Bovil's Clash

Bovil’s Clash – Episode 20

Arrogant Meets Arrogant

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Bovil’s clash

Highschool Romance

Arrogant Meets Arrogant


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Chapter 20


He touched my ass! That fool touched my ass, I turned to him in anger, my whole body was trembling in anger I was trying to control

“What did you just do?” I asked in a very controlled shaky angry voice

“I just- arghhhhhh!”

You can hear him scream right??, Well that’s because I pressed the hot sauce right on his eyes

He covered his eyes and began screaming and jumping, Maya rushed to the kitchen with a worried look on her face

“What’s happening here?”

“She poured hot sauce on my eyeeeeeee…”

He screamed cause I kicked his d*ck hard

“Mandy!” Maya yelled

“I’d be in the room” I yelled as I rushed to her room

💧 Peter 💧

Gosh, it hurts, like hell. First of all hot sauce now hot kick, damn you, Mandy, damn you!

Maya was helping me wash my eyes with soapy water while I screamed hard, gosh this is painful


After I helped my brother clean up, I escorted him to his room. I should have warned him about Mandy, she’s not an easy girl to get, I looked at the dinner I prepared.

Gosh, it’s a waste now, I packed everything and threw them away. I was about to wash the dishes when my phone vibrated. I Checked and it was Draco.

“Hey angel” that was his message and it made me blush hard, I sat at the dining table and we started chatting for some minutes, before I stood up and went to the room, to my room I met Mandy angrily lying on the bed

“Is that freak sleeping”? Mandy asked and I nodded still looking at my phone, Mandy stood up and snatched the phone from my hands.

“Hey” I yelled. She gasped and looked at me

“I miss you I wanna kiss you now” she shouted the last message that Draco sent

“Mandy! I yelled and she started running and singing

“Maya and Draco sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g” she kept singing, I spent minutes chasing her and wacking her with pillows till we both fell tiredly on the bed

“You Know I love him so much this feeling is so wonderful, “I said and Mandy looked at me and smiled

“Have you ever loved someone? “I asked and Mandy’s eyes became blurry oh right Bryan,she should move on from that guy already!

❄️ Mandy pov❄️

I wanted to cry as I remembered Bryan, I tried to but tears didn’t come out, come to think of it what do I even love in that guy, he’s not that good looking not even like Jaxson

Wait for Jaxson? Where did that come from? Ewww, that guy gross, yulk!yulk!

“Mandy what are you thinking of “Maya asked and I looked at her and smiled

“May I think I’ve moved on!

🌊 Jaxson pov🌊

We were all sitting as a family and having dinner together, my mom and Brooklyn were arguing about the same thing since two days ago, about having a crush on a boy!

“Mom please let me go out with him, he’s to handsome I can’t loose him “Brooklyn pouted and my mom shook her head

“For the last time honey, you are too young to date! Brooklyn groaned in anger

“Speaking of date, Jaxson do you have a new girlfriend?” my dad asked and I choked on my food,, my mom passed me a glass of water

“New girlfriend” I repeat

“Hmm….. Who’s that brown skin girl, Brooklyn is always telling me about?” my dad asked and I glared daggers at Brooklyn

“I have a girl for him to date “my mom said

“Who,” I asked while she just smiled and whispered something in my dad’s ear. Brooklyn was looking confusingly I bet she was trying to hear what they said

“What,” I asked when my dad was grinning at me like a freak. My mom and dad laughed again

“Okay that’s it” I stood there and left. I’m so done with these people!

🍉 Mandy pov🍉

I was closing my eyes and sleeping, I felt someone enter the room and move closer to me. I was still shutting my eyes tight until I felt my dress was raised up. A warm hand was caressing my thigh making me shrink in fear and shock

I can hear the guy’s soft moans. I was so scared that I gripped my bed sh*t tight. I felt the hands part my legs slightly and caress my thigh, upper till it reached my flower.

The person’s fingers traced my p***y through my panty and started rubbing on it. I opened my eyes to see Peter right at my front. He placed his fore finger on his lips, signaling me to shhhhh….. shut up! before intersecing one finger inside me he brought his head closer to kiss me and…….

“Ahhhhhh” I woke up screaming l had to block my mouth, thank goodness Maya didn’t wake up. sh*t thank God it’s just a nightmare, what kind of insane nightmare is that! That’s it I’m sleeping with one eye open

I closed my eyes and immediately opened them. I can’t do these, I stood up, thank God there’s a bat beside the door, let me just take it, just Incase.

I took the bat and was about to lay down when I heard footsteps coming. Damm that Peter, I stood by the door and waited for the door to open. I raised the bat up prepared to hit that person and in one…..two….three…

The door opened and Peter shoved his head inside, well not too long because I already wiped it with my bat and he screamed.


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