The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate – Episode 11

(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate
(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)
Written By Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee stories

Chapter 11

King Wulfgur got to each home ad Minister Philip led the way. Wulfgur promised to bring back the relatives that were taken as captives back to the Kingdom.

Everyone was happy and rest their mind because the king is a man of his word. He would do as he promised and that’s why they love and always run to him. He was a great king.

Wulfgur returned home without Minister Philip. He told him to go back home and rest.

“Where are the criminals?” Wulfgur asked as soon as he stepped into the palace, he turned to the soldiers.

“They are still in the van.” One of them answered and wulfgur nodded.

“Good. Put every one of them into the dungeon and let everyone go back to sleep. I will want to investigate them tomorrow. Call the Minsters early morning. Send the doctors to treat those that were wounded among the people tomorrow.” He told them and walked the way to his room.

The armies opened the van door and led the hunters carefully to the dungeon. Anyone who tried to be stubborn will be killed. So, the hunters calmed themselves down and obeyed since there were no weapons in their hands to fight. Harmless.

Lun followed shortly after the king left. Tomorrow, the king will be passing his judgment on the hunters. And that’s death.

Early morning, the news was everywhere.
The Minsters are already in the palace early and some people were outside.

The King appeared with Lun behind him and sat on his seat. He raised his head up to the Minsters and smiled.

“Anything, you want to say, My Minsters?” He asked them.

“No, your Majesty. You’ve done well. We suggest you ask these hunters the whereabouts of our loved ones.” Minister Yan of Justice spoke.

“I was going to do that before,” Wulfgur responded.

“What if they are too stubborn to talk?” Another Minster chipped in.

“I know what to do.” He turned to Lun. “Tell the armies to bring out those hunters I’m in front of the palace. I will be waiting.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Lun bowed and left.

“Your Majesty, I heard from Minister Philip that you’ve got yourself a bodyguard. Is it true? Because whenever I see that guy, he looks strange and unfamiliar.” Minister Antonio of Finance said.

Wulfgur turned to Minister Philip and raised his brows. He glared at the man before turning to Minister Antonio.

“Why do you want to know?”

“I’m sorry if it’s an offense to ask. I just want to confirm if it’s true or not.” Minister Yan replied.

“Well, it’s true. Are you all surprised I got a bodyguard?” Wulfgur told them.

“Why would you need a bodyguard for?”

“Aren’t you stronger than any one of us?”

“It really surprising” They began to murmur.

“I got a bodyguard because my mates have bodyguards. Not one or two. But I only got one, so why are you ranting? Even if I go with royal soldiers behind me, I need a personal one that can represent the armies.” That was just half of the truth.

He didn’t even know the other truth that made him want a bodyguard. He just woke up one morning and told Henry he needed a bodyguard.

“We understand his majesty. I think we should go out to see the criminals.”

“Let’s go.”
“ki*ll them! ki*ll them!” The people shouted as they brought the criminals from the dungeon.
While they were bringing them out, one of the hunters escaped through one of the armies who helped him.

Wulfgur appeared with the ministers beside him.
He walked further to the hunters where Lun stayed and collected the sword in her hands.

He counted the hunters, they were about thirty of them.

“I will only ask once and whosoever that answer me will live.” He said and then put the sword on one of them.
“Where are the captives you took? And where’s your leader?” He questioned.

“I’m not going to tell you. You don’t have the right to know, King.” The man retorted and rolled his eyes.

Wulfgur waited no more and slay the man with the sword. He fell and died instantly.
Fear gripped among the others but they couldn’t show it. They’ve made an oath not to tell anyone about themselves to an outsider.

Lun gasped seeing the way the King killed the man. The flash of golden color in his eyes, she could see it.
Was he angry? Already?

Lun was shocked as the King kept on killing and killing the hunters who refused to give the King what he wanted.
He would even behead one who made him angrier. It was the first time she would see someone being beheaded.

King Wulfgur got to the last hunter. He stood before him with the sword on the guy’s neck.
“You know, you’re the last now. It would be better if you speak or you die like others. I will make you live if you say something.” He told the last person. The only hope is to find where the captives are.

The guy was already shivering, he kept nodding his head and opening his mouth to talk.

“One of us have escaped. And he’s running to the north side where we kept the captives are. I don’t know who the leader is. I’m new.” He confessed in a rush.

Wulfgur stepped back but the sword was still on the hunter’s neck.
“Are you sure of what you’re saying?” He asked the man.

“Yes, I’m sure. You can send your armies there. We are about to take them to the leader, there, I will see our leader but I’m here. ”

“Take him back to the dungeon and go out to the north to find the captives. Bring them back safely. ki*ll anyone who tries to face you.” He commanded and gave Lun back the bloody sword.



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