Until death – chapter 37

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Until death, chapter 37




Noticed:- for you guys to understand this story, I will advise you to read Book 1 of El Antiguo Guerrero


Theme: “The Wendigos”


Caleb, or should I say, Coven, slammed his body against the invisible wall that imprisoned us with tremendous force, more powerful than anything I’ve ever seen. At first, nothing happened. Then he repeated the same thing, and I felt our environment shaking. I conjured a huge pebble, hit it against the unseen shield, and the ground shook again. I said, “Step aside,” and he quickly shifted behind me, watching the next gimmick I was going to use.


I went down on my knees, then started punching the ground so inadequately. At first, I felt some injury in my knuckles as I continued hitting the sandy floor. Nevertheless, I didn’t stop. After a while, a light started flashing on my hand as I continued smashing the ground. Gradually, the light expanded, and it became brighter. The pain I was feeling has now increased, and I can feel my energy running out. I knew I was using too much strength, and it might take me a while to recover. Nevertheless, I didn’t stop.


After what seemed like forever, I let out a great guttural cry, then directed my fist towards the direction where the Coven was hitting earlier. A huge orb, accompanied by a large rock, shot out of my hand and hit the invisible shield. The ground shakes vehemently due to the force, and everything becomes clear again, revealing the dark knight.


Reed climbed onto my shoulder and chittered in my ear. “I can smell an evil aura around us. We have to leave now.” 


Not squandering time, I grabbed him closer, dragged my body up, and ran back towards the direction of the portal, while Coven followed us. For some reason, I saw respect in the man’s sights. He was now looking at me with new eyes, and I could see that he admired my courage and sacrifice. I wanted to bring out my ice ball again and whoosh out of here, but I was too weak. The only thing I can do now is to increase my pace and hope that my vitality will recover soon. 


I look at Coven, half of me expecting him to whoosh away with his werewolf’s speed. However, he was running at my speed, and I am sure he was waiting for my vitality to return so we could speed out together. “Don’t worry,” he said as if reading my thoughts. “I don’t shy away from the fighting, and I don’t leave my partner in times of trouble.” Unable to reply, I just bobbed my head.


We have been running for what seems like an eternity with no particular direction in my mind. All I hope is to find the portal or any clue. I was following my instincts and the magnetic force that was pulling me earlier. After a while, the portal finally came into view, and I stood still, gasping for breath. My muscles are aching badly, and I was terrified for some reason best known to me.

Enormous redwood hedges soared above us, diverging in all directions.


Refurbishes of snow and large rocks littered the ground all around us, which also surrounded the portal. That made me suspect that something was wrong. Coven seemed to notice the same things as he unsheathed his claw, his eyes turning yellow. Suddenly, I felt a sharp object stabbing me in the gut, and I winced in pain. I took a knee. The pain in my side was so fierce, and I couldn’t help but scream out in agony.


My heart pounded against my rib cell, I mean the soul nectar. It was racing as if it might burst at any moment. How long have we been running? How long is the pain going to last? I can’t say, but I am sure it is my mom’s work. That means failure to do something will mean my death. I wanted to talk, to tell Coven that he should find my mom, but my tongue was stuck. Reed is the only person that knows what I am going through. However, I am the only one that can hear him.


The cold air tingled my throat whenever I dwindled or gasped for breath. I felt it going dry, and I knew I needed water urgently. Willing down for the remainder of my power, I managed to straighten myself. Slowly, inching forward, we started moving towards the narrow pathway that leads to the portal. Large boulders blanketed in overgrown ferns and moss that percolated condensation forged a winding pathway between the redwood and the portal. I knew for certain that this wasn’t the real Portal. But what choice do we have? This is our only shot, and we have to take the peril. Who knows, maybe it will lead us back to Gaea.


