until death – chapter 38

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Until death-chapter 38




Theme: The Clash



As I charge at the incoming wendigo, my body is flickering with silver flame. I can feel the earth rising from the ground and forming a protective armor for my body. I can feel the remaining two elements, water, and air, waiting for my order before they wreak destruction. I don’t need to say anything again. All I need to do is command them in my mind, and they will surely follow my order.


I could feel the soul sword throbbing in my hand, and as I drew it, it rang with a sharp sound that seemed to cut throughout the universe. I could feel the sword speaking to me, telling me it was ready to shed blood and wreak havoc. It seems like my foster father was talking to me. He was telling me that I was a warrior. He was urging me to fight for my people and take revenge on him. For the first time in my life, I have a reason and an opportunity to kill. 


I charged at the wendigo who was coming in my way. With a loud thump, we collapsed. I was wobbling my sword like a possessed being, and the sword was cutting the creatures left and right. It was slashing their flesh as if they were pieces of paper. I have never felt so powerful before. I could feel myself moving with great speed, while a blow was killing ten Wendigos at once.


I struck again and again. I was moving like a whirlwind, killing the creatures back and forth, dozen by dozen. I can feel all of my power erupting, lashing out instinctively, striking a long-distance foe, and turning the creatures into barbecue. My sword was also directing my hand; it was also alive, like an extension of my arms. I knew this was my battle, and I was ready to fight it until death.



I quickly studied my surroundings, my eyes wandering around for my team, and I sigh in relief as I see them. They are backing each other up while the processor and Esther are in the front line. They are fighting the skeletons, breaking their bones, and burning their pieces. Thank virtue, none of the wendigoes went for them. I could see Coven amidst the chaos. He was a one-man army. Left and right, he was killing Ryan’s army. He was moving with unimaginable speed, his claws shredding the creatures into pieces. None of them could match his skills and power. At the other end of the battle stood Ryan, General Zod, and my mom. The light from the portal was shining on them, and I could see them directing their hands towards my spot.


The army, as if under a spell, descended on me with full force, their blows growing heavier and stronger at each moment. However, I was ready for them. I felt bigger than myself, bigger than I had ever been. I concentrated on the creatures that were descending on me. Buoyed by the power of the soul nectar, copulating with that of my sword and all the elements, I feel invisible. I was like a channel for their energies. I let them take full control of my body, and the sliver of light that was emitting from my body glowed brightly every second. I felt myself flickering around the battlefield like lightning. I was chopping down hundreds of creatures at the same time. Despite how ugly and scary those creatures looked, none of them was a match for my skills. It was like they had all walked into a tsunami, and their painful shrieks filled the whole atmosphere.


After what seems like forever, everything becomes calm, friendly, silent, and still. I blink several times, my eyes examining the damage I have done. I was breathing heavily, blood was covering my body, and my brain was trying to process what had just happened. Some minutes ago, there were thousands of creatures here in front of us. But now, everything has returned to normal. All around me, the dead body of the wendigo, Nazgul, and the burning bones of the skeleton fill the ground.


Sensing something approaching me from behind, I quickly spun back and my gaze met that of Ryan. He had now changed to his real form, and he had a long, sharp blade in his hand. He was twice my size, he had huge muscles, and his eyes were staring directly into mine. Nonetheless, that didn’t make me shift back. I stood my ground, facing him with the soul sword still throbbing in my hand, and I could feel that it was demanding more blood. I knew this would be the most significant battle of my life, a great crusade for the realm, unlike the one I had fought before. The one that will determine the fate of my people and everyone nearby.


I could see General Zod, my mom, and the remaining of Ryan’s armies lining up on one side. My team also stood on the other side, waiting to watch the final battle. I can see Reed standing on his limb, his eyes full of curiosity and fear at the same time. I can see Coven. He was standing beside the processor, and I could see the urge to help in their eyes. However, they knew better than to interfere. They knew it was now my call, my fight alone. It is my destiny, and I must fulfill it alone.


As Ryan approached me, I stood on guard. I could remember that he had defeated me many times, and I had run from him many times without a number. The closer he approached, the more I sensed his dark energy. I can feel the dark power in his body, and it is greater than anything I have ever seen. I knew fighting this devil incarnate by exchanging power would only mean my death. He is perfect, and the priest also helped him acquire his power. Instead, I planned to make him fight in my element. At least I am good at sword and hand combat, and I am sure that I stood a chance by making him follow my pattern.


“Acquiring your power won’t stop me from killing you,” I said with fury. I felt the soul sword itching in my hand, and I threw it back and forth, palm to palm, getting ready to finish Ryan once and for all.


