Bovil's Clash

Bovil’s Clash – Episode 13

Arrogant Meets Arrogant

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Bovil’s clash

Highschool Romance

Arrogant Meets Arrogant


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Chapter 13

Maya pov

I was moving backward while he was moving forward

“Don’t come closer I’m warning you, “I told him, but he kept moving forward, not caring of what I was saying. I moved backward until my back hit the cold wall, then he used that advantage to trap me with his hands. Our face was now very close.

“Drac_ I couldn’t complete my sentence because his lips already claimed mine. I expected my first kiss to be sweet and gentle, but it was the opposite. It was wild and filled with hunger.

His tongue was deep inside my mouth, and I couldn’t even get along. I was too innocent for this deep kiss. His lips were to my neck while his hands were already ripping my dress off.

“Draco….please don’t” I was fighting to urge to moan out, but his hands went underneath my dress and caressed my bare thigh.

I bit my lips, trying not to make any weird sounds until I felt his hands rub my cl*t through my panties.

“Draco..arggh no” I couldn’t hold it anymore. My legs felt weak that I grabbed his shoulders not to fall.

He pulled my panties down and intersected one of his fingers inside

I moaned out in pain

“Please stop it hurt… Arghh”‘ the pain was replaced with a bit of pleasure.

“Stop, no… Arghhh,” I kept moaning while he kept fingerf**cking me harder and faster.

I felt my orgasm gather up in my stomach; this feeling was just damn good.

“Yes… C*m for me… C*m for me Mandy” I heard him moan

He thinks I’m Mandy; no, this is not happening

“Stop, let go of me” I started pushing him off, but he wouldn’t stop. He moved his fingers even faster till I cummed on his fingers.

He released me, and tears were pouring out of my eyes. He used me. He just broke my heart.

“Maya I-

Before he could complete his sentence, I slapped him hard on the cheek and ran out.

Now I hate my life!

💄 Mandela pov 💄

I was tied to a chair.

“Let me go!” I screamed at jerk face, but he just smirked at me

“You can seduce me right,, I’m gonna seduce you also” he smirked

“Let. Go,, release me while you are still alive!” I threatened, and he laughed

“Renny,” he called, and that shameless b***h from earlier walked in

“I’m gonna f**k this girl, right in front of your eyes,” he said and then pulled her closer and kissed her hard

“Stop this and let me go!” I shouted, but he didn’t listen to me

He removed his trousers, and his large d**k came flying out

I watched how that Renny girl s*cked his d**k out of him and how he was moaning. Okay that was a mega turn on but I’m still angry!

🏅 Jaxson pov 🏅

Renny was s**king the daylight outta me while I was groaning, seriously she’s really good at this.

I couldn’t take it. I needed to be deep inside her now. I raised her head and turned her over. I removed her panties and rammed hard on her.

I watched Mandy facial expression change, and I could tell that she was turned on, she kept begging me to stop, but I didn’t listen to her.

I raised one of Renny’s legs and f**ked her harder and faster while she screamed like a b***h and like that whore she is

I looked at Mandy, and she was already crying, so I had to stop

“Why did you stop?” Renny asked disappointed

“I’m not in the mood anymore so get lost!” I said to her. She picked her cloth and left.

I moved closer to Mandy, and she gave me a stern glare

“Release me,” she ordered,

I released her

“This would be the last time you do something like this you jerk!!” She yelled and ran out with teary eyes

“She started it first didn’t she?” I muttered to myself

🍇 Mandy pov🍇

I can’t stand it, he’s f**king another girl in front of me, which pained me a lot. I don’t just know why.

“Maya,, Maya!!” I shouted, but I couldn’t find her, where could she have gone?

Maybe she went home cause she did find me anywhere. She could have sent a message, though!

I didn’t feel like going home yet, so I sat down on a chair. Some people were still dancing while I was watching them. I got bored of watching, so I decided to scroll down on my Instagram; while doing that, I saw something that broke my heart into pieces.

Bryan and Prissy! His hands were on her waist while kissing her cheeks. They took the picture together with some love and kisses emoji.

Didn’t he say he misses me yet? Look what he’s doing. I lied to my mom. I haven’t moved on yet.

“I’m trying to, but it’s not easy. I took a hard drink on the table and gulped it down. I want to forget everything

🌺 Jaxson pov🌺

I felt terrible for what I did; come to think of it, it didn’t even make any sense, but what surprised me was when I saw Nicki Minaj girl crying.

I sighted her from far, drinking and shouting, and from the way I see things, I think she’s drunk.

“Hey that’s enough!” I rushed to her and collected the bottle, but she was dragging it back from me

I’m seeing two empty bottles; this is the third one she’s about to take

“Give it you jerk” she began hitting my chest

“No we are going home!” She was too stubborn, so I carried her inside my car

********; we******************

“Please stop singing we are almost there,” I pleaded, cause this girl has been singing and shouting.

This is gonna be a long drive!!!

Finally, I arrived at her home, I wanted to open the car for her, and our faces were closed in that process.

It was now I knew she had beautiful eyes. She brought her hands and cupped my cheeks.

“You are so wicked! Thanks for the ride” she kissed my lips.


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