Bhoomi – Episode 14

{His vengeful wife}.

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{His vengeful wife}.

( An Indian romance story)

©Biba writes.



‘You have to choose because it is your decision to make…’ i said to the worried Priyanka.

‘Okay Aunt Bhoomi. ..’ she said as she Left.

Priyanka is such a lovely sister inlaw.

‘Good morning Sir…’ my clerk greeted.

‘Morning…’ I answered.

Something happened between Bhoomi and I and I am happy about it.

I smiled to myself.


‘Ooops sorry Sir…’ she said as she hit me and her tray of sweets fell on the ground.

I stared and her beautiful face as she gently picked them before I payed for them.

Too bad i didn’t get. to ask her name.


The Bhoomi I married is the Bhoomi I met five years ago.

The resemblance is so visible to be a coincidence.

She is Bhoomi .;!!.

But why would she hide it from me. .??.
Bhoomi why…??

I love you so much and I will make sure I find out the reason why you chose to hide the truth from me.

Bhoomi I will find out the reason why you hid the truth from me.

It is a promise..

I continued my work.

‘Don’t you talk to my Maama that way…’ I screamed as I stood from my chair, dumping my corn flakes.

My gaze was fixed on the man called my father with raw hatred and gnashed teeth.

How dare he treat and abuse my Maama anytime he likes.

Why did he choose to marry her if he hates her that much??.

He stood with his right leg forward slowly stroking his filthy beards.

‘Don’t you ever raise your voice on me again ….’ he said as he covers me with a hot slap on the face.

I stood still with burning fire within me as i clenched my fists.

‘Take your filthy mother to the cl clinic’ he said disgustingly as he walked out of us.

What a devil..!!

The maids rushed towards us consoling maama.

‘Go to school son…’ she said between gasps.

‘No maama, i cant…’

‘You have to.. , Myra will take me to the hospital…’

I reluctantly left for school.


Priyanka stared at the clock,reluctant to dress up for school.

She kept wondering what she would do about the new comer stuff.

‘I guess I will apologize to him…’ she said to herself.

She was a nice person and would not hurt a fly.

Her actions were on anger.

‘Or I’ll apologize through my behavior towards him…’ she though again.

She finally stood up and dress up.


‘That was fantastic Roshni…’ Mr Singh said with a smile of satisfaction in his lips.

‘Yes Mr….’

‘Have this….’ he said handing me a cheque of 1m rupees.


‘Thank you Mr Singh…’ I said as I kissed the cheque.

This is money…!!!.

Just then there was a mood ruining knock on the door.

Mr Singh made this sigh.(👆) across his lips indicating me to keep quiet.

He pushed me into his wardrobe and closed it.

He hurriedly buttoned his shirt before opening the door.

‘Hey what took you so long…’

‘What is it Saloni…??’

From hearing saloni, my heart banged out of my chest.

Mrs Singh..???!!!???.

Oh God…!!!

‘why are you looking so tensed up…??’

‘I…… was searching for something…’

My head spun.

‘Anyway I came to get my wrist watch.., I left it here,in your wardrobe..’

My heart jumped to my throat and my stomach rumbled.

‘No I’ll get it for you…’Mr Singh said and he went in front of her.

‘No what’s the big deal.., I’ll get it myself…’ she said stubbornly and walked towards the wardrobe.

My view was barely perfect all thanks to the fair openings of the wardrobe.

She raised her hand to open it when….


I watched as the new comer Kapurr walked into the class dimly.

He wasn’t smiling as usual.

Is everything okay..??

Even though he noticed I was looking at him, he quietly walked to his seat.


The lessons continued.


At the cafeteria, i stared at Kapurr who was staring at his food without touching it.

He shiny eyes was fairly red but still, he managed to look handsome.

‘Hi Kapurr..’ i said as i sat on his table.

He didn’t even look up nor notice my existence.

I guess he is in a bad mood.

I began my motivations.

‘You seem to be having a bad day, whatever it is hope you get over it. , you know…there are times in life when those you love the most turn their backs on you and those you trust choose to betray you…, you keep asking yourself if you are the problem or the plague.. they just choose to hurt your feelings…’ I said without looking up.

I continued.

‘All those are obstructions and pain causers that bring you down but you know…things will change someday…, it will be alright and okay.. you will be happy again just like before…no matters what happens you should know that you hav loved ones. Those who will never let you cry…’. I said and he placed his hands on mine. and. a tear drop touched my skin..


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