Until death-chapter 30

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Until death: Chapter 30


Theme: unexpected assistance


Twisting back to check the new male voice, I was met with something unimaginable. It was a squirrel cat. A talking cat. Releasing my guard, I hissed in annoyance and directed my gaze back to the incoming armies. One of the skeletons directed a boulder at me, but I quickly jumped to evade it, then curled my body to avoid another incoming strike.


I heard a painful groan behind me, followed by the hissing sound of the squirrel cat. “As if infesting my solitude wasn’t enough, they even have the guts to attack me.” The animal complains, and the resentment in its voice is visible. 


I wanted to stop and ask the strange animal with red hair how I was able to understand what it was saying, but the incoming armies didn’t allow me to as they charged straight at me. Letting out a rudimentary roar that surprised and even scared me, I met them in a great battle cry clash. As the first skeleton lunged at me with its rapier in hand, I slivered the rapier, then removed his neck. I watched as the soul sword reacted on its own, then whacked another skeleton into two. I threw the sword, and it went rolling end over end, slicing off the head of the skeleton and shattering it to pieces.


I grabbed hold of a skeleton rapier’s hand, twisted it backward, and I could hear the sound of bone cracking. I transformed my hand into a huge boulder, then used it to knock its head off. It went scattered. I swashed aside, then jumped and kicked a skeleton on the chest, and the bone went crashing due to the force. I stretched my hand, and the sword appeared back in my hand. I jumped in the air and planted my two feet on two skeletons’ chests, and their bones cracked. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see the squirrel cat biting one skeleton. It was jumping from one chassis to another, sinking its sharp teeth into its necks. Its teeth were so strong and strong that they cut off the skeleton’s neck as the squirrel cat sank it into them.


I heaved a skeleton by its neck, then slammed it against the tunnel wall. I hurled my sword again, but this time I controlled it with my mind to start cutting down any skeleton that crossed its path. I stepped up and, feeling an inhuman strength coursing through my veins, the soul nectar burned in my chest, demanding more blood, more soul, and a desire to kill. I heard myself snarling as I picked up two skeletons, hoisting each several feet off the ground with a single hand. 


As they hung dangling in the air, I crushed them together, then swung them back, making them collide with each other with incredible force. They both collapsed to the ground, their bones shattering into pieces. I stood there, breathing heavily, rage coursing through my capillaries, and examining the damage I had done. Indeed, it was a good sight to behold, and I smiled at the destruction I was creating. 


I can see the squirrel cat. It wasn’t relenting either, which makes me wonder where it got those influential and raw teeth. If it was under normal circumstances, I would have stopped and asked the cat all the questions that were racing through my mind. However, this is not the right moment. Gaea, or should I say Earth, is in trouble, and only the processor can explain what is happening and how to defeat the ancient demon, together with her Creator. Besides, the squirrel cat isn’t threatening, at least not now. However, I can’t say if we finished this fight, which I’m having doubts about.


A boulder hit me from behind, the force slamming my face against the tunnel wall. I felt pain in my face as I hit the embankment. I felt my body getting pinned to the wall, which I suspected was my mom’s handwork, and my attacker was quick to hit me with another boulder. A split of blood came out of my lips, followed by a painful whimper0. I imagine my sword coming in my way and cutting all the skeletons in its path. Sooner than I had thought, it appeared in my hand, and I could hear the cracking of the skeleton bone.


I grabbed the sword tightly, then stepped on the wall before those skeletons could bond me again with their necromancer chain binding spells. I suddenly had crystal clear vision, and I was able to zoom in on every skeleton in the vicinity. I controlled the air and used it to blast away all the skeletons that were standing in my way. I drew a somatic letter with my hand, and I could feel the soul nectar preparing the right word for the somatic I was preparing. “Consumer,” I mumbled, while my hand wrote a strange ancient drawing in the air. 


Before I could blink, a fire appeared out of nowhere and absorbed all the skeletons at once. It was so fierce that I could feel the heat of the fire. I felt a movement on my shoulder, and I quickly grabbed the things with the aim of yanking them away. However, I relaxed my guard as I discovered that it was the squirrel cat. The scattered bones of those skeletons are burning badly in the ground in front of us, and some have already turned to ashes.


I don’t know how it happened, but I was able to zoom in on our surroundings again. I was flabbergasted with what I saw, and a loud gasp escaped from my lips. The cat seemed to notice my tension as it let out chittering sounds. It took me a moment to realize that the idiot was making fun of me. My face flushed with embarrassment, which prompted me to slap the creatures on my shoulder. However, the idiot snatched my clothes and plunged his dangerous teeth into my skin in the process.


I yanked it up with my left hand and this time I threw it against the wall. A painful whine escaped its lips as it hit the tunnel wall. However, the idiot quickly regained his stance and lunged at me again. I sigh in frustration as this ugly, red-haired animal is delaying my time. Ryan and my mom were already on their way here, with thousands of skeletons and Nazgul behind them. I know full well that the more time I spend here, the more I block my way out. I snatched the squirrel cat by its neck, then squeezed it tightly. Its body is dangling in the air, with its velvety tails wriggling all around.


