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Bovil’s Clash – Episode 15

Arrogant Meets Arrogant

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Bovil’s clash

Highschool Romance

Arrogant Meets Arrogant


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Chapter 15

☺️ Mandy pov ☺️

That’s right I was drunk yesterday night and Jaxson!!

What happened, why can’t I remember anything!!! I saw my mom grinning at me and I was slightly annoyed

“Mom, Jaxson was here?” I asked in a tiny voice

“Hmm, he brought you home yesterday,, he’s such a nice boy”

Immediately my mom said that I spat out the soup I was supposed to eat

“Nice??” I repeated

“Hmm” she nods her head

“Are you sure there’s nothing going on between you two?” My mom asked and left me speechless

“Perhaps you have a crush on him?” My mom asked again

“Mom!” I yelled as I put the spoon down

“I don’t want to have anything to do with boys especially arrogant jerks like him!”

I stood up and rushed to my room, in a few minutes I was fully dressed for school, I carried my bag pack and faced my mom

“Mom do something about this me trecking to school everyday,, buy me a Benz or something,” I said to my mom

“A Benz?? But your school is just few miles away so there’s no need for that” my mom said

“Okay what if I need to go out?” I asked

“Hunny this is not your father’s house, we came here to leave a peaceful life and we’ll be using the car I have here,” she said firmly


“Aren’t you late for school!” She cut me off

I glared at her before leaving


🏩 Bovil’s high school 🏩

I was pretty late for school, I can even hear the sound of lectures going on and it’s Mr. Smith voice

Gosh I’m so dead, I rushed inside the classroom and he gave me a look

“Do you have a wristwatch?” Mr. Smith asked

“Umm..yeah it’s right here on my wrist” I showed him

“Good, now check the time with it,” he said and I felt him squeezing his big nose

I check the time and slowly looked at him

“What says the time?” He asked


“And school starts at??” He asked

“School start at 8” I answered

“Now tell me why you are late?”

I rolled my eyes

“I was taking care of somethings that I can’t tell you now can you let me sit pls”

“Have your sit” he shook his head


I went to my sit and I didn’t see Maya,, we do sit together but she’s not here, I couldn’t find her at the party yesterday too, I’m so worried right now

A few hours after the class was over I was looking for Jaxson, I didn’t know what happened but I wanna thank him for bringing me home yesterday

🥊 Jaxson pov 🥊

I was in the library and if you think I’m reading,, you’re wrong I was listening to music until I felt someone hands rubbing my chest seductively

I turned to see Sophie smiling

“Sophie??, What do you want?” I asked as I stood up

“I just miss you, is it wrong to miss you,” she said and I rolled my eyes

“How many times have I told you that we can’t back to the way we were before!” I yelled at her a little

“We just fought, it’s been how many months now, tell me for how many months won’t you talk to me??!!!”

She yelled at me and I slapped her hard

“You slept with my senior brother and all I did was loved you Sophie,, we fought many times but it has never been for this reason. You were dating me and fu*king my elder brother at once you stupid whore!!!” I yelled at her

This is the part of my life that I don’t wanna remember

“Get out while I’m still been nice,, get out now!!!” I yelled at her she hurriedly left

🌺Sofie pov🌺

I was fighting back my tears as I was running out, I bumped into someone and she was brown skin and has a very big ass, she was also heading to the library, Jaxson was the only one there!!!

Could she be one of his flings? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want me anymore, I watched her shake those big ass as she headed to the library

I can’t let anyone take my Jaxson from me!!

🎑 Mandy 🎑

I went to the library cause I knew Jaxson would be there listening to music

“Jaxson” I called as I approached him, he looked at me and smirked

“I need you to tell me what happened yesterday night?”

He smirked again

“What exactly do you wanna know!” He asked and I rolled my eyes


“Okay should I start from when you kissed me or…”

My eyes widened with what he said

Kiss him! I kissed him

“I kissed you?” I asked

“You were even begging me to kiss you,” he said

“And…” I asked stuttering

“You kissed me but I had to stop you” he smirked and I sighed with relief

“Is that all?” I asked and he shook his head

“You were slapping me and calling me Bryan, by the way, who’s that,” he asked as he stood up

“That’s none of your business, I’d be leaving now” I turned to leave

“You puked on my shirt” I heard him speak from behind




🔔 Closing hour🔔

I rushed home, I don’t believe anything that jerk was saying when I remember myself I’ll kill him but first I need to check on Maya

I knocked on her door twice before her brother came and open it. Gosh I hate seeing this freak

“Is Maya home?” I asked and he nodded

I hurriedly entered, I can feel his gaze on my ass and I just rolled my eyes

I reached Maya’s room and she turned to look at me, her eyes were red and swollen

Has she been crying??


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