Until death – chapter 39

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Until death, chapter 39


Imperial conclusion and gratitude


Everything seems peaceful, but the early morning air is blowing my long silver hair backward. I dragged in a deep breath to calm my nerves, and the air gushed through my nostrils and mouth at the same time, which went down my throat.


All of my teammates were standing beside me. All their wounds were now healed, and there were no more scratches on their bodies again. Kira and Nasar are standing on my right side. followed by Vee and Manuel. On my left stood Michael and Favour, while the processor, Esther, and Coven were in front of us. My mother and General Zod are bound with silver chains and trapped on the ground at their feet.


Are you surprised to see the duo alive? Well, don’t blame me. The processor said we should hold them captive as they might play a huge role in the upcoming battle. I’m not talking about the Gaea battle, I mean the one in the middle realm. At first, we all turned down the suggestion.


However, I decided to think like Reed. He believes that everything happens for a reason. Even though the two-foot-tall cat doesn’t know anything but how to chew off ears, poke out eyes, and crunch the nose. Nonetheless, he was a good thinker and a badass listener. Not that I want them alive, but one of them holds the key to rescuing my dad from the priest, who has now turned to the preacher in the middle realm.


“We should be going now,” says Coven, jolting me out of my thoughts. With the help of Anna, he has already created a new portal that will take us to the middle realm. “We don’t have much time.”


I nodded my head and dragged my feet towards the glowing portal. Reed is on my shoulder, shaking his tail happily, and I can guess the reason for that. He hasn’t been to another realm or traversed through a portal before.


Looking at my team, I could see the sad looks on their faces, and that made me feel bad. We have been through hell together, fought many battles, slain different villains. However, Coven had stated that they couldn’t follow me to the middle realm. Apart from the fact that they are humans with minor power, their bodies couldn’t withstand the powerful aura of the realm itself. It will consume their hearts, turn them evil, and that would mean we have one more enemy. If not for the soul nectar that was in my chest instead of a normal human heart, I am sure that I wouldn’t get the chance to enter the realm. That would mean I wouldn’t be able to save my dad, and that would have hurt me to the core.


“Take these two along with you,” Anna said. “You can lock them in the dungeon till you need their presence.”


I nodded my head and returned my gaze to Coven. He was now a few meters from entering the portal. Even though he didn’t tell me the main reason why my attention is needed in the middle realm, He only did that because Lord Rey’s sister insisted that he must drag me here either by my want or by applying force.


Taking another deep breath, I examined my friend’s face again before I started hugging them one after the other. After I was through with the male, I went to Kira and hugged her deeply. Many thoughts were running through my mind. I can feel my brain chatting with my mouth. Those two are planning to betray me by telling Kira that I love her.


I wish I had obliged with those two idiots, but I shut them up. Despite the fact that I can feel the emotion I was hiding beginning to surface. Nonetheless, I tried to hide it. I want to hold her like this forever. I can imagine our hands entwined in each other. I could imagine my lips brushing against her lips, and the thoughts of it made my manhood stir. Kira seems to notice this, and I can feel her body tensing up.


I quickly released her, knowing full well that I might not be able to stop myself. I went to the processor and Esther, then gave them a quick hug before I went to join Coven, who is now holding the chain that binds General Zod and my mom in his hand. The sight of it, and how he was holding it as if it weighed nothing, made me wonder how much power the man was welding.


If it is true that Coven is an omega, just like he told me, was welding such power, How much power would the gods themselves wield?


“Stay safe,” I heard my teammate say behind me.


The only thing I could do was nod my head in understanding. I knew very well that if I turned back, I might abort my mission and return to them.


As I stepped into the portal, ready to face the new mission, Reed jumped out of my shoulder and dived into the portal. Coven followed after him, and I finally found myself stepping in. Eventually, it is time to free my dad. As everything went blank in my mind, I thought in my sense.








I returned all glory to the almighty God, the creator of heaven, earth, sea, air, and everything in them.


I glorified your name for the opportunity he gave me to begin this story, and complete it without any side effects. I shall forever give praise to your holy name.


A special thanks to my siblings, Eni-itan and Iyanu-oluwa. Without them, there wouldn’t be me.


To my first love, who brings out the name “Alegria del Autor,” may your soul rest in peace.


Finally, a big thanks to all my Readers, not excluding the ghost reader.


I swear you guys are the best. Your comments are part of what gives me inspiration and encouragement.



Don’t forget to read El Antiguo Guerrero Book 1 so you can understand the story.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments box, and I will surely reply to everything.


Happy first Sunday 😌😌

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  1. Woaw author, u nailed it. This is a perfect write-up. I love it(ur ever present ghost reader)

  2. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Ur imagination marvels me. I enjoyed it all-through, especially when u balance power by being beatten on occasion reflecting the point were every man no matter how powerful have weaknesess and many more.
    Nice ending Alegria, love u writing style any gud reader could mind-picture the story. Keep it up. Expecting more of ur stories.

  3. Wow, i'm just so short of words cos this story is just the perfect hit i love it sooo much. Keep the work going and thanks for the story. Much love

  4. 1.3 Billion gboza for u kudos bro am sorry fo being a ghost reader all this while,the final speech really touched me and make a playboy like me to feel emotional R.I.P to her.


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