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El Antiguo Guerrero chapter 22

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Guerrero Antiguo

Episode 22:


Ariel let out a loud howl, her voice carrying grief and sadness. In her hand was the cold body of Jack. Tears streamed down her face while she vigorously shook him. “You can’t do this to me,” she screamed out again. “You can’t leave me, not now, not when we still have a lot of battle ahead of us. You can’t f****ng leave me. ” 


PShe hit him on the chest furiously. Tapping into her power as a scarlet witch, she tried to bring back his soul, but it was no use. She felt as if a force was restricting his soul. Another scream escaped her mouth, which echoed throughout the whole arena. Her voice distracted Jake, who was about to hit King Cassius, but he ended up being pushed instead. 


Without hesitation, Jake dashed towards Ariel, and his body went frigid immediately. He stood still in shock, unable to believe the sight in front of him. “Jack,” he screamed out in anguish. “Wake up, man, you can’t die yet, not while we’re still trying to kill this cretin.“He bent down and carried Jake’s dead body and stared at it as if he could bring him back. “Ahhhhhh,” he yells out again. 


As if the universe was feeling their pain, thunder clapped hard in the sky. The wind blew around furiously, and lightning flashed across the whole arena. The day suddenly turned from bright to dark, to the extent that they had to switch on their inner vision. Ariel’s eye was now scarlet, while that of Jack was golden. Beside them stood another two pairs of eyes, which were glowing dangerously in the darkness.


“And who are you?” Ariel asked in a dangerous voice, her voice carrying great authority and a dangerous aura. She was sure Alpha Thane was amidst the one with red eyes, but she didn’t recognize the second being, and she wasn’t King Cassius either. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could still see Cassius on top of the arena ground, grinning widely. “Declare yourself, or you are dead.”


“I am the gatekeeper of the treasure room,” the voice elucidated. “The mistress sent me here to protect her mate.”


“And who is your mistress?” Jake barked at him. While fire began to engulf his hand, he started taking dangerous steps towards the unknown figure. “The cat got your tongue, or you are too deaf to talk.”


“Mistress Franni,” the voice bellowed without fear. “My name is Dan.”


“And where is Franni herself?” Alpha Thane asked.


“Here I am mate,” Junk’s voice chirped while landing in their midst with a loud thud. “Somebody missed…” She paused mid-sentence as she saw Jack’s dead body on the floor. “For every one of my loved ones you touch, your generation shall pay.” Junk howls out loud. 


Within a blink of eyes, she whooshed away from their midst, faster than their eyes could see; even the king himself didn’t see her coming. “I am always angry.” She howled in pain. A memory of the little time she spent with Jack flashed in her head. Though she didn’t know much about him, she was sure Jack’s death was a great loss to the team. Especially his friend. She could remember the deadly look on Ariel’s face. Not only that, there was something else in her eyes. ‘Emotion’ which means she probably loves Jack. 


Before the king could brace himself for Junk’s attack, she had already sent a deadly punch to his temple, which knocked the air out of his lungs. Without waiting further, junk pulls him closer and uses her claw to decorate his body while the king screams out in pain. Still, Junk isn’t satisfied. She pulled the King closer again and bit him hard on the neck before tossing him away. 


Jake levitated in the air slowly. Gradually, he increased his speed and aimed another kick for the king’s throat, which caught him unaware and knocked him back into the air. 


Alpha Thane controls the air and they circle him, spinning him dangerously before he finally knocks him hard on the arena floor. With a deadly look, Ariel moves in his direction and squats low beside him. “Your soul is mine,” she uttered dangerously, and a scarlet light escaped from her eyes, which went straight for the King. Everybody watches in terror as the King screams out in suffering before turning into a skeleton. 


“Now, your people shall pay with their lives.” Not waiting for others’ opinions, Ariel disappeared out of sight.


“We have got to stop her now,” Jake bellowed to the rest. “She is dangerous in her scarlet mode and she won’t think before consuming their soul.”


“They deserve it,” Junk elucidated.


“Don’t mind her,” Franni yells out.


“Don’t mind this idiot,” Junk mocked. “If it was my mate, I wouldn’t hesitate to wipe them out.”


“That shows how heartless you are,” Alpha Thane rebuked. “At least some of them are innocent.”


“You can talk that to your silly Luna, not me.” Junk also whooshes out of the arena ground, leaving Jake, Alpha thane, and the keeper.


“Dan, or what is your name?” Jake uttered, moving towards the gatekeeper who stood still unblinking. “Are you going to stay with us throughout the journey or are you going to side with your king?”


“I am not the villain here,” he replied, with a little emotion in his voice. “I was forced against my will, and I always had this feeling that the chosen Tri-hybrid was coming to claim what was rightfully his or her clan’s, which is why I had to defend the sword with my life.”


“And how many years have you been protecting it?” Alpha Thane asked, but a painful scream disrupted their conversation. Not waiting anymore, they dashed out of the arena and traced the path where the scream was coming from. To their utmost surprise, Dan had arrived there before them. Not only that, Ariel and Junk have caused havoc, more than they could ever imagine.


“Franni,” Alpha Thane screamed out. “Why the hell on earth did you murder them mercilessly?”


“They deserve it,” Junk elucidated. “And for your information, mate, this is Franni version 2.0, or should I say, Junk, as she always called me.”


“What about Franni?” Jake asked. “We still have a long journey ahead of us.”


“I sealed the idiot inside,” junk shrugged and went over to lean on Ariel’s body while licking the blood on her lips. “That idiot doesn’t want me to stay outside at all, so I decided to seal her inside till further notice.”


“Did you realize the danger you’re putting yourself in?” Jake asked, frustrated. “We need to head to the forgotten temple so we can defeat the god of hell once and for all.”


“As if j care,” Junk elucidated without making any attempt to release Franni. “She can rot inside as long as I care. And boom, I would wield the sword and confront Medusa by myself, cut off her head, and we are good to kill Thanatos.”


“You are indeed more crazy than they say.” Dan chirped for the first time. “We have no time to waste. Who knows whether the god of death is preparing something else that could jeopardize everything?


“Hmmm, sounds persuasive,” Junk squeezed her hand on Ariel’s shoulder before facing her. “For your sake, I will let her out. But if she tried to mess with me again, then I wouldn’t accept any apology from you.” They all watch in awe as the wolf starts shapeshifting from her Tri-hybrid form to human. Surprisingly, her clothes are still on her body.


“We have to leave now,” Dan utters. Without waiting for their reply, he pointed his sword towards the sky and a cloud engulfed all of them, which made them evaporate immediately.




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