Her Arabian Prince

Her Arabian Prince – Episode 29

I work for him, he claims I'm his

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I work for him, he claims I’m his

★(An Arabic romance series)★

©Biba writes ( Do not copy or steal)

Chapter 29


I quietly walked back to my room without getting caught.

I sat on the bed waiting for Prince for what seemed like ages.

That lesbian Princess was a real pain in the neck.

I still can’t believe I did this while I had the strength but innocence had buried it down in me.

It was really a bad thing to do!!! Why would you rape your maid??.

Wait how do people turn bisexual??

Ruqqayah is such a d*saster and a plague.

I feel bad for Prince Zaid as he would surely get married to her!.

But where did all this confidence come from??

Was this how standing for yourself felt like??

Then I guess I would do that from today and even to Nawaz!!

Oh Prince Nawaz!! Why wouldn’t you leave me alone?? I don’t love you!! I have no feelings for you!!

I want Prince Zaid!! I love him so much but now it is Ruqqayah that is getting married to you!!

Lord, please make Prince Zaid mine..

Make him fall for me!!

I don’t want to ever get married to the one I don’t love…

I really don’t want to..

I know I will never fall for Nawaz, he doesn’t have the qualities I want.

He is a player and he lacks personal relationships. He only thinks about himself and nothing more.

He doesn’t even care if I am happy or not!! All he wants is to have me as a wife..

Alhaji Garba and my mother have done so much for me and I can’t interfere my marriage plans.

I slowly laid my back on the bed staring at the platinum and wood design on the ceiling..

I just can’t wait to see Prince Zaid again.

💙Prince Zaid💙

I arrived at PZA almost in seconds as from the look of everything, things are not good.

‘Rasheed, reschedule my next meeting’ I instructed and the young kid nodded.

I walked into the board where all the board of directors and shareholders were all seated, their faces neutral.

I hope something bad had not happened to my company.

‘ Good afternoon everyone, what is the reason for such a meeting?’ I asked calmly.

‘Good afternoon Mr Prince, I regret to day that I am withdrawing my shares from your company..’ Juliana an American shareholder said taking off her glasses.

‘ I too are withdrawing, the sales in the company are drastically reducing and I’m afraid I have to go’ Mr Hoffman said to my very own surprise..


What is happening?? What is the reason for the reduction in sales and when did it start?!!

” I-‘ I almost said but was cut in by another shareholder who was willing to withdraw..

My heart skipped and my eyes dimmed.

What is the cause of all this fall apart of my company!!

Did I sin against my God?!!

Who would save my company now?!!


‘ Everyone calm down, my economist would sort things out. She told me about some kind of plan that would help the company’ I pleaded.

‘But we aren’t sure we can rely on it, especially now that inflation is taking the lead’. The American shareholder said.

‘Of course, our shares are in danger and we might loose our benefit in no time’ Another protested.

‘The statistics show that in less than six months, the PZA company will go on its knees’

‘Then you would have to wait till six months before withdrawing. My economist is capable and she would surely find a way to correct this’ I pleaded.

‘We will think about it for sure and we’ll give you our responses’ the said and my heart cooled a bit.

‘I guess the meeting’s over’ Mr. Hoffman concluded and we all rose from our seats.

After a couple of handshakes and affirmations, I left the office and hopped into the royal ride.

🕌( Later At the Palace)🕌

After having dinner I summoned Muleekat.

I trust my love and I’m sure she’ll have a way out of this.

I kept staring at some document that had the ‘PZA’ inscription on it.

‘I’m here, your Highness’ Her calm and soothing voice mouthed and my heartfelt at ease again.

If her voice could do magic, her potential would make heaven.

‘Sit my dear’ I offered to smile and I noticed a change in her face..


‘Sit my dear’ the Prince offered and I froze immediately.

The Prince had never mentioned affectionate words to me before, what’s with the sudden change??

Oh c’mon Muleekat, ‘Dear’ is just a common word. It means nothing..

Bashfully, I sat on the chair in front of him.

His gaze was fixed on me which was piercing into my very soul till I felt like I was naked.

