Her Hair Colour

Her Hair Colour – Episode 52

She's different  She is the one I want

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Her Hair Colour
She’s different
She is the one I want.

Chapter 52

By Monisola
Don’t copy or repost.

Khalid p.o.v
I could hear Derek scream clearly and I felt helpless. Miquel sat at my front with a smirk on his face.
Now you feel helpless. “He said laughing an evil laugh.”
Lydia was brought in by miquel animals and I could hear stiles yelling Miguel’s name. “She came?”

She tried breaking free from miguel’s guard but she wasn’t strong enough.
She stared at us and I could see this scared look on her face as the guards made her knee at Miquel’s feet.
It’s been a while, baby. “Miquel said, jerking her head and he gave her a slap.” Where is my daughter?

Lydia was only staring at him and spat on his face. “He chained her down with a strong metal I could see her skin bringing out blood.”
She gave out a loud cry.
“Please, miquel don’t do this to her please leave her alone.”

Ohh, so you can beg stiles? If you don’t keep shut I will tell the guards to cut off your tongue.
Please miquel just leave her alone please!

Writer p.o.v
When miquel called out to his guards Lydia begged him to leave stiles alone but when stiles was bent on begging miquel to leave Lydia alone she yelled at him and asked him if he wanted his tongue off?

All this while Khalid could nearly hear them clearly beside he could feel himself getting weaker and weaker.

Derek, Jake, aunty Hannah, aunty Kayla and Lydia screams could be heard in the whole room.
The reason why Lydia and Jake aunty Hannah with Kayla with stiles was that Miquel did something to them so that they won’t be able to use their powers on him and if they tried to they would be weak and it won’t work on them.

But Khalid’s case was different.
He came from the royal ancestors were from the Royal Family so Miguel had to use the ring on him.

The ring was called the STOPRING.
It has more effect on the person who wears it and it makes them hallucinate and gives them pain and them weak just like when a vampire is beaten by a werewolf.

Khalid p.o.v
I could feel my hand of me.
The person’s hand gave me a hard slap.
You feel pain huh? You are so weak just like how your stupid father was I killed him easily and your wretched mother I raped her to death.

Her p***y is so tight and you know she has this beautiful body and I couldn’t help but rape her to death and your dad was so helpless just like you he did nothing well he can’t because I was there I made him…

I screamed and broke loose the chain.
I gave him a punch that made him lose his balance.
The ring at my finger glows and breaks loose itself.
How dare he! How dare he do that to my parents and he still had the guts to say that to me.

I turned invisible and started giving him different punches at different angles.
I was about to punch him in the mouth when he caught my hand and fell me down.
I landed on my back and stood up immediately. I then used my power on him.
He yelled and his guys came at me.

With the rage in me I killed them all.
I pointed my hands at Derek to free him off but Miquel came and used his power on me to make me hit the wall.
I felt a deep sharp pain in my back and tried standing up but I wasn’t able to because of the miquel he was using his magic to pin me down.

I yelled out in pain when he started slamming me on the ground.
I felt weak this time around. I stop up with force this time around and like a wind miquel drove a sword into my tummy.

I could hear Kathy scream from afar her voice was so dim that I could hardly hear it.
“Khalid yelled running to me with tears in her voice. She was about to come close to me when Miquel caught her and she tried fleeing from his grasp.”

He draws her close to me and drives the sword more deeply in me and Kathy screams and cries out in tears and suddenly her eyes change to deep red so deep like blood.
And her hair glows in their colors.

Derek, aunty Hannah, aunty Kayla we’re set free.
And the sword miquel drove into Khalid where Kathy turned to miquel and chained me down.
She collected all his powers from him.

Kira and Alison came in time around and chained him down.
Kathy came to me and hugged me tightly.
She touched where I was stabbed and it healed half way but she healed me and collected my pains.

After collecting my pains I stood up and that was when I noticed that everyone was with their loved ones.
“I stood up and pecked Kathy on the cheek.” I love you. “I said to her, and she smiled at me.”

I went to miquel.
So you tell me how to open this.
“You think I will tell you.?”
Yea, I am sure you will and if you don’t want to I will just go on and open it on my own.
“You won’t dare!” He yelled. Now you feel helpless huh.
Well, you’ve got to know the feeling.

I went to meet stiles and hold his hands. Now can we continue what we did a while ago please?
He smiled at me. “Yes, sure.”
He said his weird words and the door opened and we both went in.
Before going in I noticed that Miguel’s guys are here to fight us and my people confront them.


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