Bovil's Clash

Bovil’s Clash – Episode 19

Arrogant Meets Arrogant

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Bovil’s clash

Highschool Romance

Arrogant Meets Arrogant


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Chapter 19


“Mandy calm down,” Maya said and I shot her a glare as I was angrily pacing back and forth

“This is awful, who could someone be so heartless to flatten your four tires,” Maya said while looking at my mom car

“Most importantly what am I gonna tell my mom!!!!” I yelled

“I can help” Jaxson voice sounded from behind

“Stay out of this!!!” I yelled at him

“Draco and I would be going home together with my car and I’m offering you both a ride,” Jaxson said with his hands in his pockets

I looked at him from head to toe

“No. Thank. You”

I stressed and continued pacing back and forth

“Okay then, Maya would you like a ride home?” He asked Maya

I turned to hear what Maya answer would be

“Would Draco be there?” she asked and Jaxson nodded

“Okay sure,” she said and I was like


A few mins later Draco came and they all entered the car,, I was stubbornly looking at them and I can see Jaxson smirking from the windscreen

I watched the car move backward

Are they really gonna leave me here??

Once the car move out of the school gate, I immediately ran after them

“Wait you dammed jerks!!!” I yelled and the car stopped.

“Open the door you freak!”I yelled and Jaxson opened it I went to sit with Maya and the back seat while Jaxson and Draco were sitting at the front.

I can see Draco and Maya exchanging glances through the mirror. I just rolled my eyes.

“So what are you gonna do about my car,” I asked Jaxson

“Call a car mechanic or something “he shrugged and I laughed before glaring at him

“Do I look like someone that has a mechanic number!”I yelled.

“Okay then get a new car “he shrugged and I felt like breaking his head.

“Never mind I’ll send someone to help me out “I scoffed as I crossed my legs and started pressing my phone.

His car stopped and I saw that same thirteen years old girl I saw at the phone store the other day, she was running with her uniform towards the car. She opened it and sat down beside me.

“Thanks for picking me up brother “she winked and looked at me.

“Well look who we have here “she smiled

“So Brooklyn right,” I asked

“Yeah…. how do you know,” she asked and I smiled and patted her head

“I’m Mandela Yde, I know everything I said and watched her face beamed

“Since you know everything, look there was a new guy at my school today and he’s super cute….look I took a pic of him “she brought her phone and was showing me his pics.

“Aren’t you to young to have a crush on a boy “Maya was the one who asked and she rolled her eyes

“I’m a teenager, “she said Jaxson burst into laughter

“What’s funny “she snapped

“Teenager ohh please,” he said mockingly

“Yeah I’m thirteen as you can see here teen!” she challenged

“Oh yeah, where are your boobs then, I can’t find any, not even a single pick “Jaxson said and everyone burst out in laughter. Brooklyn pouted and hmmp in annoyance.

I unconsciously smiled they both looked cute. wait where did that come from. Ewww!

Finally, my mom’s apartment kissed me in front of my face,I nodded at Brooklyn as I came down along with Maya. We bid them goodbye Maya has a lot to tell me!

“I’ll just shower and change real quick, “Maya said as she hurriedly left

“You can run but you can’t hide!! I yelled as I opened the gate. I meet a new car, my mom is so wicked.

I entered the living room and meet my mom talking with a woman

“Afternoon mom” I greeted as I rushed to my room

“Stop!” my mom’s voice jolted me, I turned back

Please don’t be about the car, please don’t be about the car!

“Greet my friend Asia,” my mom said and I sighed with relief

“Good afternoon Miss Asia,” I said and she smiled

“It’s Mrs”

Oh she’s married, she looks familiar but I can’t really tell

“Sorry,” I said

“Mandy come help me in the kitchen” my mom smiled as she went to the kitchen

Anddddd, it’s gonna be about the car

I entered the kitchen and then carried a tray if cold drinks I saw my mom shoot daggers at me

“Where’s my car?!” She snapped angrily

“I borrowed it” I answered


“And the tire got flattened”

“What?!” My mom shrieked

“The tire??” She repeated

“No did I say the tire” I laughed and sighed a bit loud

“The tires,, the four tires,” I said and I ran cause one leg of her slipper was flying towards me

Sooner Mrs. Asia or whatever left, my mom was still angry at me. I went to my room and lay down on the bed, it’s gonna be a Saturday tomorrow then here comes Florida on Monday! I felt sleepy I closed my eyes when I opened it, it was already morning.

I stood up and something was going on outside, I turned to see a new car, my mom got a new car, I rushed to her and she rolled her eyes.

“You spoilt your’s,” she said as she went inside. This is not fair



🏠Maya’s apartment 🏠

It was already evening and I’ll be having a sleepover at Maya today.

“Mandy I need help !”Maya shouted holding a tray of food. I rolled my eyes and helped her

“Maya I don’t want to have dinner along with your brother “I said cause I always have this uneasy feeling about him

“It will be fine “Maya said as we both sat down

“Peter!! She yelled and I saw the freak smiling and coming

πŸ˜– Peter povπŸ˜–

Oh my, she’s here again and she’s gonna be sleeping here, sweet! I need to make her like me, I sat down opposite her, we started eating.

“So I’m curious how you two became friends, “I asked staring at her. Mandy looked at Maya

“I think he’s talking to you,” she said.

“No I’m talking to you pretty” I smiled as she looked at me like she wants to throw her shoe at me

“Well I just like your sister “she shrugged

“Okay so what are your plans for the trip “I asked and let’s hope this works

πŸ“ Mandy pov πŸ“

Gosh, why won’t this freak leave me alone, can’t he see that I don’t wanna talk to him

“None” I answered

“But you are excited about it right “he asked again

“Uhmm…. Is there any hot sauce here” I asked

“Yeah” he foolishly nodded while licking his lips.

I stood up and went to the kitchen. Gosh I hate that guy, I took a hot sauce and was about to turn when a hand squeezed my ass

Damm you Peter!!!!!

TBC πŸ’œ

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