Until death-chapter 28

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Until death, chapter 28


Theme: Genesis and revelation, part 2.


“In the beginning, I invented the nine rings of gloom and distributed them among the selfish men. Three were given to the dwarf, and five were given to different men who were seeking more sovereignty. Ryan begins his speech. He has now returned to his previous position, and my mom is sitting beside him. The moon’s casting is reflected on them, and they look flawless. If not for the certainty that they are betrayers and bloody suckers, I would gladly accept them as my parents. My team has also joined us, all of them waiting eagerly for the history they have never heard before.


Not that they have any choice. Besides, we are in his region, and he could do anything he wanted to us. There are thousands of Nazgul sailing in the night, under the dreary atmosphere, all of them waiting for their emperor’s order. I know that with a whistle, they will descend on us with their sharp teeth, lengthy horizontal snouts that look like those of giraffes, and their lanky skewers that can pierce anything. So, our only hope now is that unexpected help should occur before Ryan finishes his oration; or else, it’s game over for us. The darkness will finally overtake the world. Great twilight that nobody has ever seen or witnessed before.


“After he slew my mother in cold blood,” Ryan said, jolting me out of my thoughts. One of my mother’s trusted soldiers helped me escape from the monster I was calling my father. Even though he was older than me, he still took me as his son, trained me, and taught me more about dark magic and how to cast different spells. However, I don’t have any, which makes things hard for me. ” He paused, and I could see that he was trying to engulf his grief so he wouldn’t look like a weak being in front of us. I can also guess the reason he didn’t have magic or any dark power was because he is a human. We are in the modern-day, so all the dark magic, necromancer power, and everything nearby came from Gondor.


“Your father,” I said, trying to be bold. “What happened to him, and how did the prancing hall become haunted?” 


“Wait a minute,” my mom answered instead. “So, you are calling that monster’s house a prancing hall.” She said, in scepticism.


I shot her a deadly glance, and she shut her mouth immediately. How can she call someone a monster when she is a scorpion herself? I thought in my heart. “Can you explain it?” I directed my questions back to Ryan. “How old are you, and how did you end up becoming Pastor Sam and Dark Lord Sensoi at the same time?”


“Easy ignorant kid,” my mother, or let say, my foster mother, retorted, and I shot her another evil look. “Do that again, and I won’t falter to kill them.” She snapped at me, her gaze now resting on my team. Not wanting to endanger them, I kept all the hatred I had for her in the depths of my stomach. 


“To cut the long story short,” Ryan continued his speech. Seeing that I couldn’t do anything to conquer my father, my mentor submitted his life to a dark sorcerer in Gondor, and in exchange, he bestowed upon me power beyond human imagination. He was the one that made me omnipresent. Then he gives me an orb, which also serves as a spell to light up my power whenever I am feeling weak. With the help of the orb, I was able to create the nine rings and other stuff I used to conquer my


“You mean the eyes of the reapers?” I cut into his speech.


“You are right,” he ascertained. “I guess the processor has told you little about us.”


Seeing that he was trying to avoid my question, I said “Now tell me, how can you be pastor Sam, Ryan, and dark lord Sensoi at the same time?” I inquired of him again. 


I watch as Ryan takes in a deep breath before he continues, “I returned to my father’s house, or the prancing hall, whatever you are calling it now. With the help of my sovereignty and the nine rings that were created from the orb, I was imperceptible. I slaughtered every being, killed my father, and took control of the weapon. Unknown to me, he had it all planned out. He knew I was coming for him, which made him duplicate the projectile. He gave the projectile to his soldiers, and the man escaped with it. “


“What is the weapon itself?” Manuel cut into his speech. “What does it look like, and what kind of power does it host? That’s when I realized I didn’t even ask the processor how the projectile looked. All I know is that it is a weapon that grants unimaginable power and makes its wielder imperceptible.


“Good question,” my mom retorted instead. “The weapon is the nectar of the soul. “She explained, and my mouth opened in a tremor. So, that means the first wielder of the soul nectar is Ryan’s man, a divulged soldier, and he is the one bearing the name Smith. 


“Yes,” Ryan answered as if reading my mind. “Smith is the name of the soldier.” 


I let out a deep breath that I hadn’t known I was holding since. Now everything is making sense. No wonder the processor made it a primary assignment for me to meet her in the prancing hall. The prancing hall is the origin of all evil; all darkness begins and will undoubtedly end in the house. It’s no surprise that Smith and the reaper are constantly at odds. I can now process where the name “reaper” came from. Ryan made his father reap what he had plowed by killing him and ruining everything he ever loved. On the other hand, the Smiths are trying to protect the soul nectar from reaching the wrong hand while avenging their master’s death at the same time.


