The Accidental Bride

The Accidental Bride – Episode 42

( Who's the cook? who's the bride? )

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( Who’s the cook? who’s the bride? )

Written by:- Williams Kendall___



I was completely dumbfounded. On the other hand, Ashar was looking casual and relaxed with a small smile playing on his lips. My facial expressions perplexed in sheer stupefaction.

He was in sapphire blue, cotton shirt that was slightly wrinkled and his black blazer was hanging on his arm. His rolled up sleeves were expressing that he was standing here for quite some time. The sapphire blue color was making him look fairer and smarter. His dark hair were falling over his forehead, almost touching his brows. That fringe haircut was making him look different, enthralling and boyish. His face skin was more rough than before.

He ambled to me and stopped just a step away. I thought I was hallucinating or maybe it’s all just a dream. But, he spoke again in the same calm tone, forcing me to accept that I was seeing him in real. “It’s not good for your health if you’re working this late.”

“How did you-you know I worked here?” I spluttered a question. I was still frowning while moving my eyes up and down, examining his appearance.

I crossed my arms, getting restless, “Why are you here?”

He shrugged, “I found out.”
Now it was his turn to scrutinize me. His blue gaze wandered over my face, coming back to my eyes. His blue eyes that used to sparkle in the night time now looked dull and haggard. His intense scrutiny made me feel self-conscious. “I’m here to see you.” He gave me a sad smile that further increased my confusions, “You look different. Is it because of your new hair color?”

I looked away, avoided the eye contact, feeling awkward. He cocked his head to his side, observing my hair more closely, “Wait. You cut your hair. That’s why you look different.”

I touched the strand of my hair involuntarily and tucked it behind my ear, “Why are you here? I hope everything is okay?”

His face brought the flashbacks of the old, bitter memories of my past; those memories that were hidden at some corner of my mind all those years. My heart began aching in my chest. His face reminded me of my sacrifice, my sin. I wanted to ask about my daughter; the daughter who probably had a new, rich Mom now, spending her life gleefully without knowing about her real mother who thought of her every day.

“Yeah. Everything is okay.” He answered, “I was planning to com-”

“So I should go then.” I interrupted him and said solemnly. I fought the urge to ask about my daughter from him and locked my curiosity in my heart because I knew if I would get to know any small detail about her, I would be weak and my years of struggle and efforts would go waste in just a minute.
We stared at each other for a brief moment when I noticed something, something akin to sadness on his face. He pressed his lips in a way as if he was stopping himself from doing or saying something. I got puzzled up after reading his face.

But I ignored everything with a thought that it shouldn’t be my concern and turned around with an intention to walk to my way. Ashar came forward and stood in front of me, “It’s been three years. Can’t we talk for few minutes?”

I snapped, anger rising in my veins, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Like how have you been? What do you do now days?”

He was getting on my nerves in the middle of the night when I was already quite tired. Due to working full-day, I was feeling exhausted and my mind couldn’t bear his presence and the stress that came with him, “I’ve been doing really well. But, now that I saw you I think I’ll encounter with some bad luck then, I’ll have a very bad day tomorrow. Now can you please get out of my way?” I said breathlessly.

He pulled in his lips. Hurt flashed in his eyes. I tried to walk past him and noticed that he opened his mouth to say something.

“Don’t.” I raised my finger at him, “I’m leaving. It would be better if you don’t let me see you again.”
He sealed his mouth submissively and stepped aside. I moved forward and this time he didn’t stop me or follow me. Just why in the world was he here?


On the weekend, my all friends gathered at the Carol’s favourite pub to celebrate the big changes that happened in our lives.

“We both got you now. Tell us how he proposed you.” Carol asked from Tessa.

All three of us were sharing a table with our drinks. Ryan was stuck somewhere, so he would be late and that’s why Tessa was with us all alone, gave me and Carol a perfect opportunity to ask her how she got the ring that was shining in her finger.

I was trying to distract myself through this hang out from Ashar’s thoughts and those bothersome questions that were pestering me since that day when I saw him. My mind was making me feel woeful because of wasting an once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity to know about my baby girl. I wished I had a power to steal few memories related to her from Ashar’s mind. In that way, I could at least know how she looked like.
Tessa’s laugh pulled me back to reality, “Ryan will go mad if he knew I told you guys about that.”

“Did he do something embarrassing?” I asked lowly. Carol looked at her with confused face, crossing her legs on her chair.

