Her Hair Colour

Her Hair Colour – Episode 55

She's different She is the one I want

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Her hair colour
She’s different
She is the one I want

Chapter fifty-five.
By monisola

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Kathy p.o.v
Okay, now talk! “She said roughly.”
Actually, Khalid gave me the book but it is not here with me. It is with my mum.
And you want Miquel free.. Khalid and I can only do that, so you need him alive.

Oh, so you are not going, to tell the truth? So I am not going to! “She yelled.”

I’m telling the truth, I’m not telling lies.
You are telling the truth. It is clearly written all over your face.

She snapped her fingers and like a flash Khalid was awake and he coughed. He tried sitting up but he couldn’t. At last, he did with his little strength.
I wanted to go to him but I wasn’t able to because Francesca was holding me down.

Kathy! “He said rushing towards me and when he finally catches up with me he freed me and pull me to himself we were like that for some minutes before I realized that Francesca was not here with us.

I turned to look at jake.
He is not here, don’t tell me she took him with her.
Jake! ” I yelled.”
What is wrong baby? What is going on? Did something bad happen to Jake?

” Khalid,” I said softly. What did she do to you?
Who? “The girl.”
Which girl?

Khalid, don’t tell me you don’t recall what happened to you?
All I knew is that after I came here I felt myself getting weaker and then I was unconscious.

Okay, but now we need to hurry. She is going to collect the book from mum.
Who? “She asked.”
She! The person who makes you unconscious is going to get the book from mom.
I went to him and gave him a long kiss before pulling him out of the room.


On our way out of the room, I bumped into Kira.
“We have got a big problem.” She said heavily. What is that? “I said to her holding her before she lost her balance.”
Derek’s mom is here, she has turned into a beast. I don’t think the girls and your mom and dad can take her down.

Where is Jake? Have you seen him? He is not there with us.
“Kira, I think Jake is in danger.”
What do you mean Kathy? What happened to him, tell me everything, please.
Okay, this is what happened.

Alison p.o.v
She turned into a huge beast and that earned a gasp from us.
I turned and stared at the others and I could see the look on their faces. They were not frightened except Tessa and Teresa who were shaking like a fowl.

I felt a hand draw me back and I turned to look at the person and it was Derek.
What are we going to do now? “I was a little bit shaken.”
Stiles came to the front and told all of us to close our eyes.

He started speaking his weird language and for some minutes my body started shaking and turned to look at others to see if the same thing happening to me is also happening to them.

But no they are not shaking.
“I screamed out in pain and called Derek but he was not responding. His eyes were shut.”
“I screamed out in pain and groaned.”/ Suddenly, my body started turning into something else.

My body turned, my skin color became white pure white and I changed into another creature.

Kathy p.o.v
By the time we get into the room. I sighted mum and I took a deep breath thank you savior Francesca is not here.
“Kira was right, Derek’s mom has turned into a beast.”
I went to mum holding Kira’s hand and stayed beside her.
Khalid was at my back.

Suddenly, dad walked away from us. I was about to follow him when Khalid stopped me from following him.
“Dad went and stood at Alison’s front and he started bluffing out his language, before he started speaking the weird language he asked us to close our eyes.”

A while later I could hear Alison scream. I was forced to open up my eyes but I wasn’t able to no matter how I tried to.

Writer p.o.v
After Alison turned she opened up her eyes. The first person she saw was Stiles because he was standing at her front. She wasn’t able to see him clearly because of the light reflecting from his body.
“After a multiple of her closing up her eyes and opening it back, she was able to see him clearly.”

He was now bigger, his body in pure white with a crown on his head, she turned to look at the others and they were like stiles but Khalid and Kathy were different.
Kathy was so beautiful and she looked like an angel with her beautiful crown.
Khalid was breathtaking; he looked like a prince.

Alison was carried away from staring at the others when Lisa struck her with the metal in her hand and she was pushed away and she fell down.
Derek flies to her with his wings and helps her up.
The others were fighting Lisa with their magic.

Even Tessa and Teresa, who were scared at first, find it interesting fighting her.
“Hey, you Tessa, come over and strike her with your force magic and make her fall,” Teresa said laughing.
The fight was just like the fight in those action movies where everyone fights to win.

They get wounded but it heals back within two minutes, except for Alison who is a human.

Khalid stabs Lisa at the back and Kathy’s eyes bring out fire from her face to the exact place where Khalid stabbed her and she cried and the others used their powers at the exact place where Khalid stabbed her, she screamed out in pain and got back to her small form.


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