At first, I thought of slicing it into two with my soul sword. However, I spared its life on second thought. The animal had done well by fighting beside me against the army of skeletons. Even though I was sure that the idiot only fought because of the boulder that hit it. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a second chance. Besides, if I am going to walk out of this place alive, I will need help. If my guess is right, it has been in this tunnel for a long period of time, and I am sure that it will know every way in and out.


The loud screeching of the Nazgul and that of the skeleton jolted me out of my thoughts. “Aren’t you killing me again?” The squirrel cat asked when it noticed my hesitation. “Or, you are afraid that you won’t see beautiful creatures like me again.” The dumbhead said, which only infuriated me more.


With resentment in my voice, I snapped at it. “Shut up,” and its mouth fell silent, while its expression softened to that of innocence. For a moment, I was confused. No one would believe that this is the same animal that just killed an army of skeletons. “Listen up!” I said. “I haven’t got the whole time here. My friend needs me, the world needs me, and Ryan is out there, coming for me with his dangerous soldiers.” I paused and allowed my words to sink through its brain. I didn’t even bother asking about how we are able to communicate. I guess we will be doing that some other time. My primary assignment now is to find my way out of this sh*t before Ryan catches me.


“Who did you mean by Ryan?” The animal asked innocently, its virtuous face changing to a confused one. 


“I mean the dark lord, sensoi.” I quickly explained. “Please, help me out, and I will give you anything.” I quickly begged when I noticed that the animal wasn’t making any attempt to help.


It let out another chattering sound, which I presumed to be laughter. “Are you making fun of me?” I asked in irritation. I can’t just believe that an ordinary squirrel cat could make me a laughing stock. Well, what choice do I have? Going in the wrong direction will only lead me deeper into this tunnel, where Ryan and his army know this place better than me. I am sure they spent a lot of days trying to master all the corridors of the tunnel.


After what seems like forever, it finally speaks. “What will you offer if I take you out?” 


“Anything you want,” I said hastily, and I could hear the approaching footsteps of Ryan getting closer by the second. I am sure that the reason they are yet to locate us is that they are checking all the corridors one after the other. If not, they would have seized me since, and it is a losing battle for me.


“Can’t believe one of the Smiths is asking a squirrel cat for help?” The animal let out chattering sounds again, and I tightened my grip on its neck, making it cough out in the process. “I will shout now, and call their attention here.” The squirrel cat warned Despite the fact that its neck is choking, I can still hear threats in its voice.


“Go on!” I said nonchalantly. “And that would mean the end for both of us.” 


“You are a simple being,” it let out, chattering. “Did you think they would kill me?” I paused to process what the animal was talking about. “Remember, I am an animal, and you are the one they are looking for. There are hundreds of holes here that I can jump into and escape. Unlike you,” the animal paused and rolled its eyes dramatically. “You will have to run in this niche forever.” 


That is when the reality of what the cat is trying to say dawns on me. A voice was coming out, inform me of a cat meowing, and I was the only one that could hear what it was saying. “Please, I begged again, when I noticed that Ryan and his team were finally coming to our location. “I am ready to pay the price; just lead me out.”


The squirrel cat bent its head as if thinking about my proposal. After what seems like forever, it finally speaks. “First, let me down.” Without hesitancy, I placed it on the ground, then rubbed the head of its red hair, down to its tails. “Second,” it continues. “Repeat after me, I am a simple being.”


“What did you mean by simple?” I inquired about it.


The idiot let out a chattering sound again as if it didn’t care about my problem. Wait a minute, does it even care? I bit my lower lip to avoid screaming at it. After a few minutes, it finally said, “Simple means stupid, idiot, fool, la–” 


Okay, “I snapped,” cutting it short. “I understand.”


“So, are you ready or not?” 


If I had another choice, I would just slice it in half and find my way out. But the reverse is the case. The silly varmint is now several feet away from my hold, and it seems to know that I might want to act harshly. “Okay, I am simple.” I finally said, and the animal let out another chattering sound.


Okay, “the cat said, its voice barely more than a whisper. “Follow me.” Not waiting for me, it saunters through a corridor, and I follow it instantly. Just then, I see Ryan’s shadow appearing in our previous location.


“Wait a minute,” I yelled at the animal, who was now a few meters ahead of me. Letting out an aggravated sigh, it finally came to a halt. “Your name? I inquired. “What is your name?”


“Name,” it said, giving me a surprised look. That is when I discovered that I had just made a clown of myself in front of a crazy cat again. I should have known better. How would a stupid, good-for-nothing squirrel cat have a name? It finally replied, “I don’t have a name.” But you can give me a male name.


“A male name?” I said. 


“Yes, I am a male, scumbag.”


I thought for a while, my head searching for what to call this annoying cat. Finally, a name popped into my head. “Reed,” I said. “I will call you Reed.” The animal squeals in joy, then jump up on his paws, and I can guess that he loves the name. Without waiting for a reply, he turned into another corridor, and I trotted after him.

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