What is wrong with the Prince today??

Why is he staring at me in such a way??

Am I looking ugly or what, or was it swell that I got from sleep??.

I began feeling shy all of a sudden and it felt like I should hide behind the desk.

‘Muleekat..’ He called out softly even though his deep voice made it almost impossible.

I slowly lifted my face and looked into his gaze.

‘ How are you feeling’ He asked and I was surprised.

‘ I’m feeling well… Any problem, your Highness’ I answered and his eyes slowly closed like he was relieved.

Is there anything wrong with him??..

Was he sick??

Did he have an accident??!!

Why is he so calm. He was normally a calm person but this was different.

‘ There is trouble my dear’ He answered and my heart jumped.

‘Were you hurt??, are you alright??, is anything bothering you??’ I asked with my eyes beginning to tear up.

I can’t stand trouble being near the man I love..

Does he have a sickness??.

He stared keenly at my glistening eyeballs with a surprised but calm expression.

‘No… Nothing happened to me, I’m all right’ He said and a ton of relief covered me..

Wait, what am I doing??..

What if he suspects anything??

I adjusted. ‘ So what it the problem??’ I asked feeling ashamed of my behavior.

I overreacted I know.

‘ Its the PZA company, the sales are reducing and in less than six months, it will go on its knees’ He broke the bombshell and my heart jumped.

It wasn’t really trouble, I thought.

‘That I because of the sabotage made by our rival company in Dubai,’ I answered professionally.

‘Really?? When did that happen??’ He asked curiously.

‘Almost six weeks but it is all being taken care of’ I assured with a smile and his brows heightened.

‘ Your Highness, there’s nothing to worry about, all this has been solved in the company draft plan I have prepared in a flash drive’ I added and I saw how happiness flew into his face.

He smiled till he exposed his white dentition which brought out his handsomeness.

💙Prince Zaid💙

I honestly don’t know how life would have been without this angel in front of me.

A problem of six months has been solved already!!

I really love this lady!!

‘ You are the best Muleekat, I can’t imagine life without you’ I said in happiness.

‘Um.. Sir??’ She asked in confusion.

‘Um.. I .. I mean without you my company would have perished’ I corrected feeling nervous.

That is unusual…

I can’t remember the last time I felt nervous in front of a lady.

‘PZA is an awesome company’ She said while staring at her nails.

‘Oh… It was my wife’s idea, she helped me build it while she was alive’ I said without thinking.

‘ I’m sure she’ll be proud of you if she was alive’ She answered with a slight pout which made me chuckle.

‘You are really beautiful Muleekat’ I muttered under my breath.

‘Um your Highness, I have to go…’ She said and I felt slightly bad.

‘Why I mean… Sure you can go’ I answered.

She gave me a half-smile before moving her slim body out of my chambers.

I can’t let Nawaz have you, I would make sure you are my legal wife, I said to myself.

💙Princess Ruqqayah💙

Soumayya didn’t show up again and it only fueled my anger!!

She actually told Muleekat about our little magic and now I got the beating of my life!!.

Well, you will pay Muleekat, if I lay my hands on the company draft plan, Our Prince Charming will get mad at you..

Also, Zaid’s company will crash and that way, my boyfriend’s company would grow and Muleekat will be deported to that poor corrupt country of hers!!..

While she’s away, I’ll get the Flash drive

💙Minutes Later💙

📲: Do you have it already’ Khalid asked.

📱: Yes my love, the PZA’s company draft plan is in the flash drive and I would have it delivered to you’ I cooed and I heard him chuckle.

‘📲 : I love you my princess, I have a surprise for you the next time we see’

‘📱: oh my God seriously!!’

📲Yes my love, just be prepared for me..’ He seductively said and a naughty smile spread on my lips.

The call ended and smiled at my own achievement..

Muleekat you are soon gonna be sorry..

You would regret ever knowing me.

I rolled my eyes in happiness while I fondled the flash drive between my nails..



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  1. Your plan will not work, you are gonna fail, Ruqoyat
    But prince Zaid need to act fast before it's too late for him to get Muleekat

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