Until death chapter 34

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Until death, chapter 34


Theme: “prancing hall


Have you ever witnessed a war before? I mean a battle between mortal and chassis, beast against critter, dark power against a human projectile that has been beguiled with a sacred geyser, which was meant to kill and burn flesh. If the battle were taking place on dry ground, it would have been better. However, the reverse is the case. The battle is taking place in the air, and any mistake might lead to our death. Not only will our deceased be neglected, but Gaea, Gondor, and the Middle Realm will be destroyed. You might be wondering what concerns me about Gondor and the Middle Realm. Don’t forget that my dad was trapped in Gidamorah, which is in Gondor. Moreover, Ryan’s power was trapped in the same place. That means if we want to stop any threat in the future, we must destroy its power. Only then can my dad be saved.


I closed my eyes, then opened them and it turned silver. “That’s my boy,” Reed yelled in excitement as my body blazed with silver light. When a Nazgul dived for me, my bird quickly pulverized aside and evaded its attack. In the same motion, I jumped on the Nazgul, then burned it. I made the fire in my hand burn brighter, then hit the Nazgul on the neck. The black long-necked creatures let out a painful shriek as the fire started burning him. Seeing that it was plunging, I leaped away from it, and my bird appeared under me. 


“Great job, son,” Reed complimented me, and I let out a soft smile. The squirrel cat is indeed something else. “Now it is my turn.” He said, and I could see the curiosity in his tone. Instantly, another Nazgul drove at us from behind, and our bird narrowly escaped its sharp teeth. I can now see the advantage that we have. The skeletons couldn’t control any earth, which made the battle favor us. The only thing they could do is attack us with their Nazgul, their sharp black arrow, and they are thousands in number. 


I hopped away from the soul fang, then made my arrow appear in my hand. Before I could fire an arrow, Reed had already dived for the Nazgul’s long neck and sank his sharp razor teeth into his black strait. The Nazgul screeched in agony, and I could feel that Reed had sunk his teeth into its veins. I released two arrows at once, the ends of each arrow blazing with fire. One lodged in the skeleton’s neck, while the other hit its chest, making the skeleton burst into flames. Reed released his teeth on the Nazgul’s neck, then went for his ear. Before the Nazgul could speed away, Reed clasped his paw into its flesh and bit his neck. The Nazgul let out a painful shriek, and I did it a favor by burning it. 


I yanked Reed off the creature’s neck, then jumped on top of another Nazgul. I burned the skeleton rider, while Reed went straight for the creature’s eyes. His sharp hoof sank into the creature’s eyes, blinding it straight. The blind creatures started spinning in the air, a painful shriek escaping from its mouths, while I and Reed had to hang up for our lives. The Nazgul collapsed with another creature of his kind, and while I lost my grip on its neck,


“This is the greatest free fall I have ever had,” Reed whispered into my ear. 


“Shut up!” I snarled at him. 


“I will bite your ear,” he chittered, his teeth holding my cloth while both of us were plummeting down. “Call your stupid bird,” Reed said it again, and I ignored him. 


Soon after he had said it, my bird appeared underneath us and we both landed on it. I quickly regained my posture while Reed climbed onto my shoulder as usual. I used my eyes to examine the ongoing battle, and I could see that we were having the upper hand. All thanks to the unexpected plan. If not, these creatures wouldn’t give us any chance. My team is doing a lot of damage to them with their flamethrower guns. They were frying, burning, and slicing every Nazgul that crossed their path. Esther was using part of her magic, while Kira was burning them with her flame thrower. 


General Zod was standing beside the processor’s bird, both of them glowing brightly despite the hard rain and dark sky. I knew they were doing that to distract my mom and Ryan. Vee and the rest of the team are also doing better. They were burning the Nazgul and also doing well to avoid the skeleton’s arrow. Not only that, but I noticed that they were watching each other back just like the processor had instructed them earlier. Without being told, I knew it was now my turn to complete my plan.


I kicked the soul bird hard and headed straight for the prancing hall. Reed was on my shoulder, jumping happily and shouting in happiness. I placed three arrows on my bow and started shooting at every Nazgul that crossed our path. Looking down, I can now see that the Mediterranean Sea is not far away again. All I needed to do was cross the river, and make my way towards the prancing hall in Libya.


The shouting of the battle is now coming from afar, which made me suspect that I may have left my team behind. I used the opportunity to check what was left of the Mediterranean Sea and the desert. The Balrog did a lot of damage to them. The large sea was now dry and was left with nothing but sand and rock. If I were told this river would parch out, I would deny it. That sparked something in me, and I increased my speed. I can’t allow the ancient demon to ruin Gaea, not under my watch.


After what seemed like forever, the prancing hall finally came into view. Even from afar, you could see that it was an abandoned old building. It was built in the middle of the desert, where no one could ever find it. I am sure that if I were to take transport here, it would take me forever, or even get lost in the middle of the desert. Unless there is a trail left for me to follow, or someone who has been to the place many times is leading the way.


I had never been through the prancing hall before, and I was awed by its magnificent sight. I have now climbed down from the soul bird and just walked through the building gate. Inside were huge expanses of land, lit by nothing but the stars overhead and walled in by stone colonnades that rose twenty feet from the swept sandy ground. In the center stood the hall I was going through. a large single-story structure with six walls that sloped inwards, resulting in a heptagonal roof that was smaller than the foundation.


