CODELIA – Episode 64

(Oops she's a sex worker)

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(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 64

Authoress P.o.v 💕

“Sh*t Mr Leo said and dragged his hair angrily. “I will go, but I won’t rest until you can back to your matrimonial home” mr Leo said.

“That woman is wicked I don’t know she’s Amelia friend, it wasn’t my fault that I got married to her, I got married to her because she want me to, and she’s carrying my baby so I don’t have a choice” Mr Leo said and walked outside.

“Hey babe” Chad said from the other end of the call. and codelia dragged the phone away from her ear, to be sure if it’s Chad number she called.

“Chad!” she called. “yes baby” Chad replied. “this is not the Chad I know” codelia said.

“yeah, this is Mr romantic chad” Chad replied and codelia burst into laughter.

“I don’t know you’re this funny” codelia said. “I don’t know either” Chad replied.

“where are you?” codelia asked. “I am on my way to your house with your sister” Chad replied.

“Alright!” codelia replied. “Are you ready?” Chad asked. “ready for what Mr romantic?” codelia asked.

“ready to go home with me” Chad replied. “oh, am sorry I can’t go home with you as promised, mum isn’t fine” codelia said.

“what happened to aunt, sorry mum?” Chad asked. “I don’t know she’s behaving strange, she’s just singing she doesn’t wanna lose me since she came back from the shop” codelia said.

“Alright am almost there” Chad replied. “what happened to mum?” Pamela asked.

“don’t asked me f**lish question, you can ask your sister when you get to the house” Chad said.

“Mr Chad, did you know you’re very rude?” Pamela asked. “did you realized you’re talking to your boss?” Chad asked.

“yeah, you’re my boss in the office not here, you should be nice to me because I am your sister in-law to be, I can poison codelia mind not to accept you, so respect me” codelia said.

“Am sorry, but I am not rude” Chad said. “you’re very rude” Pamela replied.

“All the same I am sorry hope you have forgiven me?” Chad asked.

“sure, but don’t punish me tomorrow” Pamela said and Chad burst into laughter. “No I can’t punish you, you’re my in-law to be” Chad said.

Chad parked his car at the garage and Pamela rushed down from the car.

“what happened to mum?” Pamela asked. “mum is okay, she’s sleeping peacefully in her room” codelia replied.

“i thought you told Chad that mum isn’t fine?” Pamela asked. “I don’t know what’s wrong with her, she has been moody since she came back from the mall” codelia asked.

“thank God she’s okay then” Pamela said. “guess who’s waiting for you in your room?” codelia asked.

“Jeff!” Pamela replied. “how did you know?” codelia asked. “I just guess and moreover I don’t make friends” Pamela replied.

“don’t keep him waiting miss” codelia said and Pamela ran off.

“hey baby” Chad said and hugged codelia. he disengage from the hug and placed a kiss on her lip.

“you’re looking more beautiful today” Chad said and codelia blushed hard.

“wow Mr romantic, is learning very fast, who’s your teacher?” codelia asked.

“I can’t tell you my teacher, it’s a secret between me and him” Chad said.

“tell your teacher, that I said thank you for teaching you how to be romantic, because I don’t like a boring boyfriend” codelia said.

“so you mean I am boring before” Chad said and tickling her. “stop it” codelia said in-between laughter.

“I won’t stop until you tell me that I am not boring” Chad said. “fine you aren’t funny” codelia said.

” I am not funny right” Chad asked still tickling her. “sorry, it was a mistake I mean you aren’t boring” codelia said in-between laughter

“Where’s mum?” Chad asked. “she’s in her room sleeping” codelia replied.

“Alright I will wait till she wake up” Chad said. “that’s very thoughtful of you” codelia said and placed her leg on his lap.

“let me massage your feet for you” Chad said and started massaging her feet.

codelia closed her eyes enjoying the pleasure she get from the massage.

“Did you like it?” Chad asked. “I hate it” codelia replied and Chad stopped massaging her feet immediately.

“hey why did you stop, continue” codelia said. “I thought you said you don’t like it” Chad said.

“I was only joking with you so continue” codelia said. “As your lordship pleases” Chad replied.

“I feel like making love to you” Chad said and codelia look at his face. “Are you for real?” codelia asked.

“yes I have never make love before” Chad said. “unfortunately, am not available tonight” codelia said.

“I know” Chad said. Jeff cleared his throat and Chad divert his attention to him immediately.

“watsupp buddy” Chad said and shook hand with him. “Am good bro” Jeff replied.

“I will be in my way now my sister is waiting for me” Jeff said. “codelia, take” Chad said and gave codelia some money and codelia smile happily to herself.

“keep my own” Pamela whispered to her. “in your dream” codelia replied. “he is very nice” codelia said and put the money in her pocket.

“so I am not nice?” Chad asked. “yes you aren’t nice” codelia said. “I dare you to give me your credit card, if you’re nice” codelia said and Chad brought out his credit card and gave it to codelia.

“hey take your credit card, I was only joking with you” codelia said.

“I know, but the credit card is yours” Chad said. “how come?” codelia asked.

“it’s yours the password is codelia” Chad said and codelia smile happily. “I will spend the money inside the card” codelia said and put her hand on her ear.

“yeah I know that’s the reason why I gave you” Chad said. “thank you” codelia said and hugged him.

Mrs Leo came down from her car and placed a knock on madam Cassie gate. “who’s there?” the security man asked and went out.

“I am here to see Cassie” Mrs Leo said. “Alright come inside let me go and inform her” the security man said and open the gate wide open for her.

“thanks” Mrs Leo replied.

“Amelia, what are you doing here?” madam Cassie asked. “Cassie relax what we need to talk” Mrs Leo said.

“there’s nothing to talk about, get out” madam Cassie shouted. “mum who’s that?” codelia asked and came out from her room.

“she’s a nobody” madam Cassie said. “no she’s not a no body she’s my friend and she’s here to see me” codelia said.

“no she’s not here, to see you she’s here to cause trouble” madam Cassie said.

“Mum did you know her before?” codelia asked. “yes she’s my sister” Mrs Leo replied.

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