Bovil's Clash

Bovil’s Clash – Episode 14

Arrogant Meets Arrogant

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Bovil’s clash

Highschool Romance

Arrogant Meets Arrogant


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Chapter 14

Jaxson pov

She kissed my lips and then pulled away,, next thing she gave me a hard slap

“I hate you Bryan, why did you cheat on me” she pouted like a baby

“Bryan, who’s Bryan?” I asked her and she slapped me again

“I loved you Bryan,, why did you break my heart” she started crying

I think Bryan might be her ex or something, but what kind of fool dumps a rare gem, if I find him I’m breaking all his bones

“Thanks for the ride,” she said as she came down from my car

I watched her stagger on her way to her gate,, I better help her before she fall.

I came down and rushed to her, I held her waist and place her hands around her shoulders

“Hehehe” she was laughing and singing out loud.

This girl is really childish when she’s drunk

“Behave we are almost there,” I said to her and she laughed out loud

“Why are you evening helping me,, have you forgotten that we are enemies!” She pouted

“We aren’t enemies Mandy” I hushed her

“Jaxson” she called


“I don’t feel so good,” she said and her voice sounded odd

“Mandy what’s wrong-

Before I knew it, she puked on my shirt

“Eww.. Mandy!!! Awwn this is bad” I squeezed my face in disgust

Finally, I reached her gate while she saw still laughing. I knocked on the door and a woman opened it

I’m guessing that’s her mom

“Who are you?” The woman asked

“Her friend, I brought her home,” I said

“Thank you, I’ll take over from here” her mom collected her

“I’m sorry about your shirt, come in I’ll help you wash it real quick,” she said

“No actually my car is here so I’ll get going,” I said to her

“Please, just to repay you” her mom pleaded and I couldn’t refuse

I entered and took of my shirt and gave it to her

“Sit here I’ll be right back. Would you like something to drink?” Her mom asked

“Water would be fine,” I said and she smiled and left

🌺 Anne’s pov🌺

Gosh he’s so handsome, I almost thought he was Mandy boyfriend,, maybe Mandy has a crush on him

I gave him the bottle of water and he smiled.

“Please can you help me take Mandy to her room?” I asked him

“Okay sure” he shrugged and I showed him the direction of her room, as he was walking I secretly took a pic of them

✍🏻 Jaxson pov ✍🏻

I reached her room and dropped her on the couch

“Ma’mm aren’t you gonna change her?” I shouted

“Can you please help me with that, I’m kinda busy” I heard her shout from outside the door


I opened her closet and damn she has plenty of clothes,, I took a big dress. Okay I’ll just do this real quick

I gently raised her up and pulled off her shirt. Even her b*obs are perfect

I quickly removed my eyes from her b**ast and looked elsewhere,, why would her mom torture me like this

I pulled her shorts quickly and threw them away, I took the big dress

Here goes nothing, I was about to raise her up but she grabbed my collar and pulled me on top of her

Damn I was shirtless and she was just with her red lacy bra and panties which brought out her killer curve

“Mandy behave!” I scolded but she pulled me even more that our lips almost touch

“I wanna cuddle” she pouted. f**k she looks really cute right now, my gaze was on her reddish face and soft lips

I was fighting the urge to kiss her right on her couch. I was like fighting a battle between my heart and my hormones

“Behave yourself Mandy” my voice was husky this time

“Your lips are red I wanna kiss them” she uttered and I gulped my whole silver down

“Mandy stop say-

I was cut off cause her lips were already on mine, I tried to push her off but she pulled my head closer and deepened the kiss as I was about bro kiss her back she suddenly past out

What a go, Mandy! I’ll surely get back at you for this! I wore her the dress and left her room immediately

I met her mom in the living room, she was grinning as she gave me back my shirt

“Thanks ma’mm” I said as I wore my shirt

“It’s okay, call me mom” she smiled at me

“Okay thanks Mom, gotta go,” I said and she nodded, I hurried up and left

💔 Maya pov💔

“Hey sis how was the party?” Peter asked but I ignored him and went to my room

He followed me

“Are you fine?”

“Yeah I wanna sleep” I lied

“But you’ve eaten right?” He asked and I nodded

I slammed my door after he left, my eyes became blurry when I recalled everything that happened at the party

How Draco used me. All my life I’ve always been a nobody people notice me because of my friend. Why’s life so unfair

I sat down on the ground and buried my head on my knees. I hate my life! I cried my eyes out for some time that I didn’t even know when I fell asleep.

💋 Mandy pov 💋

I opened my eyes the following day and I could swear that my head was banging really hard. I groaned as I went to wash my face in the bathroom. Gosh, my head is killing me.

“Mom! What’s that smell” I asked as I headed to the living room. I meet my mom arranging some soup on the dining table, she smiled as she moved to me.

“I bet you must be having some hangover, I made you hangover soup,” my mom said and I sat down on the chair, I was still in my pajamas.

“I don’t like the smell of this,” I said to her.

“If you don’t take this you’ll suffer from hangover, “my mom said, and I said as I took a spoon filled with soup and put it in my mouth.

Believe me when I say it tastes awful.

“So who was that guy that brought you home yesterday “my mom asked, and my eyes widened.



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