I made my way through the door, trusting my instincts and Reed’s, leading the way. He would run off to a corridor, sniff the environment, then come back and tell me the threat on the way, or if we were moving in the right way. After taking a different turn, we finally reach the stairs, where Reed quickly climbs up to check the environment like he had been doing. Normally, it always takes a few minutes, but this time, Reed didn’t come back as usual. I waited a few more minutes, hoping Reed would emerge from the step, lead the way, and tell me what he sniffed and what had caused him to be late. However, there’s no sight of him.


Not wanting to take a huge risk, I made my way to the steps, walking stealthily and trying not to draw attention to myself. Now two things are going on in my mind. The first one is about Reed. I haven’t caught any glimpse of him, nor has he made any sound. The second is that I should be closer to the portal because I have a feeling that the war out there is bloody. Besides, there is a high possibility that Ryan might have guessed our plan. 


Climbing the last step, I peed slowly, and I was welcomed with a long passage. Standing in the middle of the passage was Reed, his tail wagging as if in pain, and I could see his eyes turning drowsy. Anger clouds my thoughts, and I quickly jump out of my hiding place. Even though Reed might be a crazy creature with a nasty attitude, he is still the best animal I have ever met. Seeing his death will not only make me weak, but it is also going to jeopardize my journey and might make me lose control. I’m a few feet from reaching Reed when I feel my intestines twisting. It was like my lung was burning while my kidney and all the organs in my internal body were pierced by sharp metal. It was like my gut was on fire.


In all my life, I have never experienced this kind of pain before. If my guess is right, it is the work of a necromancer, and if the person was doing the same things to Reed, that is why the cat is unable to make any move. I can imagine the pain that Reed is going through and that only fueled my anger towards the strange, unknown being that is watching us. I managed to examine the long passage in front of me, and it was dark, except for a strange light that was shimmering some meters away. If my guess is right, that is the portal I was looking for, while the strange being is either my mother, trying to stop me from entering the portal, or another powerful necromancer.


Another sharp pain in my heart brought me back to reality, and I felt the nectar hammering badly in my chest, threatening to burst out. I know this is the work of the unknown enemy. I went deep down for my strength, ignoring all the anguish I was going through, and focused on my power. I imagined an invisible shield emerging from nowhere and covering me and Reed. Glancing towards the squirrel cat again, I could see that he was losing vitality, and he might give up at any moment now. That agitated me and made me double my power. 


The pain I was feeling in my body was now so intense that I was losing concentration. I know it is the work of the unknown being. Perhaps the entity has guessed what I am trying to do, then he or she doubles the necromancer power so I can lose focus. I can remember vividly that the processor said that I needed to focus, so everything I wished for might work out well. Trying my best to ignore the pain, I directed all my attention to the invisible shield that was forming in my mind.


Gradually, I feel the protection rising, and the pain in my body is reduced. I could feel the strange unknown being doubling up the necromancer power, trying to bring down the shield, but I didn’t lose my focus. Finally, I caught a glimpse of Reed. He was hurrying off into the dark corridor. Without being told, I knew what Reed was trying to do. He trusted me to protect him, so he didn’t want the being to escape. That strengthened my confidence, and I doubled the shield power for both of us, and I could feel the sweat that was forming on my head due to the way I was pushing my power. 


Finally, a thought struck my mind. This being is pushing out power, and he or she might likely forget to put on a shield-like mine. I have learned more about necromancers from the processor, and I know how to counter them. She had explained to me that if the spell caster forgot to protect his/her body, there was a high possibility that the power might end up hurting him. With that, I raise my shield so high that I can feel the necromancer’s power slamming into it. It was like hitting a sledgehammer against a metallic gate. 


The necromancer increases the amount of its power, then sends it out again, hitting the shield instead. Gradually, I started moving towards the direction where the power was coming from. Even though it was a suicide, I don’t see my enemy, and he might have another plan for me. Nonetheless, I decided to take the risk. I know any mistake I make will cost my life and that of Reed. So instead of attacking back mentally, I channel everything to the shield and double it. I did it intentionally, so the spell caster would over-commit. Then I increase my pace towards the dark corridor, while the necromancer also increases the speed and amount of his power, just what I want.


After what seemed like forever, I heard a painful shriek, and the darkness that covered the sediment of the hall that led to the shimmering light went on. Standing in front of me is Reed. He was on top of a man who had his face covered with a hood and was sinking his sharp teeth into the man’s neck. There was also blood dripping out of the man’s mouth and nose, which made me suspect that it was the effect of the power he pushed out. If my guess is right, he burnt his gut by pushing out too much power, and forgot to put on defenses at the same time, just like the processor has explained.


Before I could move to take a closer look, three others emerged from the portal. They had a black mark running through their faces, their eyes were also black, and they were clad in black outfits. They held a young boy hostage in their hands, while the boy’s face looked battered.


“They are the black shadows,” I heard a voice, which I suspected to belong to Reed. “They have the same power as a necromancer, just that their own is deadly.” Reed chittered in my ear, and I could feel the fear in his voice.


Ignoring his speech, I crack my phalanges, fold my fist, and get ready to face the three beings. I am closer to victory, and I won’t allow some puny being to stop me. The sight of the young boy they are holding hostage is enough to fuel8 my wrath towards them. Not wasting another second, I charged at them.





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