However, the first Smith disappeared for a hundred years, “my mom continued.” Ryan becomes furious and torments the people of Gordon and Gaea. He made an attempt on the middle-realm, but he was defeated and beaten back by the guardian that sealed the entrance of the realm. “


“I thought the soul nectar was created from the blood of hydra, black phoenix, and dark magic,” I asked, bewildered.


Ryan let out a soft smile and shook his head to indicate my foolishness. “It was all made up by me.” He said. “I didn’t want to look like a failure in front of my soldiers. That is why I made up those tales.” He explained, and his laugh echoed throughout the entire night.


“Excuse me,” Nasar said, raising his left index finger in the air like a student requesting an excuse from his teacher.”What did you mean by Gaea, the Middle Realm, and Gondor?” He asked, and I could see the curious looks on the rest of the team’s faces.



My mom replied to him, letting out a small laugh. “Gaea means Earth, the one that contains human beings. The middle realm belongs to the gods, and Gordon’s is the realm where the battle with the Smith begins.”



Ignoring their speech, I wiggle my head in sympathy for my stupidity, and tears threaten to fall from my eyes. If Ryan is more than a hundred years old, that means my mom is also the same age as him, for her to be able to know most of the history. Besides, they are both older than the processor. I can remember clearly that the processor was only loyal to my father. That means she probably didn’t know much about everything. She is just following what my father told her.


“After hundred years, Smith returned to the controversy for revenge.” My mother continued. “He has mastered the power of the nectar, and he has become one with it.”


“Seeing that I might not be able to conquer him,” Ryan continues. “I linked the power of the nine rings to the one I created last, an orb. After that, I sent eight of them out to choose their wielders among men, while the remaining two stayed in my hand. He explained, raising the two glowing rings for me to see. With the help of the orb, I bind their soul with mine. There were eight of them, and I was the ninth one. If I don’t do it like that, Smith will find out. I know he will go after all of them, slay them, and that would mean game over for me. So, I created a clone of myself instead, embodied half of my power into it, and sent it out with the orb to fight Smith. “


“So, you had it all planned out from the beginning,” Kira asked with awe.


“Yes,” Ryan answered. “I am sure there is no way I could defeat Smith, copulating with the fact that he had been training himself with the soul nectar for more than a hundred years, so I had to do it like that. I had to wait for the right time.” He clarified.


Gradually, everything is making sense to me. Ryan himself is the ninth man that got their hearts corrupted by the ring he forged from the orb. The dark lord that fought the first Smith is just a fragment of his power. He is the main villain. He had to do it like that, so Smith wouldn’t suspect anything. “What about the priest?” I asked. “What is the mistake you are talking about?” I inquired of him. I knew he’d made a mistake; otherwise, I wouldn’t be breathing right now.


My mom answered, “The priest is a Catholic man, but his greediness and lust for power made him accept the ring.” However, he somehow finds out about all the plans. We don’t know how he did it, but he sought out more dark power, which made him become concealed. Not only that, he breaks the spell that binds him with the ring and Ryan’s soul. Since then, he has been looking for the nectar of the soul. He slaughtered some of the men that were wielding the ring and fed on their souls. “


“As time goes on,” Ryan continued, “The Smith began passing down the title of realm protector from generation to generation.”You are the sixth generation. “


“My father,” I said, “what happened to him?”


“I don’t know how it happened, but he found out about all the tricks,” Ryan explained. “Seeing that he knew the truth, he waged a battle against me, which caught me unexpectedly. I didn’t prepare for it, and he beat me. He seized my power, then sealed it at Gidamorah. However, he made a mistake. He failed to retrieve the orb. That is how I became half-human, half sensoi. I later heard from one of my spies that he was becoming weak due to the last fight, and old age was catching up with him. Using the last energy left in me and the help of the orb, I fight him and try to take the nectar from him. ” Ryan pauses, then signals for my mom to continue.


“He was perfect,” she said. “He connected the nectar to your heart and sent you here to Gaea. He was the one that entrusted you into the hands of a man, Reed. “


“I become so furious and that leaves me no choice but to seal him in Gidamorah, the same place he sealed my power, while the nectar is the only thing that can restore my power and grant me the power I need to beat those guardians in the middle realm.”


For another few years, we searched everywhere here in Gaea until I found you twenty years ago.: My mom explained.


