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El Antiguo Guerrero chapter_ 23

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Guerrero Antiguo


Episode 23:

Rey and Connor emerge. The couple stands in front of the packhouse, and the couple takes a deep breath before wandering through the door. Rey’s eye was still dingy with a vein showing, apparently on his neck. One could tell that he was struggling so badly to control his dark side. He fetched the amulet out of his satchel, glancing at it intensively. He could feel his dark side instructing him to suck the superiority of the amulet while his father’s voice was trying so hard to bring him into the inlet. 


He growled out and his wolf started presenting itself. “Let’s feel the power of the amulet,” a dark voice in his head said, commanding him to wreak havoc. “The amulet would bestow us with indestructible power to control all living beings; we would be the king.” Even though he was attempting so hard to snap out of the day dreaming, it wasn’t doing anything reasonable. 



Rey heard another vocalist say, “This is not who you are.” Without being told, he was sure it was owned by his father. “This is what the amulet wanted you to do. It nourishes your anger and you have to stop it. ” Another painful growl escaped his mouth; two souls were fighting in his body, and his wolf wasn’t helping the circumstances.


“The amulet power belongs to us,” he heard the dark voice bellowing in his head. “With it, we are imperceptible, indestructible, and undefeated.” Rey could feel himself going into the dark voice enticement, going deeper into the twilight while the intention to nurture the amulet power also heightened. “The world is ours.” He heard the dark, thick, guttural voice in his head. He felt liquid coming out of his nose, without being told, he knew it was blood; he was bleeding. Not only through the nose, but also through the ears and eyes. 


“Only the amulet power can heal you,” he heard the dark voice again. “Just absorb it and bind it together with your soul. Then we are good to go. Even the god of death wouldn’t have a chance against us.” When Thanatos’ name was mentioned, all Rey wanted to do was consume the amulet’s power, become undefeated, and wreak havoc on the god of death. Without thinking twice, he allows his wolf to take over and brings the amulet closer to his exterior. 



Looking in the other direction, he could see Conor. “No, you can’t do this,” Rey heard another voice shouting from afar. Looking toward the direction, he could see McCloud. Standing behind him are Connor and some of his father’s beta. “That is the temptation of the amulet. It is pushing you and deceiving you into causing havoc because you retrieve it in an indignant state.”



“And when did you return from the search?” Rey asked in his deep voice. He could see McCloud shaking his head in compassion.



“You sent me a message through the pack link that you have discovered the amulet hideout,” McCloud replied without fear. “This is not who you are, Rey, this is your dark side taking control.”



“Shut up, idiot,” Rey snapped. He held his head in pain and could hear a different voice in his head. Memory after memory came rushing into his head, which caused his nose to bleed more. First, it was when he had just discovered his wolf and ability. 


The memory faded away and flashed to the scene when he was training with Franni and laughing happily. “Fight it, Rey,” his father’s voice bellowed in his head. You are stronger than this. Remember the slogan? Even though you can hear fear and failure all around you, they won’t come any closer unless you let them. Rey, never give up.” His father’s words pierced deep into his heart, and he could feel them fighting with his dark side. His intestine twisted more and blood dripped out of his mouth.


“Alpha Rey, you had to fight this,” McCloud uttered, and Rey could still pick out fear in his voice. “The sirens are coming towards the packhouse. We can’t fight back unless the shield is up. “



“The sirens,” Rey mumbled inaudibly. He knows sirens are half-birds, and half-beautiful maidens. The sirens were singing enchantresses capable of luring passing sailors to their islands, and subsequently, to their doom. The question racing in his mind is, what were the sirens doing on land when they were supposed to be in the sea? 


“You have killed their master, Penius.” He heard his father’s voice answering the question going on in his mind.” And you don’t expect them to stay still without coming for vengeance.” Rey knew he was the only hope of rescuing and protecting the pack, their fate is now resting on his shoulder. But he hasn’t fought the sirens before, let alone known their weak point. 


“Just make sure you and the pack survive their enchantress song,” his father explained to him again. “If you can withstand their song, then they will surely commit suicide. Now, on your feet, soldier.” Rey’s father’s words raised a new strength in his body. 


He knew he had to protect the pack, and to do that, the shield had to be restored. He gathers all of his remaining strength and reminds himself of the happy times he had spent with his family, how Franni would always chase him around in her wolf form. With the help of all the training his father had drilled into him, he forced the dark voice out of his mind and regained his stance.


“That is the spirit, my boy.” He heard his father’s compliments in his head. Looking towards the direction of the sirens, he could see them getting closer with their high-pitched, seductive voices. “Shut your wolf hearing,” he commanded the rest of the pack, and they obeyed immediately. Rey moved towards McCloud and threw the amulet at him while the latter caught it in mid-air. A hissing sound was heard, and McCloud screamed in pain as the amulet burned his flesh. Nonetheless, he held onto the amulet tightly and dashed towards the sacred room with his wolf speed.



The sirens kept coming closer and singing harder with their seductive voices. Rey braces himself, ready to charge into their midst before they could lure any of the wolves away. One of the sirens made it across the border, but it shrieked in pain as she felt her body burning. Within a few seconds, she turned to ash while the wind blew his remnants away. Behind Rey, the rest of the pack howled in happiness as they saw their shield restored to its place. 


Rey couldn’t help but smile, but he knew the battle was still far from over. Franni was out there, somewhere he didn’t know. Seer Argon was imprisoned in Avalon and needed to be rescued in order to be free of the eternal torment. Thanatos, the god of war, was also out there with his dark Seer, planning something evil. There was only one thing he could do now; go to Avalon and free the Seer’s Argon body while he hoped Franni and the wood warrior would be able to retrieve the swords. 



Perhaps if he was quick enough to free Seer Argon, they would both go and challenge Medusa together and finally find a way to defeat the god of death and Virgo.


To be determined.



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