Day by Day


Day By Day

Everyday, I awake to something new

Everyday,Wondering how the days gonna be

Everyday, Walking out the door in the morning to a new day

Everyday, making the fullest of the moments

Everyday, living life to the fullest

Everyday, attempting to work hard 

Everyday, Seeing family through the day

Everyday, laying in bed wear I fall


To Me;


Don’t let hard times bother you,

Even though you don’t see changing there is,

Things happen,

Life can get hard sometimes,

Take all the moments as good times,

Strive for want you want and get it,

Working is never a bad thing,

Achieve goals you set for yourself,

Feel confident when doing something,

Pain is always numbing



 I love when the flowers bloom outside The flowers shrink up during winter time The break is right around the corner ,Monday in the next day over

The cold air feels nice for the body, But the weather can be killer

People making snow mans, Outside the snowman melted

Snow is starting to fall from the sky, Ice making objects freeze

Skating on the ice when it freezes, I hate when the Ice cracks

The feeling of fresh cold air coming in, The hot summer melts my tires

Bar stay open late in winter, The body gives me shivers


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