“You are still new to the game,” Ryan answered. “I will kill you, raise the balrog again, and revive all my army. After that, I will pull out the soul nectar from your heart and conquer Gaea and the middle realm with the help of the preacher. “


As he finished his ranting, it made me suspect that my team managed to stop Barlog before they were captured, and I felt proud of them. Perhaps our efforts weren’t wasted after all. Now it is my turn to finish everything. “Let us meet then, stepfather,” I said.


I raised the soul sword, and Ryan also raised his long, sharp blade, and we dashed at each other. We meet in the middle, like rams, in a clash of arms. The clang of metal echoes throughout the forest as our blades meet, and fire sparks out. Ryan was slashing at me, and I blocked each blow expertly. He would double his attack, then whack me with a strong, powerful blow that could destroy the realm. However, I counter everything. Each of us is well-matched against the other.


I sense that this battle was against light and darkness, and the winner will determine the fate of the realm. As we fought, slashing and blocking. I dodged a deadly blow that was meant to chop down my head, then whirled to avoid another lethal blow.


“You cannot beat me,” Ryan said and blocked a blow from the soul sword. He turned his blade sideways and shoved me back by using his height and weight as an advantage. I stumbled on the floor and quickly rolled out of the way as he brought his weapon to my chest, while the blade stuck to the ground instead. 


I used that to my benefit, grabbing the dirt and pouring it into his eyes. He quickly covers his eyes as the sand enters them, and I kick him in the chest before slicing him on the arm. Ryan shifted back, and I rushed forward, swinging my blade and aiming for his throat. However, he was quick to parry the blow. He grabbed me by the neck, then tossed me away. I went flying in the air like a baby toy, then wheeled my body in mid-air before my back could crash with the hard sand, which made me land on my feet instead.


Sooner than I could imagine, Ryan rushed forward, swinging his blade, and I was amazed by how fast it was coming down on my head. It was slicing through the air, and I knew that the blow would cut me in half. But some instincts kicked in. I felt the soul nectar hurling me, and I jumped out of the way at the last second. Ryan’s blade had just missed me by inches, and the force of the wind blew my long sliver of air backward.


I can see Ryan widening his eyes in surprise. He had not expected me to avoid the blow so fast. Not wasting any seconds, he swung around, raised his blade with both hands, and brought it down as if to chop me into two.


I quickly jumped back, and the blade sliced through the air instead, while the force of the blade made Ryan miss his step. I took advantage, lunged forward, and slashed him at the back of his neck. Ryan growled in anger, and I was certain that he wouldn’t take it easy with me again. All my prayer now is that he should not use any of his dark magic.


Ryan held his blade more firmly, then swung at me again. Just like I suspected, he was swinging the blow with special forces, and he was whacking at me from side to side. Gradually, I felt my hand growing heavier, and it was difficult to block each blow. Even with the power of the nectar and my soul sword, I was growing weak. I was slow to block a blow and it sliced my ribs. Another painful moan escaped my lips as Ryan slashed me again before he finally kicked me in the chest.


I stumbled backward, and my back collided with the ground. Before I could make any move, Ryan appeared in front of me, then placed his feet on my chest. I could hear my team and everybody gasping in shock, while the remaining members of Ryan’s army screamed in delight. Then I saw Ryan raising his sword and getting ready to whack my head off my neck. 


Then I close my eyes. I don’t know whether it was because I didn’t want to witness my death or the disappointment on my team’s face. As I closed my eyes in anticipation of my death, I was met with something else. I saw my foster dad smiling at me. It was a generous one, which I had never seen in his face before. “I’m sorry,” I apologized to him, half of me expecting him to scold me again. I have failed you. I have failed to save the realm.


However, he shook his head in disapproval. “No Rey Reed,” he said, his smile widening at each moment. “You have done well.” I opened my mouth wide in surprise, unable to believe what he was saying.


“Now open your eyes, and finish what you began.” He said, and his sketch started fading away.


Finally, I felt my power surfacing again. My eyes snapped open just in time before Ryan’s blade came for my head. A few inches from the blade colliding with my head, it turned into a flower instead. Ryan opened his eyes in shock, unable to believe what had just happened. I could hear the gasp that escaped from my mom’s mouth and that of his army while my team cheered in excitement.


I directed my palm towards Ryan, and a plasma ball shot out of my palm, which hit him on the chest and sent him several feet backward. I stood up, my eyes blazing with fury, and got ready to finish him off. However, Reed beat me to it. He was now on top of Ryan with his sharp razor teeth sinking into his throat, and blood filled his mouth. After he was sure that Ryan was not moving again, he went for his nose and bit it off.


Different fast-approaching footsteps distracted my view, and I quickly directed my gaze to the side. It was my mom and the rest of Ryan’s team. They are trying to escape after seeing that their leader is now lying down dead on the floor. I walked towards them, a sly smile on my face, with one goal in mind: to make her pay for all the pain she had caused me and to avenge my foster father’s death.




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