“However, it was too late,” Ryan said. “The nectar is already part of your life force. Besides, if I retrieve it like that, it will be useless, and that means all my effort will be in vain. “


“That is how I came in,” my mother said. “I have pretended that I love Reed so I could train you and teach you everything that will make the soul nectar stronger e. Then we…”


“That is enough,” Ryan snapped at her, then stared at her as if he was communicating with her.


Finally, I allowed all the tears I had been holding to slip down my eyes. So, my biological father is still alive. That is why my power is silver. Moreover, Mr. Reed only risked his life to save me. I allowed my mind to reminisce over everything I had just heard, and I started thinking about a way out at the same time. I can’t release the nectar to them like that. My father is still out there. He was trapped in an unknown realm known as Gidamorah. The fate of Gaea and Gondor is now resting on their shoulders. Releasing the soul nectar to Ryan will only mean destruction for both realms, including the middle realm.


“Thinks, Rey Reed,” I heard someone whisper into my ear. I glimpsed at the being beside me, and I wasn’t surprised to see my team. They have now spiraled around me, leaving me in their midst. 


“There must be a way out,” Vee joined.



Don’t give up until death itself comes for you. Kira joins them.


Instantly, her voice made me remember something. My foster father said that emotion was my downfall, and he was right. Ryan also said the soul nectar is now part of my life force, and they had to wait for the right time. If he can’t take it from the previous Smith, that means they are void of emotion. They were telling me all this to weaken my heart so they could take charge of the nectar. Meanwhile, releasing it to them will not only endanger Earth, but Gondor, and the middle-realm. He needs the nectar to fight those guardians so he can gain access to the god’s realm. But why would he want to control three realms at once? I asked in my heart.


Taking a deep breath, I shut my ears and mind off to all their ranting. I now understand why my mom has been training me since I was ten years old. He wanted the nectar to be strong, so when they finally got the chance to retrieve it, they would be so powerful that no one would be able to stop them. No, I can’t let that happen. No matter the odds against me, I have to fight my way out. Despite how irritating their talk is, I tried to shut my ears off. I have already guessed their thinking, and I don’t want to give them the clue that could imperil everything.


After what seemed like forever, I found my inner peace. I can feel my power coming back to the surface. I can feel the soul nectar pumping adrenaline into my body.


“We were even on the verge of giving up when you clocked twelve and you weren’t showing any sign of the nectar.” I heard my mom’s voice. Perhaps that is why we had to frame the kidnap thing. Perhaps that would force out the power. “However, you didn’t show any hint of hosting the nectar. That is why we allowed the venom woman to murder you.”


“We are on the brink of yielding, and that is also my mistake,” Ryan joined her. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have sent you to Gondor, where you met with the processor. Nonetheless, it wasn’t too late.”


I know they were saying this on purpose. I knew they were trying to weaken my heart and break it into pieces so they could take hold of the nectar. Unfortunately for them, I am smarter. “The soul nectar’s lone whirlwind kick, “I mumbled inaudibly. 


“Did you just say something?” Ryan asked with a smirk. “Don’t worry, either you give me the nectar now or later, Gaea is already in ruin.” Unfortunately, you won’t get the chance to see the new world I am about to create, and now I will rule Gondor before going to the middle realm. ” He upgraded, and that made my anger boil more.



I wanted to ask him what he meant by Gaea’s ruin, but I ignored him and concentrated on my power. Finally, I found what I was looking for. I found the strength needed to channel all the proficiency I needed to fight my way out. Not wasting another second, I yelled. “The Smith God of War and the Ice Fang.” 


A whirlwind blew across the whole arena ground, and the sky darkened more. The bird from the jungle appeared out of nowhere, and thunder clasped the sky. My body outbursts with silver fire, and my eyes twinkle with the help of the moon. 


“Impossible!” Ryan and the b***h I was calling mom chorused in unison.


I didn’t let them recover from the shock when I blasted them away with a luminary. “Quickly, jump on the bird,” I yelled at my friends, my gaze not leaving the two vicious beings. Thank goodness, the bird is enormous and I am sure it would accommodate all of them. Not wasting another second, they all climbed the bird, and I ordered it in my heart to fly away. The bird obeyed instantly and flew out of the scene.


Now I’m left with my parents. “The soul sword,” I mumbled, and the rune sword appeared in my hand. The whirlwind is now rotating around us, and thunder is still clanging in the sky. Just you and I, “I said with a deadly smirk plastered on my lips. My rage flares at the sight of them, and my silver light shines brighter with each passing moment.”Perhaps we should end this now.” 


“As you wished.” The duo said it in unison.



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