Bovil's Clash

Bovil’s Clash – Episode 11 & 12

Arrogant Meets Arrogant

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Bovil’s clash

Highschool Romance

Arrogant Meets Arrogant


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Chapter 11-12

Mandy pov

Threesome! Is he kidding me? How dare this pig ask me that, gross!

“You are f***ing crazy, you want threesome right, fine take it!” I kneeled his groin, and he winced in pain

“Why are you wicked, I was only being nice,” he winced, and I scoffed and walked away.

Finally, closing hour, I rushed home with Maya. I didn’t want to see that jerk face; for some reason, he’s annoying.

I escorted Maya to her house; her brother was looking at me in a creepy way as usual, but oh well, I rushed out. I don’t like what I hate!!


One week later πŸ™οΈ

Going to that school was thrilling and unique and, at the same time, complex and tiring. That jerk and I have been fighting a lot recently; even his best buddy has been trying to get into my pants, but I don’t care about those farts.

Everyone was gathered in the cafeteria eating lunch happily when a girl named Sofia went to the restaurant’s front and stood on top of a table.

“Peophigh schooll highschool,, I’m gonna be throwing a party at my house tonight and all of you are invited,” she shouted and blew us a flying kiss.

A party that sounds nice. I think I’m gonna go and Maya is coming with me

“Maya,” I called, and she looked at me while I grinned

“We are not,

“oh yeah we are!” I hushed her off and chuckled while she groaned frustratedly


When we got home, I brought Maya to my house because that’s where we are gonna dress and do all our girl stuff, for the party.

“Mom there’s a party tonight can I go pretty please” I pleaded with my mom.

“Night party sounds dangerous,, what time is it?” Mom asked.

“It’s from 8 to 12 but I promise I’ll be back at 10,, pretty please with sugar on top” I batted my lashes cutely.

“Fine you and Maya should be careful alright?”

“Thanks Mom you are the best” I smiled and hugged her tight.

I rushed to my room and met Maya staring at the whole makeup on my table.

“Maya” I beamed happily, and she turned to me.

“My mom said yes!!”


Chapter 12

It was already 7:00; Maya was still in the bathroom while I was applying makeup on my face, I wore a design crop shirt, and bomb shot that package all my ass.

I purposely wore this for that jerk face Jaxson; I’m still getting back at him.

I stared at my face in satisfaction and added more red shades.

“I look pretty nah I look dazzling” I smiled in satisfaction; I just remembered that Maya was still in the bathroom.

“Maya!!” I called, and she slowly came out while adjusting her gown; she looked enticing and had this killer curves that I never noticed because she didn’t like the dress

“Is this gown a bit short?” She asked, and I rolled my eyes

“It’s perfect you have a great body sometimes it’s good to show them out,, come-on let’s go!” I grabbed her by the arm, and we rushed out


🌡 Sofia’s apartment 🌸

We got there, and wow! Everywhere were already crowded with some groups of students dancing and drinking

“Maya be free, let’s go dance our ass out,” I said, dragging Maya to the dance floor while she pulled herself backward.

“I’m not really good at dancing,” she said, and I rolled my eyes.

“Nonsense come on you’ll follow my lead” I grabbed her; I can see Jaxson and his friend sitting and talking together, I’m going to teach him a big lesson, I’ll seduce him, but he won’t have me.

We rushed to the dance floor, where some other students were dancing.

“Okay follow my lead Maya,” I said as I started twisting my waist seductively.

Maya’s jaw dropped, I can tell that she was shy. I wonder why God bless her with good curves if she can’t shake it

I moved to her and held her shoulders.

“Wiggle your ass baby wooo!” I shouted I think I’m already in my elements

I was twisting and twerking my ass; I don’t have big ass for nothing, you know ;-)

“Here goes nothing, I guess,” I heard Maya whisper before she started moving her body

I was a bit shocked, I didn’t think she was a pro at this, we were both in high spirits, and at this, I forgot my plans and was dancing my life out

🏡️ Jaxson pov 🏡️

I can feel my hardness, she was twerking those fresh asses, and as expected, she’s an expert.

I tried not to, but I couldn’t stop looking at her, I couldn’t get my eyes off her ass. Everything was just so damn enticing.

I stood up to dance with her, but the guy beat me to it; I watched her shake her ass against his groin while he held her waist.

This is so unfair!

✨ Mandy pov✨

Oh right my plan, I was moving my waist in a seductive rhythm, a guy came to me and asked me for a dance.

I looked at him from head to toes, and he’s f****ng hot, so I found myself nodding.

Let me show Jaxson how it’s done.

I moved my ass hard on his groin, and I could tell the sensation was much that’s why he held my waist tight while rocking on me.

I saw Jaxson stand up and was fuming in anger. Yes, that was it

I smiled as I pushed the guy to a chair; I sat down on his d**k and started giving him a memorable lap dance, from the way the guy was breathing on my neck, I can tell he was hard and turned on, and if I must say, there was a bulge building up in his pants

I bit my lips and lap dance the guy, even more; Jaxson stormed towards my direction and pulled me away from that guy

“What the hell is your problem!” The guy yelled, but Jaxson punched him on his face, and the guy fell down

“Don’t try touching what’s mine,” he said to the guy

Wait for his?? No f**king way

Jaxson then grabbed my arm

“Hey let go of me,” I yelled, but he kept dragging me anyway

“You think you can play the game right, well I’ll show you I’m a pro,” he whispered as he pulled me to a room

🐰Maya pov 🐰

It has been a long since I’ve danced like this, it feels good thou. I felt so pressed, so I went to use the toilet after releasing by the bowl, I stood up and adjusted my skirt, flushed the toilet, and washed my hands.

I opened the door to leave, but I bumped into Draco, I gasped not knowing what to do..

His eyes, he was looking at me with pure lust, I tried to run, but he pushed me back and locked the door what now!

πŸ€Draco pov πŸ€

After watching Mandy shake those huge asses seductively, I was so darn hard, and I couldn’t hold it anymore.

I went to the restroom and was about to open the door, but Maya beat me to it, I looked at her from head to toe, and she looked hot today, and seeing her like that was adding to my hardness.

I remembered how she was dancing seductively also, and damn I couldn’t take it anymore.

She tried to run, but I pushed her back inside. She caused this, and she’ll pay!


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