Bhoomi – Episode 13

{His Vengeful wife}.

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{His Vengeful wife}.

©Biba writes.



My jaw dropped to the ground as I turned around .


I am dancing with this annoying new comer…??.

‘Miss Singh you are to dance with the new comer, Shoryha Kapurr.

He released his usual smile or should I say , smirk before moving his hands forward for the dance.

It was then I had the complete view of his face.

He was a hairy person with very long hair with a thin moustache and a goaty.

His eyes shone like bronze which made his pupils very noticeable.

Absent mindedly I caught his hand and we began the dance practice.

Mrs Supriya was a very good teacher and so we practiced without saying a word to each other.

Any time our eyes met, a charge of guilt shocks through my veins and I start regretting my actions.

I shouldn’t have been rude the first time we met.

His smiles keep haunting me.

Oh lord Shiva , please don’t make anything happen.

Should I apologize..??

Or am I being cheap if I do so.

We kept dancing and no one said a word to each other.


‘Adil…’ I said after gasping for the third time.


‘I…ii..can I go out today…’

‘Where to…???’

‘Uhhmm… to my Maama’s place..’

‘I don’t think so…, I don’t want you going anywhere…’


‘No buts, I’m going to work, see you later…’ he said as he kissed my hair before leaving the room…’

I don’t get.

Why won’t he let me go out..??.

I really want to see my Maama.

Maybe he has his reason.

Or is it because of the message stuff .

But he didn’t see it.

I don’t think he saw it.

I paced up and down in the room.

‘So little pretty is that how special I am to you…’ he said almost raising from his chair.

‘yes you are …’ I said rolling my eyes seductively.

‘Can I….’ I said picking up a sweet.

He opened his mouth and I fed him.

I stood up and walked close to him..

I am sure of millions.


Saloni, you should know that i am coming back for everything you took away from.

Little Roshni is a tool to get my revenge.

Just wait and see .

‘Chaya , you should give Mr Singh his tea don’t forget okay, i am going out.

‘Yes Ma’am..’


‘Miss Singn and Kapurr, you guys are doing well and i can say you guys are the best..’ Mrs Suprya sais.

We both looked at each other with a smile, not saying a word.

I gulped really hard.

I think i should apologize or then, I’ll talk to Aunt Bhoomi for advise.


‘Good afternoon aunt bhoomi..’

‘Good after noon priyanka, you are back from school…’

‘yes…, can i talk to you for a moment…’


‘So what is it…’

‘well, there’s this new guy…’ u stopped as i noticed her smile

‘What, continue..’

‘I was rude to him, i hated him but today, i saw how nice he is… we i mean i was grouped to dance with him…’

‘hmmm interesting.., and now you are all guilty and about to ask me if you should apologize to him right…!??’ she said and i blinked.

‘ yeah …’..

‘you know what priyanka, you shouldn’t have been rude to him at first you know…’

‘ Yes…., and I regret it…’

‘Good now its your choice to make..’


‘I’ll think about it…’

I think I should apologize.

Should i…??



Tbc ..

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