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Deep monster- Episode 2

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The beach looked great but my hunger was greatest. Gosh, Gabriel, Trish and Chris had gone surfing while Mom and Dad were cheering them on resting in the umbrella.

I got my bag and took out a filter bowl I had taken from the kitchen and made my way to the water. I was planning to catch the little baby fishes eating sea weeds at the ocean bottom. Thankfully the guards were busy cheering on the surfers so no one paid me attention.

I got into the water and caught some sliver edible looking species. I came out and put them into a bucket i found on the sand.

I kept doing this catching the baby fishes and putting them in a bucket. I should have caught 30 when the water began to change.

Too engrossed in my fishing, I didn’t notice until it was almost late. A vast sea monster was swimming rapidly towards me. Everyone has got out of the water and was yelling at me to get out.

I swam abandoning the bowl and came out at the  moment a monster the size of Texas came to the surface of the water. It was inky black and had spikes on the body. Although the eyes were looking directly at me, you could tell the larger part of the body was submerged in the water.

It looked at me and I couldn’t tear my gaze from it. He’s eyes held hate, rage, revenge, loathe and many other negative emotions. He’s gaze turned to the bucket of dead fishes near me and it turned murderous. Looking at me again he’s eyes held a promise, a promise of death.  Suddenly he turned and left, leaving the water calm again. All this while I was within 5ft of the water and if the monster had moved a muscle it would have caught me.

I was beyond horrified. Everyone gathered checking if I was fine, while helicopters flew to catch the monster. A towel was put around me and we left the beach hurriedly.


I was eating toast and watch the news, it said the helicopters were going to catch the monster and I turned it off. As if.

Mommy I’m going out I yelled. Ok be careful love, she replied. Ever since I was almost nabbed by the monster, she became nice.

I was heading back to the beach which was sealed off and guarded all round the clock by soldiers.

I took the underground tunnel and came out at our beach house thinking about what transpired yesterday.


Gabriel cooked the fishes I caught (don’t know how he got them), Chris posted the monster’s picture on his blog and Trish was busy drawing him. I was curled up in a chair while dad tried to stop mom from selling the beach house. I figured the reason why the monster showed up and concluded I needed to apologise.


I was at the ocean and the monster was there waiting for me as I expected. Hello I called, he turned to me and replied hi.

Boy I was shocked. You can speak? I asked horrified. Yes and you have alot of explaining to do, he answered in a grave voice.


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