His Vengeful Wife

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Extract from the story
“Bhoomi!!, Bhoomi.., come and take the sweets to the market before they get cold..!!!” Rohi Bhoomi’s mom screamed.

The sweets were the only source of money to Bhoomi and her perents.

Bhoomi took the happy tray of hot sweets and ran to the market place.

“Buy your sweets, buy your yummy and delicious sweets..” she screamed.

“Ooops sorry sir” she said as she mistakenly hit a young handsome man who was standing beside his shiny car in the busy and sunny market place.

“Not a problem, here have this 200 rupees some of your sweets fell on ground, watch where you are going, excuse me.” He said as he turned to answer a call.

Bhoomi smiled to herself as she carried her tray and continued her hawking, she can’t wait to go home to inform her mom about the kind young man who gave her 200rupees.

Bhoomi’s POV🌟.

I came back home running.
I can’t wait to tell mama about the kind man in the marketplace.

I noticed some men coming outta our house wearing black suits. Hmm I wonder what they came to our hut to do.

I rushed in and i saw mama crying while shaking papa’s body..

There was blood on his shirt and a bullet.

They killed my Papa, they killed him.

I picked up my tray and followed them out side to stone them.

Then i received the shock of my life..

The young man and another old man were talking to the men in black and later drove of.

I screamed out in agony.

“I hate you and i will make sure i kill you…” i said in tears.

I have sworn to avenge my father.


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