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She brought out her phone and tried to call Nathan.

“Don’t try anything stûpîd” the driver said. “Problem!” Adele muttered and tried to dial Nathan number without the driver knowing. She dialed Nathan and it ring twice before she end the call and placed her phone on silent.

“Give me that phone!” The driver said and point his gun at them.

Adele give him, her phone immediately and he insert it in his pocket and continue driving with one hand.

“Why’s she calling?” Nathan asked hiself and rushed to her room with Wyatt.

He placed a knock on the door, he tried to opened the door when he’s not hearing any sound.

“I don’t think they’re in the house” Wyatt said. “Where did they go to?” Nathan asked hiself roughing his hand and rushed to the living room.

“Mum did you see Adele?” Nathan asked immediately he get to the living room.

“Yes, she went out with her sister, hope no problem?” Mrs O’Brien asked.

“She just called me and her number isn’t recheable again, I really hope she’s fine, and Williams isn’t fûcking trying me, if anything happen to my woman, I’ll kîll Williams and anything related to him” Nathan said angrily.

“Does that means she’s Missing?” Mrs O’Brien asked.

“Yeah, I guess your sweetheart is trying my patience, I know his location, I just decided to let him be because of you, but I’m kîlling him and nothing can stop me, not even you” Nathan said and point to his mother.

“Take it easy please!” Mrs O’Brien said concerned.

“Don’t tell me to calm down, I don’t even know why Adele will go out without telling me” Nathan said angrily.

“Let’s go to the computer room” Nathan said and walked away and Mrs O’Brien also run after him.

“Sir what did you wanna do?” Wyatt asked. “There’s a tracker on her hair, I pray she doesn’t remove it” Nathan said and Mrs O’Brien opened the door.

“Mum what are you doing here?” Nathan asked and Mrs O’Brien nod her head negatively.

“Go back to your room or living room, I’ll take care of everything” Nathan said.

“Don’t kîll Williams” Mrs O’Brien said.

“Did you still love him?” Nathan asked looking his mother in the eyes.

“No, I don’t just want you to kîll him” Mrs O’Brien replied.

“You can go to your room since you don’t love him anymore, let me deal with him” Nathan said.

“I don’t just want you too be a murderer!” Mrs O’Brien said tears dropping from her eyes.

“I’m a murderer mom, go to your room now, and I don’t want you to cry again, Williams doesn’t worth it” Nathan said.

“Sir I have gotten their location, they have gone really far” Wyatt said with a sigh.

“That f00l!” Nathan said grinding his teeth angrily and stood up from the chair.

“Mum don’t try and Inform her parents I’ll handle everything and Adele will be fine” Nathan said and put on his mask before walking out.

“Boss let me come with you please” Wyatt pledge. “Arrange the boss and meet me there, I’ll drive myself” Nathan replied with a frown.

“I can just call Mike on phone and tell him to arrange others, it’s not safe travels drive yourself” Wyatt replied.

“Wyatt stop treating me like a baby, I’ll be fine” Nathan said and Chuckled.

Be rushed to the garage and entered one of his car before driving out of the compound with high speed.

“You need the go to the hospital for check up” Mrs Clerk said with a smile, Mr Clerk hold her hand and smile at her.

“What?” Mrs Clerk asked with a smile.

“I love you” Mr Clerk said with a smile.

“I love you more, so let’s go” Mrs Clerk said and helped her husband up.

“I don’t know what good I do, to deserve someone like you as a wife, you have never let me feel unwanted” Mr Clerk said and tears drop on his eyes.

“That’s because I love you, I can never neglect you for anything in this life, so let’s go, doctor Collins is waiting for us, it won’t be nice if we keep him waiting” Mrs Clerk said with a small smile.

“Alright darling” Mr Clerk replied and Mrs Clerk helped her up.

“Why did you care about me?” Smith ask with a blank expression.

“I don’t know, maybe I should say I like you” Sandra replied.

“Is it true that Jane have moved on?” Smith ask.

“No she’s busy chancing after shadow, the guy she loves doesn’t love her back” Sandra replied.

“Women!” Smith said with a smile

“What happened to women? What did women did to you?” Sandra asked.

“Absolutely nothing, I was just surprised that Jane can leave me just like that” Smith said.

“That’s bad, but I’m very sure she will soon come back to her senses, because I’m sure she’s not in her right senses” Sandra replied.

“I thought you said you like me?” Smith ask and Sandra nod her head.

“Why are you still saying good about her?” Smith ask.

“Common, she’s still my friend and you’re in love with her, I can’t force you to like me back” Sandra replied.

“You’re right, I hope Jane come back to her sense before it’s too late” Smith replied.

“I’ll get going now, I have spent a lot of time with you” Sandra said and stood up.

“Yes, you really made my day, can I have your contact?” Smith ask with a smile and Sandra smile widely.

“Sure your phone” Sandra replied and Smith gave her his phone.

“Bye, see you some other time” Sandra said before entering her car.

Sandra walked inside the house and met Jane watching one of her fashion shows and laughing loudly.

“This girl isn’t okay” Sandra said and Jane look up immediately.

“Welcome, look at your girl, didn’t I look beautiful?” Jane asked and Sandra hissed out loud before walking to her room.

“What’s wrong with her? Did Steve turn down her proposal?” Jane asked herself before standing up from the chair.

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  1. Hmmmm Nathaniel should be careful and think well before doing anything and as for Adele she should have let Nathaniel know about her movement
    Mr Williams should have come to face Nathaniel himself not kidnapping his girlfriend.
    Thanks and interesting next please

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