Until death-chapter 32

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Until death, chapter 32



Theme: The Plan



I stared at her eyes, wondering if she had just spoken balderdash. The processor also looked surprised, but she was quick to conceal it. I can feel Reed looking at me with curiosity, waiting for me to begin my explanation, but I am just too tired to speak. No wonder they didn’t look stunned when they saw me returning from Gondor. Even after I show my power and the transformation in the arena ground, they don’t look surprised.


After what seemed like forever, I finally found my speech box. “What did you mean by saying you are a specimen?” I asked, still flabbergasted by what they were saying.



“I know you might be confused, but that is the truth.” Kira retorted blankly. “Nasar,” she said while pointing to the new guy with low-cut air. “He has been our eyes ever since your dismissal. There is not a week that goes by without him dreaming about you and your return. “



“You mean more like an Oracle?” I asked, still finding it hard to process the information.





“Allow them to explain,” the processor joined the conversation.



“We all have a lot to say,” General Zod added. “So, let’s begin one after the other.” He inferred



I raised my head in his direction and shot him a death glare, which made him keep shut and bend his head in remorse. I directed my gaze to Lucifer’s daughter, and she also bent her head, trying her best to avoid eye contact with me.



“Easy Rey,” the processor said. “We all have our dark pasts, and you can’t hold grudges.”



“To hell with their dark past,” I yelled angrily. My voice came out a little louder than I had intended, and my team jerked back in their seats. However, my emotion is taking the better part of me, and I don’t care about the outcome of my reaction. I’m so angry right now, so furious, that I want to rush towards the two beings, whack their heads off their necks, recline them on a palm hedge, and then let the vulture pick out their eyes and nibble on their stinking faces all day. “Put yourself in my shoes,” I snarled, pointing my finger at them one after the other. “If you were me, what would you do?”



Even though we are sitting in a circular pattern with a round table in the middle, which is separating us. However, I can still feel the trembling in their legs, and the fear in their eyes is visible. My wrath is boiling at each passing moment, and the mere sight of these beings infuriates me more. They hijacked my soul, hung me upside down, tortured me countless times, made me fight with different men, monsters. They made me fight in that stupid illusion canyon, the plummeting, the canyon maggots, and, of course, the beast with tentacles. 



I heard chittering sounds on my shoulder, and I was sure that Reed was making fun of me again. That is what the idiot red-haired cat has been doing ever since the processor, General Zod, and Esther saved us from the army of Nazgul and their skeleton rider. “At the very least, you have them to thank for saving your f****ng life. ” Reed said, stressing the word “life.”



“Shut up, you anathematize the cat,” I yelled. “They save our lives, no, I mean yours, and not mine.”



He jumped down from my shoulder and landed on top of the circle table. Standing on his limb, his paw shaking as if warning me, he said. “You are so simple, even more than simple. They save your forgotten soul, not mine. ” Jumping on his limb, he hit me with his paw and everybody erupted into laughter. “You are an ingrate son of the devil. I saved your life, but you ended up choking me in the tunnel. Now those beings save your a$$ from the hand of the reaper, and here you are shouting at them. “



“Burn in hell, stupid outcasted cat.” I seethed in rage and tried to blast him with fire. However, he jumped up, and the fire narrowly missed the processor. Not wasting another second, Reed leaped at me, then sank his sharp fangs into my neck. I felt his teeth sink straight into my veins, which made me yell out in pain. “f**k you, Reed!” I yelled amidst the pain, grabbed him by his tail, and threw it away. I rubbed my hand on my neck, and I could feel blood dripping from the bite. Breathing heavily, I cursed Reed silently, as the bite mark is now healing slowly. 



“Come on, you slacker,” Reed said again, and he is now dashing towards me. However, the processor was quick to catch him. She rubbed his fur gently, and his body started to calm down. “I regret ever saving you.” He chastised me.



“I abhor you too, crazy mouse.”



“Idiot, I am a cat. Squirrel cat. ” He corrected me.



I knew full well that arguing with him would only mean wasting time, so I ignored him and concentrated on the matter. Reed was right when he said I was saved by General Zod and Esther. Those Nazgul and their rider were giving us a hot pursuit, and we couldn’t outsmart them. The worst part is that I was too exhausted from using too much power, and I needed a lot of time to recover. However, they weren’t relenting, especially with my mom and Ryan leading the way. We were on the verge of giving up when the processor appeared out of nowhere with a bird, while General Zod and Esther were behind her. They are the ones that delayed the Nazgul until the processor was able to create a portal for us to escape.



“What caused your fight again?” Vee asked beside me, his voice barely more than a whisper. I gave him a puzzled look, and he winked at me. That’s when I remembered that, aside from myself, General Zod, Esther, and the processor with special powers, no one could hear Reed because his voice sounded like a cat meowing.



“He is just too stubborn,” I said, and Vee let out a small chuckle.



“We need your attention please,” the processor said, and we quickly composed ourselves. “Kira, proceed with your explanation.” She said, and Kira nodded her head.



“Please be quick,” I said hastily. Besides the fact that I don’t have time for any explanation, the Balrog is out there, causing havoc, slaughtering humans, and destroying everything in her path. Ryan, my mom, Nazgul, and the skeletons are also out there, planning their heavy attack. Not excluding the child that the Balrog is producing every hour while the priest is also seeking the nectar.