Nonetheless, I knew we were in danger. I knew for certain that something was chasing us while Ryan and his team were somewhere around, watching us. Perhaps they are waiting for the right moment to make their lethal move. I can see Coven’s eyes wandering around, looking for the threat. The same goes for Reed. His fur was now rising, and I could feel his teeth gritting in eagerness. One thing I love most about that animal is that he won’t run from the opponent, and he hates surprise moves. 


The moonlight, which had once pierced the veil of the mighty treetops, is beginning to fade. Menacing black clouds were gradually enveloping the enormous moon. Finally, we are losing the only light we have left. As reality steps in, a cold shiver runs down my spine, and I feel my leg getting heavier. All thanks to Coven, he stepped forward and grabbed my hand, making it rest on his shoulder. I lean on him, letting my weight rest on him. I could feel the strength coursing through his veins. I could feel the hardness in his deep yellow eyes, which made me suspect that he must be a formidable being to his foes.



Blackbirds scattered from the treetops, fleeing their nests so they wouldn’t get hit in the upcoming battle. Finally, I can hear a footstep coming closer, and my body tenses against Coven, while my temperature increases automatically. Surely, what is coming for us is greater than anything I have ever seen or faced. Coven and Reed also noticed the same thing, but the duo showed no sign of deficiency, and I was grateful for that. 


I can feel the footsteps moving closer, circling us. I could hear it moving from all directions. It was like a thousand men were approaching us. My eyes shifted from side to side, trying to catch a glimpse of our pursuer. However, everything was full of nothing but darkness. I feel the nectar hammering inside my chest, threatening to burst out at the same time. 


The sound was so loud that it nearly deafened me. I quickly closed my ear with my other hand, and I expected Coven and Reed to do the same. However, the duo stood unfazed, which made me suspect that the loud noise did not affect them. Finally, I feel my feet scuffling, and it stops moving. Coven yanked me, dragged me, and did all his best to make me move, but it was all futile. I stood frozen as I watched the last glimmer of moonlight vanish, muffled by a sea of dark clouds.


Then I remember an adage that says if a child gets to a fear area, he will surely get frightened. In all my life, I have never been this scared in my life. Coven, seeing that there was nothing he could do to help, finally let his full claws out, and stood like a guardian in front of me. Reed stood behind me, watching for any threat that might try to come from behind.


Despair seeped through my veins like a slow-moving poison, choking out any hope that was left within me. The darkness had become so impenetrable that I could not see my own hand in front of me. The only thing I could see was the shining yellow eyes of Coven. Trying every power that was left inside me, I managed to zoom in on my vision and I could see things a little more clearly.


I could hear a loud stomping like a gallop coming closer to our position. It was striking the ground with deadly force. If my hearing ability is right, it is just beyond the tree line now. I could feel it. I could feel their presence. It was closing in on us, and that is when I finally saw what had been chasing us. I finally caught sight of the toxic being that was chasing me and torturing my body ever since.


The sight made me stop breathing, and I felt my body tensing up. Those creatures were massive, and they were towering on top of the tree-like giants. They had large, smoldering, blood-red eyes that cut through the darkness. Gradually, they started inching closer. The area around them was bathed in a pale red hue that glowed in the darkness.


I tried to swallow my saliva, but my tongue was stuck like sandpaper. I want to turn back, then push Coven and Reed away, and run for my lovable life. However, I couldn’t move. It was like my body was frozen like one of those statues in a place around Ibadan called Mopo Hill. I watched in horror as the beast emerged from the trees. At first, I glanced, thinking it was a horse. However, I was wrong.


Those quirks had a curling horn on each side of their heads. Their hide was smooth and pitch black. If it was a horse, then I am sure it was they are the tallest horse I have ever seen. They had unnaturally long, thin legs that ended in long branches like clawed fingers instead of horse hooves. Those creatures are moving with eerie elegance, despite their unusual-looking legs. However, that doesn’t scare me like their face, which makes me crawl. Their eyes were an empty, soulless crimson that glows but never blinks.


