Her Hair Colour

Her Hair Colour – Episode 54

She's different  She is the one I want.

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Her hair colour
She’s different
She is the one I want.

By Monisola
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Chapter fifty-four


Alison p.o.v
What are you doing here? What do you want!
What did I say want? Where is Miquel?
Oh, you are here for Miquel? That is him. “I said pointing out to miquel’s direction.”
You chicken! I thought I killed you!
So, it was really you! You tried to kill her! How could you! “Derek said.”

Keep shut you fool! You are such a dumb son and I regret giving birth to you! You are not even wise I did all this just to get the throne for you I gave you an assignment for you to mark Kathy as your mate but you are such an dumb young fool!

Hey! Lisa keep shut and get out of here if you don’t want us to hurt you! “Kathy’s mom said.”
Do you think that I would just walk out away from you rats just like that? Well I came prepared it is either you release miquel or you died with your husband and your other family or should I say friends? “Lisa said with her evil smirk.”

Right now I feel like giving her a hard slap and blow her head off with my gun.

She came in while I was sleeping she told me she was the one who made that accident and tell me harsh words about me being fat and going to the gym about me crushing on his pretty son who is going to become the underworld King and she accused me of stealing his heart and she also tell me of how she killed derek’s girlfriends then she used her magic on me by making me go dumb she gave me a hard slap on the face I cried but I wasn’t able to make a sound or shout then she stabbed me heal me back then stabbed me again countless times before she stabbed me to death, i would have been dead if not for kira’s help and Khalid and Kathy also.

So you are not going to walk out you want to confront us all of us? “Aunty Hannah said.”
What are you guys expecting from me? You think i will just walk out just like that?
Well, if you decide to walk out i won’t let you go away just like that because you are not deserve to walk around freely you are to be caged at the prison here and you know what It’s mean you are going to burn till eternity.

My heart gave a skip when she turned into a beast.

Kathy’s p.o.v
Jake helped me to open the door and I was able to enter what i saw was Khalid lying on the floor like a corpse. I ran to him in fright but i wasn’t able to because i could feel myself glued to the floor what the hell is going on with me?
“Khalid.” I yelled in tears.

You love him huh? Well this is going to be more fun.
Jake what do you mean? What are you doing! Let go of me!
Oh no, Katrina this is not Jake this is Francesca.
That is jake beside you lying down in the ground like your Khalid.

What do you want? “I asked.”
Oh what do i want? “I said and came to my front i gasped, is this Khalid? She resemble him and she is really beautiful.”
Who the hell is she? Don’t tell me that she is Khalid sister?
Yes, i am Khalid sister. “She said.”

She can read mind? I have to be careful.
So girl, you asked me what i wanted? Now let me tell you i want you to let me have Miguel and let me know where your little cutie here kept Miguel dark secret books.
Because he told me that the book is with you before i make him unconscious so you tell me where it is and let me have what i want before i kill him.

Kill him? You want to kill your brother? Tell me you are joking.
Why did you want to kill your brother and while are you siding this devil evil miquel!
Miguel is not evil he is nice to me how can you say that he is evil how can you!

Don’t you get it Francesca can’t you see that your brother is fighting for his right?
My brother is not fighting for his right! He only wants the throne he is the one evil here.
What do you mean?
Kathy you are asking from me a lot of questions and i hate it!
So just keep shut and give me what i want!

I am not giving you what you want until you tell me why you think your brother is evil.
Oh, so you want it the hard way? Then i don’t have a choice than to kill your precious Khalid. “She said angrily.”
Oh, go on then kill him.
“Her facial expression changed and i guess she was shaken by my reply and i smirked.”

Do you think i can’t do it? “She said suddenly said.”
Watch me she said going to Khalid and suddenly a Dagger appears on her hand she raise it up at first i think she wasn’t going to do it but the way things are she is really going to do it and i yelled. “Stop! Stop please don’t kill him i will give you what you want don’t just kill him.”

Ok now talk. “She said making her self a chair and she sat down on it.”

Kira’s p.o.v
My mouth went open when I see the big creature at my front.
“What the f**k are we going to do? I turned to call jake and that was when i realised that he wasn’t in the room with us.” Where is he? Should i just go look for him?
I think i have to go.
I have to look for him and Khalid with Kathy we need their helps.


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