CODELIA – Episode 62

(Oops she's a sex worker)

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(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 62

Authoress P.o.v

Chad and codelia also entered the dinning room and he stopped on his track as he saw Jeff.

“What’s he doing here, why did you Invited him?” Chad asked codelia.

” I wasn’t the one that invited him” codelia said. “who invited him?” Chad asked.

“hey don’t tell me you’re jealous” codelia said. “Am not jealous, I just wanna know who invited him” Chad replied.

“she’s Pamela boyfriend” codelia replied. “really, and codelia didn’t tell me about it, I am gonna punish Pamela for that” Chad said.

“I hope your mind is at rest now” codelia said. “I don’t wanna lose you” Chad said and face codelia.

” and you aren’t gonna lose me codelia said and kissed Chad. “hey you guys should come and join us” madam Cassie said.

Chad and codelia walked to the dinning. “Mr Jeff, no there’s no need for me to call you Mr, Jeff did you truly love my daughter?” madam Cassie asked.

“yes ma” Jeff replied. “Are you sure?” madam Cassie asked. “yes ma am very sure” Jeff replied.

“don’t break her heart, if you break her heart you will have yourself to blame” madam Cassie said.

“I won’t try that ma” Jeff replied. “Codelia what’s going on between you and Chad, because am tired of seeing you guys kissing around” madam Cassie said.

” He hasn’t ask me out, so he’s my acting boyfriend for now” codelia said. ” what did you mean by I am your acting boyfriend?” Chad asked.

” you’re my acting boyfriend until you ask me out in the proper way” codelia said.

” okay codelia will you be my girlfriend” Chad said. ” no no no, I can’t take that it’s too boring go and learn how to be romantic” codelia said.

After dinner

” Can I see you for a minute?’ Chad asked Jeff. “sure” Jeff replied and went out with him.

“how are you doing?” Chad asked. “Am good and you?” Jeff replied. “hope you have forgiven me for what I did to you?” Chad asked.

“sure I have forgiven you” Jeff replied. “that’s very nice of you, I will like to be your friend because I don’t have any friends” Chad said.

” wow, that’s good” Jeff replied. ” will you be my friend? ” Chad asked. ” sure we are already friends” Jeff replied.

” I need your help” Chad said. ” really, what did you need my help for?” Jeff asked.

” I need you to teach me how to be romantic” Chad said and Jeff burst into laughter.

” what’s funny?” Chad asked. ” Am very sorry buddy, I will teach you but you will have to pay” Jeff said.

” I thought we are friends” Chad said. ” yeah nothing goes for free my dear friend” Chad said.

” Am not gonna pay you and you will teach me by force” Chad said. ” you don’t need to learn how to be romantic, you can make use of Google” Jeff said.

” thanks but I still need you to teach me” Chad said. ” Alright here’s my number call me when you’re less busy” Jeff said.

” thanks man” Chad said and they hugged each other. ” Awww” codelia and Pamela said and they both disengage from the hug.

” I hope it’s not what am thinking” codelia said. ” your mind is dirty” Pamela said and smack her a$$. ” hey stop smacking her a$$” Chad said.

” Hey boo what are you doing here?” pamela asked. ” I came to see my friend, how’s my baby doing today?” Jeff asked.

” Am doing good” Pamela replied and hugged jeff. Chad cleared his throat and they disengage from the hug immediately.

” This is an working hour, go back to your office now” Chad said. ” Am very sorry sir” Pamela replied and ran to her office.

” that’s not a proper way to treat your inlaw” Jeff said. ” I Know, she’s my worker here in my company, so how are you doing today?” Chad asked.

” Am good so are you ready to learn from your teacher?” Jeff asked.

” sure let go to my office” Chad said. “What will you like to take?” Chad asked.

“just give me chilled water” Jeff replied. “Alright” Jeff said and placed a call across to his secretary.


“Firstly no her likes, no what she like most” Jeff said and Chad nod his head.

” You can Set up a treasure hunt Create multiple riddles with clues and place them around the house. Have the last clue be for the question: ‘Will you go out with me?’

Cook her a fancy meal

you can ask her to come to your house and cook her a delicious and beautifully presented three-course meal with booze to go go. Get your taste buds tingling and then make it official.

Ask her out with food

Literally. Maybe make her pancakes and spell out ‘will you go out with me?’ in syrup – or better yet – use spaghetti hoops for the grand question. It’s a classic that always works.

Paint something

If you’re the creative type – why not paint or illustrate an image of you two together in a romantic and loving setting? Present it to her and pop the question.

Write her a poem

Yup. You don’t have to be Yeats or Keats to work this one out. Write her a poem (it can be ABAB rhyme scheme, don’t sweat) explaining how you feel. Throw in the question in the last line.

Buy her flowers

Nothing makes a girl happier than a bright and beautiful bouquet of flowers. Buy her favourite type of flowers and attach a small note to the bouquet asking her to be your girlfriend.

Write your request in the sand

Head to the local beach and write ‘will you go out with me in the sand?’ This is most Instagrammable thing you will probably ever do throughout the course of your relationship.

Buy her a teddy bear

Buy her an adorable teddy bear and handwrite a tiny note for the bear to hold. Of course – the note will ask: ‘will you go out with me?, I hope this things will help” Jeff said.

” wow you’re a genius, did you do all this things before you asked your girlfriend out?” Chad asked.

” no but am planning to do it next tommorow, it’s a surprise don’t tell her” Jeff said.

” then I will have to do mine before us” thanks buddy” Chad said happily.

“Good afternoon please am here to see codelia” Mrs Leo said. “oh codelia isn’t around but she will soon be here” the cashier replied.

” can I wait for her?” Mrs Leo asked. ” sure” the cashier replied and point to a chair.

” welcome ma” the cashier greet madam Cassie. ” thank you my dear” madam Cassie replied and Mrs Leo raised her head up immediately.

” Cassie!” Mrs Leo called. ” Amelia” madam Cassie replied.

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  1. The two parallel lines has eventually meet. Will Codelia forgive her mum. Let watch and see. Next episode please

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