Bhoomi – Episode 8

{His Vengeful wife}

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{His Vengeful wife}

( An Indian story)

©Biba writes.




Her golden bracelet is missing???😱

She gave me two pairs and left herself the remaining two…😳😳

Does this mean there is a thief in the mansion…??😳😳

Who would do such a thing???.

‘I want the whole mansion searched…’ she said with her bold unique character.

‘Including Bhoomi’s room.., I’ll help do the searching..’ Roshni said.


I know i took.nothing but why the sudden character??.

‘Are you calling my wife a thief…??’ Adil protested.

‘She’s right Adil, no one trusts anyone nowadays…’ Mrs Singh said to my surprise.


‘I am fully confident, go check my room..’ i said.

Roshni just kept beaming with smiles..

What is wrong with her??/😳

I hope she didn’t plant the bracelet in my room..😨😨

‘Hurry, Raghav, Roshni, you guys search , Adil stay behind….’ she instructed.

She is a nice woman i guess she doesn’t tolerate stealing.

I mean who will???.


Bhoomi, i miss you so much my dear.

I just hope you can be strong for me.

Be the strong Bhoomi who doesn’t fall sick easily..

The Bhoomi that stands for her rights and sheds no tears for anyone.

I prayed as i stared at the Shiva in front of me.

I lit a scent and left it.

I know Bhoomi will be a strong girl, just like Sharma.

May Shiva bless and guide you my daughter.



No one has ever stole before in this mansion, then all of a sudden, after Adil got married, my gold bracelet goes missing???.

No , No no…😔

I don’t tolerate stealing.

Whoever is responsible will pay for it and will leave the mansion.😒😒


‘Singh, how would you just get any silly girl for your son.., think Singh, think…!!!’ i said as i walked around the room tirelessly.

‘Oh shut up Saloni!!, i am an aged man and i know what is right for my son, He is getting married to Rohi ‘s daughter!!!’ Mr Singh my husband screamed trying to focus on his newspapers.

‘I want the best for my son, Singh!! , I don’t want a silly wife for my son!!!’

‘He is my son too Saloni, i know what’s the best for him, so sit down , shut up and watch!!!’ he barked and i left the room angrily.


How can you not look into the future of your child before concluding to a marriage.

Mrs Singh is really strong headed.

What an old husband.

Now Adil’s bride!!.

She better prays she didn’t take it.

Pray silently😼😾.

You don’t know how happy i am right now…😄😄

I can’t wait to see that innocent face crying and pleasing….😂😂

She deserves to die…😫😫

Why did she steal my Adil from me??.


‘Check the wardrobes…’ i ordered and i stole a glance at the couples as they stood watching in suspense.

I smiled to myself as i walked towards the brief case i planted the bracelet.


I quickly brought out the bracelet…

The room became still and quiet.

I smiled inwardly 😁..

‘Explain this Bhoomi….’ i said as i rose the bracelet in the air.

Bhoomi and Adil gasped in shock including Raghav and everyone in the room.

‘WHAT’???? Everyone screamed and all eyeballs turned to Bhoomi.

‘Wait a minute Aunt Roshni!!!!’ We all heard and we turned towards the door.

‘Check your hands again….’ Priyanka said folding her arms.

I lowered my gaze on my hand.

#T_B_C 😱

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