CODELIA – Episode 65

(Oops she's a sex worker)

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(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 65

Authoress P.o.v

“no she’s not here, to see you she’s here to cause trouble” madam Cassie said.

“Mum did you know her before?” codelia asked. “yes she’s my sister” Mrs Leo replied.

“Your sister?” codelia asked and burst into laughter. “that’s not possible” codelia said.

“Codelia it’s true, she’s your biological mother” madam Cassie said. “My what?” codelia asked.

“your mother” madam Cassie replied. “that’s not possible, you’re the only mother I know” codelia said.

“thank you for taking care of my daughter for me” Mrs Leo said. “Mrs Leo, did you knew that I am your daughter before now? ” codelia asked.

“no!” Mrs Leo replied and codelia nod her head. “don’t mind mum, I am not your daughter she’s the only mother I have” codelia said.

” Codelia I am very sorry” Mrs Leo said going on her knees. ” I don’t wanna see you here, when I comes out” codelia said and went inside angrily.

” Cassie am very sorry, you have to forgive me” Mrs Leo said. ” Amelia, how many times did you want me to forgive you, remember you asked of I and our parents forgiveness when you ran away and you didn’t changed” madam Cassie said.

” Am sorry I was young and naive then” Mrs Leo said. “you’re young and naive or you’re evil, aren’t you older than me?” madam Cassie asked.

“Am sorry, it was my friends that lead me astray” Mrs Leo said. ” your friends lead you astray and you followed them, Amelia you are a very wicked person” madam Cassie said.

“Am sorry, Cassie please forgive me, I really need your forgiveness” Mrs Leo said.

“You need my forgiveness or you need your daughter?” madam Cassie said.

“No all I need is you guys forgiveness, I am not worthy to be called a mother” Mrs Leo said.

” thank goodness you know, anyway I have forgiven you along time ago, because I would have been lonely if you don’t leave your lovely daughter with me” madam Cassie said.

” Are you sure you have forgiven me?” Mrs Leo said. ” sure I have, you’re still my sister” madam Cassie said.

” thank you very much Cassie” Mrs Leo said. ” you’re welcome, you will have to go to your house now, I will talk to codelia later” madam Cassie said.

” thank you very much, All am asking for is her forgiveness and am very sure it will be very hard for her to forgive me” Mrs Leo said.

” you can go I will talk to her” madam Cassie said. ” can I have your number?” Mrs Leo asked.

” sure” madam Cassie replied and they both exchanged number.

” bye” Mrs Leo said and went out. “hmm, I just don’t wanna be selfish” madam Cassie said and went inside.

she met codelia pressing her phone and smiling at the same time. “Codelia!” madam Cassie called.

“hope she’s gone?” codelia asked. “Yes we have to talk” madam Cassie said. “hope it’s not about Mrs Leo?” codelia asked.

“Who’s Mrs Leo?” madam Cassie asked. “Mrs Leo is the woman you called my mother” codelia replied.

” yeah it’s about her, you just have to forgive her” madam Cassie said. ” mum!” codelia called.

” yes my dear” madam Cassie replied. ” I don’t want us to talk about that woman again” codelia said and stood up from the chair.

” Where are you going to?” madam Cassie asked. “Am going to my room” codelia replied.

“codelia you just have to forgive her she’s sorry” madam Cassie said. “mum did you think sorry can solve all the things she has done to you” codelia said.

“codelia but she’s paying for her sins, don’t forget you told me what she’s passing through in her marriage” madam Cassie said.

“she deserve it, mum can you do me a favor?” codelia Asked. “what’s that, i will do anything for you” madam Cassie replied.

“I don’t want us to talk about that woman again, let pretend as if nothing happened” codelia said.

“codelia I can’t pretended as if nothing happened, I don’t wanna be tag as a selfish woman” madam Cassie said and codelia went to her room Angrily.

Mrs Leo enter her house and was surprised to see her husband waiting for her.

“what are you doing here?” Mrs Leo asked. “I came to checked on you” Mr Leo replied.

“you don’t tell me you’re coming, you can’t just come into my house anytime you like” Mrs Leo said.

“Am sorry, but what happened to your eyes?” Mr Leo asked. “there’s nothing wrong with my eyes” Mrs Leo replied.

“don’t tell me you have been crying, who made you cry?” Mr Leo asked. “she doesn’t wanna forgive me” Mrs Leo said and burst into tears.

“who are you talking about?” Mr Leo asked. “my daughter” Mrs Leo replied crying.

“come and have your seat” Mr Leo said and placed her gently on the chair. “have you found your child?” Mr Leo asked.

“yes I have found her” Mrs Leo replied crying. “sorry, she will forgive you, you just have to give her some time” Mr Leo said and placed her head on his chest.

“Are you sure she will forgive me?” Mrs Leo asked. “yeah, give me her house address i will help you talk to her” Mr Leo said.

“thank you, tell her and my sister that am truly sorry, I am ready to give my sister all the things I stole from her” Mrs Leo said crying.

“stop crying, they will forgive you, since you have realized your mistakes” Mr Leo said.

” Hello” madam Cassie said. ” good afternoon ma” Chad said from the other end of the call.

” Please I need your help codelia locked herself up in her room since morning, she doesn’t wanna come out” madam Cassie said.

” but I and codelia still talked few minutes ago and she doesn’t sound like something is bothering her” Chad said.

” just come, I believe she will come out if she hear your voice” madam Cassie said. ” Alright ma I will be right there” Chad replied.

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