Unwanted Twin

Unwanted Twin – Episode 26

We don't need a female child

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( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 26

Writer POV

Nooooooooooooo she can’t just die like that Dora shouted. She keep destroying Everything in the ward.

Miss you’re destroying our things one of the nurse that came to pack Nora coups said. Just shut up is this things more important than my sister you guys should just wake her up she yelled.

Lana cry makes her come back to her senses. She carry Lana and shake her head.

Two months later.

Dora don’t you think is high time you moved on with your normal life. All you have been doing is to cry take care of Lana and visit her grave leo said.

You don’t Know how I feel Dora said. I knew how you feel the lady in question is my fiance. Did you know how it feels to lose your helper Dora asked.

Hmm Dora let me tell you the story that makes me cold maybe you will stop crying leo said.

There’s once a happy family. Yeah happy family they have everything in terms of riches and they have two lovely kids that’s Gabrielle and I. But everything changed when my father best friend killed my parents.

Yeah he killed them because of money the worst part is he killed them in my presence. He raped my mum in the present of my dad and I. Gabrielle was a lil kid then she didn’t know anything.

He killed them and take over all the things my parents work for and we are left to feed ourselves. I drop out of highschool just because there’s no money.

So I started singing in my street to make money so I can feed Gabrielle. God smile at me through singing and I make it. So what happen to your father friend after Nora asked. Oh that one he is dead leo said.

What killed him Dora asked. I go back to arrest him after I make it cause I have enough evidence against him and the court find him guilty they sentence him to death by hanging.

Am sure our parents will be happy with us wherever they’re. And am sure Nora won’t be happy that you are like this you need to move on as I have moved on leo said.

So you mean sis won’t be happy with me like this she asked. Yes she will only be happy if you moved on the companies need you Dora he said and hug her.

Madam Clara resident.

What silver getting married to Cole
This can’t be happening. i have finally lost everything I lost my daughter and my husband to her. To eat two times a day is now difficult to me she said crying.

Ma the new company that just opened down the street need cleaner am thinking if you can employ one of my neighbors said. Oh thank you give me the address she said and get up ready to go get a job.

Dora get down from her car with Lana in her hand welcome mat her staffs greet her. How are you guys doing she asked. We are doing well we are happy to have you back they said.

Dora enter the office and drop Lana on the baby sitter. She is 8months now so she can sit.

Dorathy P O V

Were will I start from I sign there are many files here that need to be attend to I need personal assistant. That reminds me what about the cleaner I asked them to find.

Hello I called my secretary what about the cleaner I asked you guys to get I asked. I am about to call you she’s here she said. Ok bring her in I said.

What I shouted you guys won’t believe who’s here my mother. What are you doing here and who let you in I asked

I should be asking you that she said are you a nanny she said looking at Nora. Woman respect your self you can’t come into my office and be speaking trash. By the way what are you doing here I asked.

Are you the boss I came to meet she asked. As you can see I said rolling my office chair and that’s my daughter. How come she asked you don’t have the right to question me madam.

What are you doing here am the new cleaner she said. Oh I see I said but sorry to disappoint you ma there’s no vacancy I said.

No Dora you can’t do this to me she said. Not Dora madam is not easy to be a C.E.O I said cutting her off. ok madam please I really need this work and my life depend on it she said.

You need this work right I asked and she nod am not that wicked but I will like you to tell me why you hate me or aren’t you my mother I asked. Fine I never hate you the thing is…………

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