Her Arabian Prince

Her Arabian Prince – Episode 31

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I work for him, he claims I’m his

★(An Arabic romance series)★

©Biba writes ( Do not copy or steal)

Chapter Thirty-One


Prince Zaid was rushed to the royal clinic after the royal doctor arrived.

He is currently in the emergency unit and is being attended to.

My heart couldn’t stop thumping in fear and kept walking side to side waiting for the doctor’s response.

I was not left alone, The king, Prince Nawaz, Princess Ruqqayah, Zahra, and Nazan, and an old relative were at the waiting unit.

The wedding was canceled and postponed and I felt happy about it.

Everyone was tensed up and curious to know what was wrong with their crown prince..

Then I recalled his words to me.

He confessed his love for me, which means I am not loving alone..

But this also scared me to the fullest, what if it was just hallucinations??

It certainly isn’t!!

Prince Zaid loves me and I know it!!

I can’t help but feel that his feelings are genuine.

‘Oh stop pacing around!! Have a seat and stop worrying , stop acting like you’re the only one who cares about him!!’ That was Ruqqayah who was fuming.

Her makeup was still fresh except that she took off some layers of bridal veils.

At first I felt a pung in my chest but I let it be and shrugged it all by sitting down.

‘ You should be worried about yourself to what you did to my husband!!’ She fired again and I stared daggers at her.

Like seriously?!!!

Prince Zaid is in there straggling for life and this was how she would behave?!!.

If she really loves him, she would be crying and praying for him right now and not making noise!!.

‘Princess please, we should pray for him and not argue on unnecessary things’ I said.

‘Like who is unnecessary h-‘

‘Keep quiet kids, keep quiet’ the king said speaking for the first time since we came in..

Silence took over and after some minutes, the doctor came out, rising us up on our feet.

‘Doctor, how is my son.. Is he alright’ The king asked.

The doctor had a sour look on his face and it only made my heartthrob and eyes water..

Fear enveloped me and I was visibly trembling..

‘The Prince is fine now but…’ He paused before taking off his glasses.

‘He has been in depression for so long and it is affecting his heart’ the doctor dropped and my fear reduced.

I was glad he was fine..

But why was he depressed??

‘Who is Muleekat??’ The doctor asked and I shivered.

‘I’m th..the one’ I stuttered.

‘The Prince seeks your presence..’The doctor said and I was about to move when Princesse Ruqqayah spoke.

‘I’m his wife.. I should go..’ She protested.

‘No, the Prince specified his request, your highness’ The doctor said.

‘The marriage has not yet been down Ruqqayah’ the king said

She chewed her tongue while I left to the room where the love of my life was in.

💙Prince Nawaz💙

Muleekat is clearly in love with my brother.

Her eyes were damp with tears and worry just by him in danger.

I felt anger in my chest and I clenched my fists.

She was supposed to be mine tonight.

By this time she would have been in arms.

But all this was ruined by my brother’s predicament which ruined everything!!

I watched as she rushed to follow the royal doctor with tears rolling down her cheeks.

There’s nothing you can do my dear, you are mine..

💙Princess Ruqqayah💙

I screamed my lungs out in the bathroom in anger!!

I h*te you Muleekat!! You stole everything from me!!

I am his bride to be but he called you to see him !!

What took you to his chambers ?!!

Wait, what took her to his chambers??!!

Were they having an affair?!!!

This can’t be true!!

Why can’t you love me Zaid ??

What does she have that I don’t?!!

I am more beautiful, stylish, and fashionable..

I know how to handle your manly desires..

What does she even do!!

Worst she has my videos !!!

I’m gonna k*ll you Muleekat!!

I w*nt you to die and go !!!

I sat in the closet sobbing loudly and then my phone rang.

It’s what Khalid.

📲: How dare you Ruqqayah!!!’ He screamed and my heart thudded.

What could make my boyfriend shout at me in such a way..

📱: What is the problem honey?’ I asked sweetly.

📲: Shut up SL*t how dare you.. You gave me Barney cartoon as PZA company draft plan right??’ He growled and I frowned in confusion.

‘📱: Its not true, check it well, its PZA company draft plan…’ I said in disbelief.

‘📲: Shut up wh*re, its over !!’ He announced and my heart broke into pieces.



No… I love him!!

He called me a wh*re!!!

No no way!!!

Its all Muleekat’s fault!!



I walked rather too fast into the ward and it caught the Prince’s attention.

He was lying on the bed without a turban, wearing hospital clothes.

He threw me a usual side smile and I lowered my gaze in shame..

I stood there not being able to lift my head nor move my feet from where I stood.

I felt a strong and unbearable shyness cover me like a bucket of water.

Was this me facing the man I love and the one who loves me too..??

‘Don’t you want to see me..’ He said mg eyes lowered the more.

‘I.. want to..’ I replied shyly.

‘Come here Muleekat I want to talk to you’ He coaxed.

Without objecting, I walked to the bed where he lie. My eyes were glued to the floor.

‘About what I told you before I came in… It is true Muleekat, I am really in love with you.. I have nursed this feelings for long and I am sorry not letting you know… So what you said, is it true.. Do you also love me??’ He said softly and tears dropped from my large eyes.

‘ I do… I love you Prince Zaid.. I love you too’ I said between sobs looking straight into his eyes..

He smiled affectionately and my heart brightened.

It was no hallucination, he was really in love with me!!

‘Don’t cry, I’m still alive’ He said and cried the more.

He lifted his hands to wipe my tears and so did he..

I cried for some minutes, a mixture of happiness and fear..

‘ Muleekat, would you marry me..’He asked and I gasped.

‘Yes my love, I am willing to spend the rest of my life with you..’ Answered I.

Happiness enveloped me and I smiled at the Prince.

‘I love you Muleekat..’

‘I love you Prince Zaid..’ I answered while staring into his eyes.

I can’t believe that this is happening!!

I am going to get married to the one my heart beats for..


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  1. i just hope this ends wel buh y did khalid call d princes a wh*re,chai!,my niples hav she sent d flashdrive to him?

  2. 🥰🥰👏👏….. Awwnnnnn
    Am happy it is now clear that they both love each other
    But prince Nawaz and Ruqoyat are not going to give up easily. The two of you should be ready to fight and defend your love
    Next and longer episode, please

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