El Antiguo Guerrero

El Antiguo Guerrero, chapter 21

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21 El Antiguo Guerrero



Taking a bold step forward, Rey felt all his muscles expanding, his cloth tearing off due to the fact that they couldn’t contain his bicep. Memory kept flashing in his head. Starting from his childhood, when the first titans war broke out, his father and mother went to the war, only for his father to return with the sad news that his mother had died. All his hard training, how his sister nearly died at the hand of nemesis. 


The war between the pack and Demios, his nearly death experience and his father ‘s sacrifice. Lastly how his father’s most trusted beta had turned out to be Penius. He let out another loud wail that reverberated across the whole temple and he could feel a dark voice and power settling into his heart, consuming his soul and telling him to cause havoc. 


Without reluctance, Rey gave into his dark side, he tapped into his dark magic to visualize a dark flaming chain binding all the traitors in front of him. Starting from the second stone, penius himself, then Haggai, the healer, Adrian and Cain. Beside Rey, Conor stood in fear and he could feel the dark aura radiating around his Alpha. 


“Move back,” Rey bellowed to him as if sensing his fear. “Leave the battle to me.” 


Without hesitation, Conor moved away from the scene and stood beside a wooden altar, watching the fight between his Alpha and some deadly villain. He knew how skillful and faster Adrian was. Though he hadn’t seen Eden in action before, he was damn sure that he wouldn’t go down easily.


“Your doom is near,” Rey elucidated in a deadly voice and tightening the flame chain around them more. He could feel the chain absorbing their soul and power. Surprisingly, they seem to have given him more strength and power. He let out a small chuckle as they let out a loud painful scream echo throughout the whole temple. One could see in his eyes that he was enjoying the pain they were going through.


“The hell flaming chain can’t stop me,” Penius growled out loud and closed his eyes. One could easily decipher that he was countering Rey’s attack with his. “I am the god of sea and water,” Penius boasted. “A puny and lone wolf like you cannot beat me, I am invisible and undefeated.” 


With that the chain started freezing and finally it broke into pieces. Penius looked beside him and he could see Adrian painting heavily, his eyeball had already turned red due to the fact that he couldn’t take in enough air. Beside him, the healer, Haggai and Cain laid down; dead. Well, he wasn’t surprised, he did not expect the minor being to survive a hell flaming chain attack. He was even sure that Adrian was lucky to be alive, if he had wasted any more minutes; he would have also joined his mate.


“I guess you are stronger as they claimed,” Rey broke into their thoughts. His eyes were still blazing red with anger. “Let’s end this, or what did you think?”


“As you wish.” Penius growls and charges at Rey with anger burning in his veins. Anger that Rey had managed to drain out of his power and he even managed to summon the hell flaming chain. Something that only Thanatos himself could do. With the speed that he could muster, he dashed at Rey and slash him at the rib with a long sharp sword that looked like ice. Rey let out a loud growl as the sword burned through his rib, sending waves of pain all over his body. 


Another claw mark swiped for his face from Adrian’s side, but Rey saw it in slow motion and grabbed his hand, pulled him closer and head butt him before flinging him across the wooden altar. Penius forms a lot of sharp ice and sends them to Rey but the latter slashed them all with his sharp claw; before he could balance back, Penius was already Infront of him and stabbed him in the stomach with the sharp icy sword. Rey let out a loud scream as the sword caused a burning sensation which spread across his whole body.


“No one had managed to survive one of the poisonous icy strikes,” Penius bellowed in surprise. “But you are still alive on the second hit. Tell me, who are you?”


“I am something more dangerous than you could ever imagine,” Rey elucidated. “I am your worst nightmare, the terror within, the one you shouldn’t have messed with.” Rey said. Before the blink of an eye, he vanished and appeared at Penius’ back, before the latter could react, Rey grabbed hold of his head and struck him twice in the skull. 


He watched as Penius’ eyes went dizzy and before he could recover, Rey thrust his claw into his chest and brought out his heart which was beating fastly. Rey searched his pocket and he bought out the amulet which was shining brightly and an evil smirk crept into his lips. 


“Finally, you are mine.” He mumbled under his breath while staring at the amulet as if it might vanish again. Another loud scream brought him out of his world and he looked towards the direction it was coming from, only to see that Adrian had bitten Conor and was sucking his blood furiously. Without wasting time, he visualized a fire consuming Adrian and he watched with satisfaction as the beta started burning from toe, gradually it started going up and the man couldn’t help but scream out loud as he was feeling immersive pain. 


“A slow death is all you deserve,” Rey elucidated while moving towards him. “Your body will burn for a thousand years with unimaginable pain. That is for causing the pack to lose their Alpha.” With that, Rey grabs Conor who was already gasping for breath and vanishes out of the temple.




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