Her Arabian Prince

Her Arabian Prince – Episode 25

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I work for him, he claims I’m his

★(An Arabic romance series)★

©Biba writes ( Do not copy or steal)

Chapter Twenty Five (Long episode)


‘Um, where are you going’ I heard from behind and I froze at that point.

I was burning with curiosity and fear as I turned around to see Prince Zaid.

‘Oh… me.. I’m trying to ..I was about to see Muleekat’

‘Why, since when??’ Prince Zaid said with a slight frown on his angry face.

‘B..because of what happened.. I thought that I should see her’ I said nervously scratching my hair.

‘Look Ruqqoyya, I don’t want any trouble near Muleekat, she is really devastated and needs to rest so if you don’t mind, I suggest that you don’t see her’ he said and I gulped hard.

A familiar belly cramp was catching up with me and I felt the urge to use the bathroom and I left immediately.

‘Are you alright’?? he asked..

‘Uhmm’ I said trying hard not to fart..

My stomach is a mess and I guess i need grip water or something.

I quickly rushed to my room while he stood there wondering what was wrong with me..

(Minutes Later)

I came out of the room after another round of potty breaks.

Have you ever felt the strong urge to use the toilet when you are in trouble??..

I rested my hands slowly on my belly and lay flat on my bed.

My head didn’t reach the pillow when my phone began ringing..

My heart jumped to my throat as fear gulped into me.

With shaky hands, I picked up the phone, and to my disappointment or happiness, it was Khalid.

‘K..Khalid, how are you I asked through the phone, and I heard him chuckle

‘I’m doing great my lovey, I just called to know how you are doing’ He said and I rolled my eyes..

‘So, Anyway there’s a job I will like you to do for me..it’s about my company in Dubai..’ he said and my eyes rolled in dismay..

‘So what can I do for you??’

‘There’s this new “Muleekat” that has been digging through my stuff and she has found out that I’m her company’s rival, so my hackers told me there’s this particular device she is hiding the plans she has for my company, and I guess you know what to do’ He said and I listened carefully..

So Muleekat poses a problem to everyone around her??.

Even my boyfriend has a problem with her.

‘Okay hunny, anyways when should you come and get it’ I asked hoping he would come.

‘Uh… you can meet me in the hotel again’ He said and my eyes rolled in disappointment.

‘Oh, okay then..’ I said and I hung up..

I dropped the door beside me and I fitted my head to the pillow..

Then my worries crawled back to my head..

What if Muleekat is not responsible??!!

What if I’m just being paranoid??!!

But who would it be??

I just hope it’s not the prince, I hope it’s not you Zaid.

💙 Muleekat 💙

‘But.. but you can’t do this to me Nawaz’ I said almost to the point of tears..

‘What is the problem with you Muleekat?? am I not good enough??am I not handsome, or not rich or not even romantic..’

He asked and my tears rolled the more..

I know that I am a Nigerian Bea but I don’t behave like one..

I’m just an emotional freak!!

‘But..You are Handsome, you are rich , you are Prince Nawaz!! you are great but, I don’t seem to feel anything for you, not because you are not good enough but what my heart wants…you are perfect and you deserve someone better than I am, I just….’ I almost said but I was choked by my own tears..

To my surprise, he moved close to me and wiped my tears off with his bare hands, and took his lips to my ears..

He spoke softly between clung teeth ‘ Listen, sweetheart, I love you so much and it seems like I’m obsessed with you.. the sad truth is that, I must have you’ He said and I felt my body quaking and my teeth rattling..

He must have me??..

What does he mean by that??

He continued. ‘ So get ready hunny, you will be my wife whether you like it or not, you will warm my bed, be by my side and stick with me forever okay, I loved you first and so I must have you first’ He spoke gently with a low hoarse voice which sounded like he was singing, but probably a song of sorrow..

My hands were soon going to fall off in fear..

Who are you Prince Nawaz??!!

Are you a monster??

Am I standing with a demon or a devil..

Slowly I began to back away while with my eyes tightly fixed on his hazel eyes..

‘No…no’ I said repeatedly as I backed away, my face sweated my tears..

He only smiled, a half-smile full of evil..

He looked like a monster, with an invisible horn..

What have I gotten myself into??..

He was indeed a monster- A dangerous one..

I ran out of his Chambers with my heart bursting out of my chest..

I need help, I definitely need it..

🌷(Minutes Later)🌷

‘Hey’ Someone said as he tapped me and I quickly jerked out of my thoughts, a jerk of fear..

‘Are you alright??’ Prince Zaid asked staring deeply into me..

Through those eyes, I saw the resemblance, the resemblance between the two Princes.

It sent a shockwave of fear into me and I moved away from the Prince..

He frowned in confusion and I sighed in nervously..

‘Muleekat, did I do anything wrong??’ He asked and I felt my eyes getting damp..

I couldn’t even answer, my tongue was heavy..

‘No…’ I said faking a smile..

‘Stop faking the smile, tell me what you feel’ He said and I gasped in shock..

‘Yes Muleekat, I’ve been with you for a long time now, you can’t hid it from me..’

So he has noticed, so he actually pays attention to me..

‘Its.. just about the interview stuff, but I’ll get over it soon I lied even though it wasn’t part of my real pain..

He let a deep sigh before sitting beside me, of course making me flinch..

‘I am sorry Muleekat.., whatever happened that day in my office, it’s was all my fault and i.. i am really sorry for being the cause of your problems..’ He said and I felt a little at ease..

At least he can console me..

I couldn’t hide the smile which plastered itself on my face..

He was indeed an angel..

‘Now that’s a real smile..’ He said and I chuckled exposing my teeth..

🌷(Later in the Evening)🌷

Zahra had just finished complaining about Nazan and soon left..

I rested on my sofa turning on my TV for the first time in ages..

Muleekat’s smile came to my mind and it made me smile too..

I wonder how she’s doing right now..

I focused on the reality TV show of DRIVEN..

It was quite boring and I was about to pick up the remote when Muleekat rushed in..

‘ What is happening are you alright’ I asked as she ran her hands in her exposed hair endlessly..

‘Please help me, please…. save me from him’ She said crying out loud..

‘Who, who should save you from’ I asked confused and surprised..

‘Save me from the Prince’ She said and was about to move when she passed out and I quickly caught her..

I took her straight to the bedroom and laid her on the bed, and then I picked up my phone to call the royal doctor..


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