“No.” She shook her head in negative, “It’s not like that…He looked so pale and shy at that time. He was like, Tessa, there’s something I’ve been thinking about. I said, what? And then, he didn’t say anything for next few minutes only staring at me with a pale face.”

Carol burst into laughter, moving her legs down on the floor, “I’m going to tease him about that for the rest of his life. He acts so confident and haughty all the time.”

Tessa and I chortled together. “Poor him.” I said, feeling bad for Ryan.

He should’ve told me about his plan. I wouldn’t have left him alone and even helped him during his awkward moment. I knew he felt uneasy during such situations.

“Then finally, he asked me for the marriage and I was like, relax, Ryan. I’m not going to reject you. Afterwards, he gave me the ring.” Tessa’s silver-grey eyes gleamed as she explained.

Tessa was lively and outgoing almost like Ryan, but, she was bubblier than him; always smiling, always carefree. One would never get bored in her company because she knew how to make someone happy. Maybe, that’s why Ryan was so into her. She also possessed all those physical characteristics that could attract men; from bouncy dark locks, delicate face features to a perfect, tall figure.

“I envy you.” Carol commented.

Tessa chuckled, “Oh come on. You’ll get your moment too.”

Her phone vibrated. She picked it up from the table and looked at its screen, “He’s here and calling me outside. We’ll be here soon.” She stood up from her seat.

“You guys should leave your love-making thing at home.” Carol teased, rolling her eyes.

“It’s not like that.” She blushed and then, walked out of our sight.

Carol stared at the dance floor, sighing, “They’re so cute, Sanaya. When will I get my man?”

I didn’t respond to her because I was lost in my own misery. It had been two days I saw him outside my workplace and after that I didn’t see any trace of him anywhere and that was further escalating my anxiety. Maybe, he was just here to bother me, now headed back to his home.
“Earth to Sanaya.” I heard a loud thump. It was Carol actually, who slapped the table in front, “I’ve called your name several times. What’s the problem?”

I got alert, “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just zoned out.”

“What is it?”

“Nothing. Its work related.” I took a mouthful sip from my drink.

“No, I think you’re missing your daughter. It’s all over your face.”

I just stared at her wordlessly. I bit my lips to stop them from trembling and blinked my eyes to get rid of the blur. Two to three weeks later, after leaving that mansion, I thought of going back or contacting them million times because it was not easy to survive when I had only one image in my mind all the time that my newborn baby was crying for me, calling for me.

I cried, locked myself in the room for days to stop myself from going back because I thought if I would go back, I would change my decision after seeing the face of my baby and all my efforts would go in vain. I had to stay strong for the betterment of her. I reminded myself several times, but that emptiness stayed in my chest.
“I miss her, Carol.” I confessed with misty eyes.

Ryan and Tessa helped me in my dark days, counseled me to start a new life. At first, Ryan got so angry when I told him everything about my marriage that he asked me to file a complaint against Hobsons and that they should pay the price for ruining my life. But with time, he understood what I wanted and helped me. All my friends knew about my daughter and my accidental marriage with Ashar.

“Oh, Sanaya.” She sighed, “Did something happen?”

“I saw him…Carol, I saw Ashar.” I choked.

“What, really? Why did he come?”

“That’s the thing. I don’t know. Why the f**k he showed up? Wasn’t he satisfied enough after what he did that he just come in front of me all of sudden? And now I feel like I’m again falling apart.” I said.

“This could mean something.” She mused, “I wonder why he came to see you.”

My laptop was opened in front of me. I was wearing my glasses to avoid eyestrain. There was this skincare brand that asked us to gather information from their regular consumers to know their opinion about the brand’s new hair product they launched two months ago. We had already collected all the data and I was just analyzing it to get a conclusion.

The unexpected doorbell disturbed my concentration. I removed my glasses and jumped out of the bed while wondering who could be here when all my friends were busy.

I opened the wooden door and noticed a little, petite girl standing at the doorway, looking hesitant. She was wrapped in a bright white, net, sleeveless frock. The white pearls were arranged at the round neckline of her dress. Her mahogany brown, short hair were tied up into a small ponytail, leaving the few strands out to frame her face.

“Mommy.” She looked up at me, smiling. I quirked a brow at her, feeling baffled.

“You are Mommy?” The smile on her face faded as she noticed my expression. Her voice was soft and shrill.

I sat on my knees and looked at her closely, “Who…who sent you here?”
Her face resembled to someone and then… clicked in my head.

Oh God. My brows shot up.

