BLOODY SAMARITAN – Season 2 Episode 24


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“Babe what happened to you?” Jane asked knocking on her door.

“Did I told you something is wrong with me?” Sandra asked and roll her eyes.

Jane pushed the door opened and walked inside Sandra room.

“did I ask you that enter?” Sandra asked. “Common we are friends, and we can’t fight because of Smith, it’s not possible” Jane said.

“Says who?” Sandra asked. “Says me baby, he doesn’t worth it” Jane replied with a smile.

“Who told you he doesn’t worth our fight, that guy truly love you, you didn’t see it, or should I say you choose to ignore it because of lust” Sandra said.

“I don’t care, I’m waiting for my prince charming Nathan” Jane said with a big smile.

“Keep dreaming, and I pray you don’t wake up from your dream, because it will really help me” Sandra said and walked inside the bathroom.

“Whatever!” Jane said with an eye roll before sitting on Sandra bed.

“I don’t wanna see you in my room when I come out” Sandra shouted from the bathroom. “Sorry to disappoint you, you will see me, infact you will keep seeing me, you and I can’t fight because of Smith” Jane said and burst into laughter.


He has been driving like forever and I’m not sure we are close the where he’s taking us too, I don’t even understand what’s going on.

Who’s after our life? Is the only question coming to my mind.

My instinct is telling me they’re after my life, but it’s just like a movie to me, because I don’t offend anyone, maybe Thomas wife is still after me, or Thomas hiself.

Claire has been sleeping since, I really don’t know how she’s comfortable sleeping in this car, I can’t even close my eyes for some minutes and the car is still trailing after our car, it’s very obvious they’re partner’s.

I mistakenly hissed out loud and he look back immediately.

“Respect yourself when I’m still nice” he said and I roll my eyes at him, on a normal day, this guy isn’t up to my standard when it comes to fighting.

The only thing preventing from blowing off his brain is his gun and does îdîót trailing after this car.

“Why did you kidnapped us?” I asked the îdîot and he burst into laughter and Claire wake up immediately.

“Where are we?” She asked looking around the car.

“Have you forgotten where we are?” I asked her.

“Oh the kidnapped!” She shouted and sit up immediately.

“Mr I think I ask you a question” I said.

“You’re bold and I admire your boldness why don’t you just wait and see who sent me, I don’t send myself” the guy said with an evil smirk. “I need to know the reason why you kidnapped I and my sister” Adele asked angrily.

“We don’t even need your sister, she’s ûsèlèss to us” I replied and I bite him hard on his neck. “Ahhh! Did you want to get us kîll” the guy shouted and I burst into laughter.

“It’s better we dîè together” I shouted. “babe relax, don’t let him hurt you” Claire said with a frown. “How could he kidnapped us, I don’t even know him” I shouted.

“Babe we will get the answers to our questions once he take us to his master” Claire said.

The driver drove to a compound and parked the car, he opened the car door for us and I and Claire came out of the car.

I saw a man sitting on a chair and smoking as if his life depends on it, the other car trailing us also drove inside the compound.

“She’s beautiful!” The man said with a mischievous smile.

“Is he your boss?” I asked the guy that brought us and he nod his head.

“welcome back Collins, you have done a great job, I have to have a taste of her, she’s too beautiful to resist” the Man said and wink at me.

“Why did you kidnapped me Mr and what did you want from us?” I asked and placed my hand on my waist.

“Take them to the available room” he said with a smile.

“Take who to the room?” I asked him.

“Don’t make it hard for me, I’m coming to have fun with you, so relax” the man said and the Collins of a guy and the other guys that came down from the car trailing us, drag I and Claire away.

Nathan parked his car outside Mr Williams compound, he came down from the car and placed a knock at the gate.

“Who’s that?” Mr Williams said and opened the gate immediately. Nathan blow him hard on his nose and he hold his nose in pain.

“I know you will come” Mr Williams said with an evil smirk. “Where’s my woman!” Nathan asked entering Inside the compound. “I’m glad you’re here, I’ll just kîll you and your lover once and for all” Mr Williams said and his guards surrounded Nathan. “You guys are too small for me, so you all should leave the way, because I’m not here for you all” Nathan yelled. “You guys should carry him to my torture room, I’ll make love to your lover, in your present” Mr Williams said and left out an evil smile. “You all should near me, if you can” Nathan said and hit Mr Williams with his leg and Mr Williams fall on his butt. One of Mr Williams boy brought out his gun and shot at Nathan and Nathan go down immediately.

Doctor Collins, did some check on Mr Clerk and smile out. “How’s he?” Mrs Clerk asked. “He’s perfectly fine, he can walk now, he should try walking” doctor Collins said and Mrs Clerk helped Mr Clerk up. “I can walk!” Mr Clerk said and jumped up happily.


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