CODELIA – Episode 61

(Oops she's a sex worker)

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(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 61

Authoress P.o.v 💕

” Where’s she?” Chad asked. ” she’s in her room” Pamela replied and Chad ran into codelia room.

Pamela on the light and codelia shouted “Happy birthday” “what’s the meaning of this rubbish?” Chad asked.

“Codelia control your anger” codelia said to herself and breathe out. “Happy birthday” codelia said with a smile.

“Pamela!” Chad called. “Sir” pamela replied shaking. “Where’s codelia that you told me about, because am not sure this is the codelia that collapsed” chad said.

“Am okay, there’s nothing wrong with me, I did this because I wanna surprised you on your birthday” codelia said.

“Wow, I most say you really tried and that’s very thoughtful of you, but that prank is too expensive” chad said.

“That means you really care about me” codelia said and hugged him. “Yeah!” Chad replied.

“Did you still love me?” Codelia asked. “Love, who told you I love you?” Chad asked.

“You told me the other day stop the pretence, I really love you” codelia said and chad smile happily to hiself.

“What did you think about it?” Codelia asked. “You and I can’t work” chad replied and put on his intimidating look.

“But why?” Codelia asked and disengage from the hug. “That’s because I don’t have a heart” chad replied.

“Oh, am very sorry for saying that to you, I don’t mean it I was only joking” codelia said.

“Unfortunately I don’t love you” chad said with an evil smirk. “really?” Codelia asked and chad nod his head.

“Let me see how you will resist me” codelia said and slam her lips with his and chad reciprocated immediately.

“Huhmmm” madam Cassie clear her throat and they disengage from the kiss immediately. “Good evening aunt” chad greet.

“didn’t I told you not to call me aunt again, you kissed my daughter few minutes ago and you still have the mind to refer to me as aunt” madam Cassie said.

“Am sorry ma” chad said. “Sorry to yourself” madam Cassie replied with an eye roll.

“Two confused lovers” rose said. “Rose you told me you’re in the house” chad said.

“Yeah, am I not in the house?” Rose asked. “Happy birthday my dear” madam Cassie said and hugged chad.

“Thanks ma, I don’t like celebrating my birthday because it doesn’t worth celebrating, but am happy the woman I love made this surprised for me” chad said with a smile and codelia blushed hard.

Codelia ran to carry the cake from the table. She cut the cake into two and shove half of the cake on chad mouth and face.

“Happy birthday” codelia said. “Did you want to kill me” chad said and they all burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry I will bath for you” codelia said. “Really” chad said with a smile.

“Happy birthday chad” Mike greet. “Wait that’s Mike voice” chad said and turned back.

“You are also here?” Chad asked and mike nod his head. “Thanks for coming” chad said.

“Pamela let go and set the dinning, mr Mike let’s go to the sitting room. Madam Cassie said.

“Hey come and bath for me” chad said. “You will have to dance for me first” codelia said.

“I don’t know how to dance” chad replied. “You aren’t romantic at all” codelia said.

“I will learn how to be romantic because of you” chad said. “Better, am not bathing for you, I will only wash your face” codelia said. “But you promised to bath for me” chad said.

“I didn’t promised to bath for you, I only said I will bath for you” codelia said.

“Another surprise is waiting for you in the back of the garden” codelia said. “Hope it’s what am thinking?” Chad asked.

“What are you thinking?” Codelia asked. “Hmm, let me see the surprise first” chad said.

“Let’s go to the bathroom” codelia said. “You will have to back me to the bathroom because I can’t see clearly” chad said.

“Did you wanna break my back?” Codelia asked. “No” chad replied and pout his lip. “Let go my big baby” codelia said and hold his hand.

Codelia took chad to the back of the house and chad opened in mouth in surprise.

“Wow you mean you did all this for me?” Chad asked. “Yes didn’t you like it?” Codelia asked.

“I totally love it, who thought you all this?” Chad asked. “Am very romantic unlike you” codelia said.

“Don’t worry I will learn how to be romantic because of you” chad said.

“Let’s sit” codelia said and they sat on the two chair codelia decorate for them. “This place is so beautiful” chad said.

“Am glad you love it” codelia said and chad smile at her. “So what are we now?” Codelia asked.

“We are enemies” chad replied and codelia hit him slightly in his chest. “Wait there’s something on your lips” chad said.

“Really what’s it?” Codelia asked trying to clean it with her hand. “No you can’t remove it with your hand” chad said and move his face closer to codelia.

He slam his lips with her and they kissed briefly for some minutes. “You should have just told me you wanna kissed me” codelia said.

“I just wanna take you by surprise” chad said. “You don’t even know how how to surprise someone” codelia said.

“Hey look at a snake at your back” chad shouted and codelia stood up immediately in fear and chad burst into laughter.

“Where’s the snake, because am sure snake can never enter this garden?” Codelia asked moving closer to chad and chad ran away.

Codelia ran after him and they started running round the garden. “Am not running again let’s go inside” codelia said.

“Alright, let’s go” chad said. “Come and hold my hand I want us to walk hand in hand” codelia said.

“Alright chad said and hold her hand. Codelia used her other hand to twist chad ear. “Ouch it hurt” chad said. “I know” codelia replied.

“Hi dear” pamela said. “Hey dear am at the front of your house” Jeff replied.

“Alright I will be right there” pamela said and end the call. “Thanks for coming” pamela said happily.

“My pleasure” jeff replied. “mum is waiting for you in the sitting room” pamela said and they both entered the house.

Chad and codelia also entered the dinning room and he stopped on his track as he saw Jeff. “What’s he doing here, why did you Invited him?” Chad asked codelia.

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