BLOODY SAMARITAN � Season 2 Episode 26








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“You want to sh00t a whole me! Your boss is little too me, not to talk of you” Nathan said with a smirk before moving closer to Mr Williams. He lifted him up with one day and slap him hard with the other hand.

“How dare you kidnapped my woman?” Nathan asked.

“You guys should sh00t him” Mr Williams said and Wyatt moved in with the other guys immediately.

“Hey drop your guns!” Wyatt said moving closer to one of the guys. The guy dropped the gun and made to run.

“hey stop there! You all will watch me while I deal with your boss!” Nathan said.

“Where’s my woman?” Nathan asked again and Wyatt look at Mr Williams with shock in his eyes.

“Boss I’m sorry for asking, is this the Mr Williams you’re talking about?” Wyatt asked surprised.

“Yes this f00l is the reason why I came to Chicago in the first place” Wyatt replied. “Oh, we will discuss when we get to the house” Nathan said with a smirk.

“My �s�less uncle cole” Wyatt said and slapped him hard on his face.

“Where’s my woman?” Nathan asked again. “Your woman will have been d��d by now, because I told my boys to k�ll her, when they discovered you have defeated me” Mr Williams said and Nathan hit Mr Williams hard on his face, with his shoe.

Two of Mr Williams guys entered the room and was surprised not to meet Adele and Claire. “Where did Collins put them?” One of them ask looking around.

“I was also surprised as you her, let’s go check the boss room” the second said.

“They aren’t here, what are we going to do now?” The other ask. “Let’s go and inform boss” he replied and they both went out.

“Where’s my woman?” Nathan asked and his phone ring out loud.

Nathan ignored the call and moved closer to the guys who raised their hands up in return.

“We can’t find her” they replied and Nathan phone ring again.

“Sir I’ll advice you to pick up your calls since we are here” Wyatt said and Nathan brought out his phone from his pocket. He smiled out when he see the caller and picked up immediately.

“Baby I’m home, hope you’re fine?” Adele asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, I’m coming back to the house right away” Nathan said happily.

“What will do with you guys? Should I just k�ll you all?” Nathan asked and they all go on their kness.

“Even if I want to spare the rest, I’ll never spare you” he said and shot at the gun that sh00t him earlier. “Carry him to the car” Nathan said and rushed to his car.

“Come inside the house Nathan will soon be back” Mrs O’Brien said.

“No I caused all this things, I need to wait for him, I must be very sure, he is fine” Adele said and sat on the ground.

“This girl is cr�zy” Claire said. “I know right” Adele replied with a frown and Nathan drove inside the compound.

“He’s back” Adele said and jumped up happily. He rushed to him and hug him tightly to herself.

“Hope you’re fine?” Nathan asked checking her body. “Yes I’m and you?” Adele asked.

“I’m always fine” Nathan said with a smile.

“I know” Adele said and hit him on his chest playfully. “How did you escaped?” Nathan asked.

“You guys should come out” Adele said and Collins and Andie came out of their hidden place.

“You!” Nathan said and point to him.

“don’t do anything to him, it wasn’t his fault” Adele said with a pout.

“Did you know what he did?” Nathan asked angrily, but he’s trying hard to control his anger. “Yes he told me, it was that man that sent him, he doesn’t have a choice than to do it, since it’s his boss” Adele said and Wyatt drove into the compound.

Wyatt parked the car and dragged Mr Williams out of the car.

“Hey old f00l” Adele said and moved closer to Mr Williams.

“Hope he’s not holding any gun?” Adele asked pointing at Mr Williams.

“No he’s not” Nathan replied with a smirk. “Good” Adele said and moved closer to Mr Williams.

“Hi ugly monkey, I don’t know who you’re to them, but my own question is why did you kidnapped me?” Adele asked and Mr Williams keep mute.

“You’re stubborn right?” Adele said and kick him on his ball and Mrs O’Brien ran into the house.

“Did I hurt her?” Adele asked and made to run after her, but Nathan stopped her.

“Don’t worry she will be fine” Nathan said.

“No I need to check on her” Adele replied and ran inside the house to meet her.

“Wyatt take him to the torture room, and take them to a separate room, look them up, till I have the time to listen to them” Nathan said. “Sir you need to get one of your workers Rose” Collins said.

“Who’s rose?” Nathan asked.

“Sorry Gabby, her real name is rose” Collins replied. “What connection did you have with her?” Nathan asked with a smirk. “She’s a spy” Collins replied.

“A spy in my house, and I didn’t catch her, she must be very smart” Nathan said with a frown.

“Wyatt did you know how we can get her?” Nathan asked.

“Yes sir, I know how we can get her” Wyatt replied. “Very good, I need here d��d or alive” Nathan said and walked inside the house.


“Why are you crying?” Adele asked Mrs O’Brien. “No I’m not crying” Mrs O’Brien replied cleaning her face with the back of her hand. “Did I hurt you?” Adele asked.

“No my dear” Mrs O’Brien replied. “So why are you crying ma?” Adele asked. “Will you like to know more about Nathan and Williams?” Mrs O’Brien asked.

“Yes, but you will have to tell me why you’re crying first” Adele said. “Yeah, you will get to know it, when I tell you the full story” Mrs O’Brien said.


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