Willing myself to move, I felt my foot sliding backward, and I slipped on the ground like a child taking his first step. However, Coven was quick to grab, and he stood still without fear. That alone was enough to make me guess that this man has been through hell. So, he wasn’t scared by these creatures, which were sending fear down my spine. If those creatures were one, it would have been better. But they are thousands in number, and their eyes glow brighter with each second.


Those beasts move closer, while Coven and Reed step forward to meet them. Finally, a bright light emitted from the portal. Emerging out of the portal are Ryan, my mom, and General Zod. That confirms my suspicions. General Zod is the traitor among us. He was the one that informed Ryan about our plan.


Beside them stood all my friends, including Esther and the processor. They all looked battered, and scars were running down their faces. They were bonded together, and blood was dripping from their wounds. Coven directed his gaze at me, and I saw his lips parted, which made me guess that he wanted to ask me some questions. “They are my friends,” I replied to him quickly, and he nodded his head.


Ryan clapped his hand twice, then he stepped closer to us. The light that is emitting from the portal is now the only source that we have. Thank goodness, it did a good job of illuminating the entire forest. “So, the preacher was right all along.” He said, and a smile crept into his mouth. “Thank goodness I was a step ahead of you by accepting his proposal. If not, this wouldn’t end well for me. And thanks for the information,” he said while pointing at General Zod. 


“What did you do to my father?” I asked. I had finished asking before I knew that it was a foolish question. I can see that I am simple, just like Reed used to call me. Reed is wiser than me because I am sure that he wouldn’t have asked such a question. Yet, you can’t blame me. That is the only thing I could think of at that moment.


“Nothing much,” Ryan said, jolting me out of my thoughts. “Do you remember the last time we fought in the arena ridge?” He said, and I remember that day clearly. That is when I just returned from the afterlife when Ryan was choking me and a strange voice distracted him. That means the strange voice belongs to the priest.


“Yes,” Ryan answered as if reading a thought. “After you fled, he constructed a strange portal that summoned General Zod and Esther. That is where we devised the strategy that convinced them to pretend to turn over a new leaf and agree to work with you. However, Esther failed her mission by joining you, while my faithful servant returned and informed me about all your plans. “


“That means you trade my father for the plan and an army,” I said to be sure, and Ryan nodded his head.


“I didn’t barter your father for ordinary information. I also had to do it so I could regain my power. Look at me now. I am invisible, and I have hundreds of skeletons, Nazgul, and Wendigo at my service. ” Ryan clarified. “All thanks to him,” he said, pointing to General Zod. If not for his final mission, I might not have known about any of your plans. However, I compliment you because you have a sharp brain, just like your father. ” He complimented me.



I narrow my gaze at General Zod, then pray in my heart. I remember how Samson, from the Bible, prayed to God when he was betrayed by Delilah. I was now in the same situation, just that I was betrayed by a man. I pray for the strength to kill this man for betraying me and my team. I pray to God for stability and sovereignty to conquer Ryan and all his team. Finally, God answered my prayer. I feel my power surfacing again. I felt it rising from the depths of my stomach like a tornado. 


Then I wished for fire to consume General Zod. I didn’t even draw a somatic sign or say any spells. I just wish for the fire to consume him, just like the prophet Elijah from the bible has done. Right in front of me, I watched in awe as General Zod started burning. It begins little by little, then gradually increases. He let out a painful shriek and tried to put the fire off. However, it was too late. Then I turn to my friend, and I visualize the rope that was binding them shredding into pieces. Just like I had imagined, it happened, and my friend got free from the rope, including the processor and Esther.


“Time to bite some ears,” Reed chittered happily beside me. 


“Let’s teach them some lessons,” I said to Coven, and he nodded his head in approval. The last thing I heard him say before whooshing away was, “In the name of Lord Rey.” His voice is so deep that it echoes throughout the entire forest, and I could sense the power in it.


Reed exclaimed happily and dashed at the army before I could stop him. Finally, I cracked my phalanges and straightened my neck. “The great soul in his killer mode,” I said, and I joined the battle.


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