Her eye color was similar to mine, but I could see the small, bluish speckles in her iris that could be more visible in sunlight. She had full lips like me. Although, her most of the features were similar to mine, excluding her hair color, but she still had some resemblance to Ashar if I just look at her overall face structure.

“Daddy said Mommy lives here. Are you Mommy?” She tilted her head to the side in a cute way and inquired.

My mouth fell opened after the confirmation that she was my daughter. “Yes.” Tears welled up in my eyes. I tightened my lips to stop myself from breaking into tears in front of her.

She shyly smiled in response, “You’re pwetty, Mommy.”

My breath hitched at her words. She called me Mommy. For years, I tried to imagine what it would feel like to actually hear her calling me Mom. I had lost all hope that there was no way I was going to hear her say that.

When my maternal emotions got out of control, I encircled her into a hug. She stiffened. I wept and smiled at the same time on her little shoulder. My mind was in turmoil.

I wiped the water from my face and pulled back,”You’re prettier. What’s your name?”

“I’ve many names.” She tapped her finger on her lips twice thoughtfully.

I chuckled because she looked cute. I couldn’t believe she was the same newborn I left behind. She turned out to be a beautiful, adorable girl. “Okay and what are they?”

“My friends call me Zoya, Daddy sometimes call me little pincess, Grandma and Grandpa calls me pwetty girl and cutie-pied.”

I furrowed my brows, as astonishment stirred in me. Did they name her Zoya? Did they actually consider my name suggestion?

“I like all your names. So, can I call you ‘Zoya’?” I rose on my feet and held her hand.

“You can.” She shrugged.

“Okay, come here.” I picked her up and put her on a two-seater couch that was placed on my small lounge. Actually, the couch was making it look like a lounge. Otherwise, my apartment had no lounge.
I sighed in defeat. My head could blow up due to all these confusions.

“Where’s your Daddy?” I questioned her. I wondered what Ashar was up to. He knew my workplace, now my home. Was he spying me or what? And why in the world he sent Zoya here?

“He is busy.” She answered and extended a smart phone to me, “Daddy said Mommy and I can talk to him through this.”

I took the phone from her, befuddled. Why would I want to talk to him?

Forget about him. I should just forget about that jerkass for now and spend those precious moments with my daughter. I didn’t want to waste my time by thinking about him.

I put aside that phone and continued listening to her. She talked while I kept staring at her. I couldn’t just take off my eyes from the little beauty who was sitting beside me. I was smiling like crazy after a long time while listening to her stories. She was a friendly girl, indicating that Hobsons did raise her well. She looked happy and satisfied. I guess Zoya was growing healthily in that mansion.

I also got to know through her that Ashar had accepted her as his daughter and looked after her. The heaviness in my chest reduced after knowing that my decision was not wrong. Zoya said she loved his handsome daddy. I did roll my eyes at her comment.
Handsome Daddy, my ass!

Later at eleven o’clock, Zoya’s phone rang and the screen showed that ‘Daddy’ was calling. Instead of tapping on the ‘accept’ button, I passed the phone to Zoya and asked her to take the call.

“I met Mommy, Daddy…She’s very pwetty just like you said.” She said quite aloud. I turned my head to her with raised brows.

Ashar called me pretty? That was laughable. I guessed he didn’t show his resentment for me to his daughter.

“Okay….I’m coming.” Zoya ended the call and turned to me, “I’m going, Mommy. Daddy is outside.”

And suddenly my glowing, happy face darkened. I was not yet ready to let her go. I didn’t understand what was going in Ashar’s head, first he sent her here and now he was calling her out.

He knew once I would see her, it would not be easy for me to let her go once again. Of course, he was the same old, cold-hearted, brutal man who used me, then pushed me away for his childhood sweetheart. I guess Ashar was trying to hurt me and Zoya. He should have known that little girl would get disturbed after meeting her Mom who had left her, but still he brought her here.
“I like you, Mommy and I’ll miss you.” She showed me her toothy smile.

“I miss you too.” My voice trembled.

“I will come again tomorrow.” Zoya said and within seconds she sprinted out of my apartment.

Will she? Will Ashar let her?

Or maybe, it was the first and last time I saw her and her father.


There were few things that really disturbed me. Firstly, I clearly remembered that in my last letter I requested Zoya’s paternal family not to tell her about me. But, still they did. That means there was a chance she knew about me since the beginning and even waited for me.

