BLOODY SAMARITAN – Season 2 Episode 25

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“How’s he?” Mrs Clerk asked. “He’s perfectly fine, he can walk now, he should try walking” doctor Collins said and Mrs Clerk helped Mr Clerk up.

“I can walk!” Mr Clerk said and jumped up happily.

“Darling I can now work” Mr Clerk said happily. “Yes I’m happy for you” Mrs Clerk said and rushed to hug her husband.

“Let’s call Adele and Claire” Mrs Clerk said happily and brought out her phone. “Don’t call them!” Mr Clerk said.

“But why, I need to inform them that you’re fine now” Mrs Clerk said.

“No I want to make it a surprise for them, let’s go to the house” Mr Clerk said.

“How’s Claire?” Doctor Collins asked with a smile.

“Yeah that reminds me, she’s fine, what happened between you both, sit down and talk to me like a mother” Mrs Clerk said and doctor Collins sat on the chair.

“I love her and I confessed my feelings to her, but I guess she doesn’t love me back” doctor Collins said and Mrs Clerk burst into laughter.

“sorry for laughing, my daughter is a drama queen, she loves you, give her some time, she will come around” Mrs Clerk said “really? Because ion think she likes me” doctor Collins said.

“She do, you’re her crush, and she’s always takinb about you” Mrs Clerk said.

“Alright ma, send my regards to her and Adele” Doctor Collins said.

“Alright I’ll do just that, but make sure you also call her” Mrs Clerk said. “Alright Mrs Clark, thanks very much” Doctor Collins said.

Blessing came down from her car and put on her sunglasses before walking into a restaurant, she saw the person she’s looking for and wave her hand at the person, before walking to the table.

“I’m Blessing!” Blessing said and brought her hand forward for an handshake.

“Yeah I know, let’s get to business” the person said. Blessing search through her bag and brought out an envelope.

“Here are the things you need to know” she said and hand over the envelope to the person. “Alright Miss Solomon” The person replied with a smile.

“I need a clean Job” Blessing said and stood up. “Nice meeting you Miss Solomon” the person said and Blessing wave him off before walking out of the restaurant.

She mistakenly hit someone and his phone fell freely from his hand. “Oh shît!” Steve muttered. “I’m very sorry” Blessing said picking the phone.

“Gosh! I have ruin the phone, I’m very sorry Mr I can buy new phone for you, if you don’t mind” Blessing said.

“Nevermind, just give me the phone” Steve said.

“It seems you’re angry?” Blessing said.

“No pretty, I’m not angry” Steve said with a smile.

“Anyway, I’m deeply sorry, for spoiling your phone, I was in a hurry, that I didn’t look where I’m going to” Blessing said.

“No problem Miss or Mrs” Steve said. “I’m Miss” Blessing replied.

“Good nice to meet you, sorry for asking, where are you from?” Steve asked with a smile.

“I’m from Africa” Blessing replied smiling sheepishly.

“Africa, I have been to Africa before, where in Africa?” Steve asked.

“Nigeria” Blessing replied.

“Wow I have been to Nigeria before, and they’re amazing I love them, I remember they have three ethnic groups, right?” Steve asked.

“Yes you’re right, which is, Yoruba Igbo and the Hausa” Blessing replied with a smile. “You’re right, I met, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, in Lagos” Steve said.

“Wow you tried” Blessing said.

“I’m amazing and I know” Steve said with a smile. “How long have you been here?” Steve asked.

“From childhood, I was born and brought up here, I went back to lagod three years ago” Blessing replied.

“Wow that’s nice, you’re an indigene then” Steve said. “Sure I’m, I will take my leave now” Blessing said.

“Alright see you some other time” Steve said and wave at her.

“How will he see me some other time, when he didn’t ask of my number, fate can make us see again thou” Blessed said.

“Where are you taking us to?” I asked the guy that kidnapped us, he didn’t take is to the room as his boss said, I asked is to run, and I don’t really know where he’s taking us to “Relax I can’t hurt you, I am only trying to help you” he said.

“Just keep quiet, how are you trying to help? Aren’t you the one that kidnapped us?” I asked. “Relax I can’t hurt you, my boss is a very dangerous person, that’s why I kidnapped you, as he said, I knew when you texted Mr O’Brien, look here I and my friend will help you guys escape because I’m very sure Nathan is here, other guys will come for you, if they discovered Mr O’Brien have bring you down, since we all knows you’re his weakness, so I’m only trying to help you, and you will also help me” The guy said.

“What’s your name?” I asked him.

“Collins, let’s go, before they get us” He said and we ran away with his friend.

“I’ll take you back to Mr O’Brien house, But I hope your personal assistant isn’t around?” Collins asked. “Did you know I have personal assistant?” Adele asked.

“She’s working for Mr Williams, aren’t you surprised how we know you’re Mr O’Brien weakness” Collins asked.

“So Gabby, is a spy” Adele said.

“She’s not Gabby, she’s Rose” Collins replied me.

“Oh she’s not around, she travelled this morning, so let’s go to the house” Adele said and Andie stopped a taxi.

“Are you sure you really wanna help?” I asked. “Sure we really wanna help, have your phone, I’ll tell you the time to call Mr O’Brien” Collins said. “Alright” Adele replied.


Nathan go down Immediately, he brought out his gun and shot it at one of his hand that’s holding the gun and the gun fall from his hand and Nathan chuckled loudly.

“I thought you’re wise, but I’m highly dissatisfacted that you aren’t wise a bit, anyway where’s my woman?” Nathan asked standing up and one of Mr Williams boys wanna shot Nathan again.

“I think you have a death wish!” Nathan said and shot the gun fast, before he can pull the trigger and other move back in fright.

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