“For once in your life, try and be patient. I heard Reed’s voice beside me.” The absurd, two-foot-tall cat has now returned to my shoulder. I rolled my eyes dramatically and ignored him. Ever since we escaped from Ryan’s men, he has been stymieing me. I have never met an annoying rat like him before. Are you wondering what I am going through? Then picture a furry ear up close with dexterous paws. Picture a mean-faced cat with a big red bushy tail and thin furry flaps of skin between his front and back legs that let him glide through the air in a fashion that somehow looks both ridiculous and terrifying. “Just call back your f****ng patient.” He snapped.



“As I said earlier,” Kira begins. “After you’re dismissed from the arena ground, I mean the last fight with the venom woman, We tried to overpower her, but she is just too strong. The same goes for her mutant dog. They weren’t taking it easy on us. We were vastly outnumbered. We are so exhausted due to the long day’s fight, which makes us vulnerable to all her attacks. Her mutant dog infected us with her venom. Our energy got lost, and our world became dark. ” Kira paused, dragged in a long breath, and allowed her word to sink into our heads.



“How many days have we been unconscious? No one knows.” Manuel continued. “We only woke up due to the medical scent that filled our nostrils. The six of us were tied on a bed, while some soldiers were dragging your cadaver out. “



We shouted, screamed, and jerked the bed furiously, hoping that the soldiers would give us some space, but they didn’t take a single glance at us. We hoped for an unexpected miracle, or you should just wake up as you did after the car incident, but nothing happened.



How did you know about the car accident? I wanted to ask him, but I decided to be mute. I know Kira must have explained it to them. I could see the pity looks on General Zod and Esther’s faces, their heads shaking in sympathy for me, and it only fueled my anger. I despise it when people think poorly of me or believe they can protect me.



“We have all been in the laboratory room for more than a week,” Vee said, and we all focused our attention on him. “Until one day, when Ryan visited us, he had an angry look on his face. His expression shows that he is ready to finish us once and for all. But looking closely, it seems something is holding him back. He is the one that told us about you existing in another realm. ” Vee stops, then signals for Nasar to continue.



Clearing his throat, Nasar also began his dialogue. “We don’t believe him. None of us did, even though he tried to explain and even give us proof.”



“Which kind of proof?” The processor asked



“He transformed into an ugly creature,” Michael clarified.



“Same goes for his soldiers; they transform into tremendous, blood-sucking creatures.” Favor illuminated. “That is how we know that Ryan is something else.”



“Several days passed, but you didn’t return.” Nasar continued. “Despite the fact that I had a vision of you resurrecting, fighting Ryan in the arena ground like you had done today, and freeing all of us. However, you didn’t return, which made me lose hope. “



No wonder, I can now guess the reason for their reaction when they first saw me on the arena ground. “Won’t you tell them how I saved your a$$ in the tunnel?” Reed said, standing proudly at my shoulder, his tail wiggling against my face. “You should be thanking me, turning me into a god, and worshipping me. Or else, you could have put the whole realm in danger.”



I want to yell at the stupid squirrel cat, grab him, and slam his two-inch tall body against the wall, but Kira’s voice stops me. Besides, chatting with him will only make me look like a fool. I wonder how a cat would know nothing other than to irritate. Reed also believes that if he assists another being, that being must repay him. In other words, he doesn’t work for free. 



“Not only that,” she said, bringing me back to reality. “I see you staring at us in the arena as we assist you in fighting those turned soldiers. Despite the wounds in our bodies, we still fight alongside you.” Kira said, and my mind replayed the scene on the arena ground. How they stood unfazed as if they hadn’t fought any battles. “It is because we are specimens,” Kira said, answering the thought in my mouth.



A loud gasp escaped from my lips at the mention of specimens. “Which kind?” Those were the only words I could say.



“During our stay in the laboratory, Ryan ordered his men to give us some mixed injections with the aim of turning us into one of his creatures. However, something went wrong, and we earned minor power instead. ” She clarified.



“Minor power?” I said, not understanding what she meant.



“She means super healing, super strength, agility, reflex, and endurance. They can also jump high, but there is a limit.” Esther clarified.





I heaved in relief as I understood what Esther was trying to say. “That means like that of Captain America from the Avengers,” I said, and she nodded her head. 



“Just that they are stronger than him multiple times.” The processor said, and I gave her my attention.



“Can you start yours?” I said it in a more demanding tone than I was inquiring.



“It is not a long story.” She began, and we all shifted our attention to her. “As I told you before coming to Gaea, they are just following orders and fighting on the wrong side of the war. They were told fabricated words, just like your father told me. They were kidnapped at a young age, just like Ryan did to you. He erased their memories, then gave them dark power and fed them with lies. “



“So, you mean Esther is not Ryan’s child?” I inquired, and the processor nodded. I open my mouth to ask another question, but she raises her hands to signal to me that it is enough.



“Let’s proceed with the plan.” She said, “So Rey, what did you have for us?”



Clearing my throat, I begin. “Ryan had my father trapped in Ghidorah.”



“We already know,” the processor answered sharply. “General Zod and Esther have told us everything. Just tell us something new. I mean, how did you plan on killing Balrog before she caused more harm? And don’t forget, Ryan and his army were still out there. The priest is also looking for you. ” She illuminated, and a loud sigh escaped my nostrils.






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