I gave a chance to Ashar and his parents to completely disconnect me from Zoya’s life and expected them that they would use this opportunity for their own benefits, but they didn’t. That girl called me Mom, it means they introduced me as her mother to her. There was definitely something I was missing.
Secondly, they even named her ‘Zoya’ and it’s really stupefying. Why did they give so much importance to my opinion? I had never expected Ashar to consider my name suggestion. The thought that Zoya spent all those years, missing her Mom was breaking my heart. I didn’t want her to be sad because of me. That’s why I told Hobsons not to tell her about me.

Next day in the office, another surprise waited for me. The president of the iAdverts called for me in his room. I got the message from the reception as soon as I reached there. I had met with the president very few times because he only called heads of depts. in his office and no other employees.

If he called for me, then it meant something unusual was waiting for me, even Derek also received the same message. I stepped out of the elevator and ambled to his room.

After getting his permission, I walked inside and noticed the other six employees who were also there. They all were from different dept.

“Miss Frances, come here.” Robert Caldwell, the president smiled at me. I submissively stood beside other employees and greeted him.

“Okay, I’ve got a new assignment for all of you.” He clapped his hands together, “There’s this famous brand, launching a gadget and wants a top-class promotional campaign for it. The owner is offering a huge amount in return.”

He was a rich businessman, had a wife and two children. He had caramel, blond hair and grey eyes. He was polite, but very rigid at times. I was scared of the way he talked. Because he talked in a very serious tone and that tone explicated that whatever he said or ordered was an ultimatum and no one should argue with him.

He further said, “He has requested me to form a special team who’ll be handling this project. So, on the basis of your previous performances, the higher staff has recommended me all of your names. I’m handing over this work to all of you with a hope that you’ll satisfy all the demands of the client.”

Just another assignment?

That means, I was just unnecessarily getting frenzied. But, it was not my fault when I just got to see my three year-old daughter last night. My mind was full of negative thoughts that maybe, I would get another peculiar surprise.

“Our client is going to join us any minute.” The president proclaimed.

I was not at all scared with this assignment after all, it was my job. It was just another office task for me. All of us were nodding our heads at him. Derek even started writing down the points. He was being quite obedient. Well, his efforts would help me later on when I would be working with him on this task.
“Oh, here he is.” Caldwell said.

I moved my head towards the entrance. A glass door pulled back and a man stepped inside. I instantly recognized the face. The sight spun my head.

He first shook hands with Caldwell, then moved his gaze directly on me, giving me slight nod. He pressed his lips into a thin line before passing me a brief, small smile.

I clenched my jaw. Fury flooded my veins.

“This is Ashar Hobsons and he chose iAdverts for his business.” Caldwell introduced him to everyone, “We’re close buddies as well. I hope you won’t disappoint my friend.”

Yes, exactly. Ashar was standing in the president’s room in formal, complete smoky black attire, acting nonchalantly. Just what exactly he was thinking? He was purposely here. He purposely asked for that special team in order to get to me. So, it means, from now, I was going to work for him?

That was evidently absurd.
He smiled and greeted everyone in the room, looking at me through the corners of his eyes. I looked daggers at him. He ignored my silent protest and continued behaving coolly with my colleagues. The strong anger that was rippling through me, provoking me to snap at him right there in front of everyone. He was definitely out of his mind. When I understood that I could explode any minute, I thought of living the room so I stamped my one foot on the floor and left Caldwell’s office.

Ashar was only rising my blood pressure by doing these petty things. My mind had stopped functioning completely.

I caught the elevator and went straight to the ground. I hurried out of the office building and stood there to sort out my thoughts. There was no way I was going to let him hurt me again.

I thought he would have married with Samara and enjoying his life, not even bothered to think about me. But, here he was after three years, met with me, let me see Zoya and now chose my workplace to annoy me some more. Wouldn’t Samara get angry after knowing he was here near me?

Relax Sanaya! You can kick his ass out of this place. I whispered to myself and breathed aloud. All of a sudden, my chest began feeling heavy.

“Instead of thinking too much, why don’t you ask the questions from me directly?”

I turned around and saw Ashar was standing just behind me with his hands in his pockets. Amusement was gleaming in his eyes.
He tilted his head to the side, smirking a little, “Yes, Sanaya. This is exactly what I want.”

“Let’s meet here at the lunch hour again.” I muttered lowly. He was surely enjoying this whole situation.

Let’s hear him out, then kick him out of my life again for good, I thought. Meanwhile, I was going to convince Caldwell that I could not work on his given assignment.

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