for today, but I need to go pick somethings in my office” doctor Collins said and walked inside his office with doctor Collins.

“Did you mean what you said this morning?” Doctor Collins said.

“What did I say?” Claire asked pretending to be thinking about it.

“You said you love me, did you mean it?” Doctor Collins asked.

“I don’t remember telling you I love you” Claire said with a smirk.

“You said it, and you even peck me on my lips” Doctor Collins said touching his lips.

“Really?” Claire asked moving closer to doctor Collins.

“What if I peck you again?” Claire asked.

“I don’t mind” doctor Collins said and Claire peck him again.

Doctor Collins moved her to hiself and kissed her on her lips and she opened her mouth for him.

Doctor Collins, stop kissing her and rest his head on her forehead. “Thank you” doctor Collins said smiling sheepishly at her.

“Why are you thinking me?” Claire asked. “For loving me, will you be my girlfriend?” Doctor Collins asked and Claire hissed out loud. “I thought you will said will you be my wife” Claire said with a smile.

“We can get marry tomorrow” doctor Collins said and Claire hit him playfully on his chest. “Let’s go!” Doctor Collins said.

“Where are we going to?” Claire asked.

“It’s a secret so let’s go” doctor Collins said and walked out with Claire by his side.

He walked to his car and opened the car door for Claire.

“Thanks!” Claire said with a smile. “Just thanks, thank you baby will be better” doctor Collins said.

“Don’t bring your hopes high, we just started” Claire said.

“You broke my heart” doctor Collins said and placed his hand on his chest.

“Hi” A lady said and waved her hand at Wyatt. Wyatt removed his headphone and looked at the lady.

He has been listening to music since the plane took off.

“Hello!” Wyatt’s replied with a smile.

“I’m Rose” the lady said smiling at Wyatt. “Good name, I’m Wyatt, did you need anything?” Wyatt asked looking directly to her face.

“Yes I wanna be your friend, please don’t say no” Rose said.

“Rose right?” Wyatt asked and rose nod her head.

“But I don’t know you before” Wyatt said. “It doesn’t matter, we can get to know each other better from here” Rose replied.

“No problem!” Wyatt said. “You don’t mean it? I don’t even know why I like you” Rose replied and Wyatt smile at her.

“what are you going to do in Paris?” She asked smiling at Wyatt.

“Going to check on my family” Wyatt replied. “Oh, you’re married?” Rose asked slightly hurt.

“No, I want to go visit my mother and sister” Wyatt replied.

“Good!” Rose replied and smile out.

“Can we hang out some other time?” Rose asked, praying in her mind for him to say yes. “I’ll think about it” Wyatt replied.

“Common you can just tell me yes or no” Rose replied. “Alright yes, are you satisfied now?” Wyatt asked with a smile.

“Yes your number” Rose said and gave Wyatt her phone.

“Baby come and carry me, I can’t walk” Adele shouted and Nathan rushed inside the bathroom.

“Don’t tell me you’re on standby?” Adele asked. “Anything for my love, but I almost thought you will sleep inside the bathroom today” Nathan said.

“You aren’t serious” Adele said and Nathan lift her up from the bathing tube.

He dropped her on the bed and cleaned her body with the towel. “This house is very boring, let’s go to the park” Nathan said.

“Will you get me some ice cream?” Adele asked.

“Sure I’ll, let me dress you up” Nathan said and picked his cloth from his wardrobe.

“This shirt will reach your knee Right?” He asked moving closer to the bed.

“Why don’t you go pick my cloth from my room?” Adele asked. “I want you to wear mine” he said and wear the shirt for her.

“Wow the shirt look beautiful on me” she said smiling.

“Yeah, I love how it looks on you” Nathan replied and went to bring one of his new short. “put it on, I’ll be right back, I need to take my bath” Nathan said and walked to the bathroom.

Some minutes later Nathan came out from the bathroom with water dripping from his head and Adele look away immediately.

“Why are you trying so hard ti seduce me?” Adele asked and bite her lips and Nathan burst into laughter, before walking to the dressing table. Twenty minutes later he’s done.

He bend down to to her level and told her to ride on his back.

“How’s it? Hope you’re done?” Blessing asked. “Yes ma, here are the things you sent me” the person said and handed a file to to Blessing.

Blessing check it out and smile happily to him. “Thanks very much” she said before walking out of the place.

“Hi” Steve said with a smile and she stopped on her track. “Wow we meet again” Blessing said smiling at Steve.

“Yes, is God not wonderful?” Steve asked with a smile. “He’s truly wonderful” Blessing replied. “What are you doing here? Or did you work here?” Steve asked.





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