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Betrayal(afraid to love again)

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“Don’t go baby”she cried out and winced in pain
“Don’t leave me”with pleading eyes she begged him
“You remember how we met”
I heard her say to him,as she played with her fingers nervously
“I love you Andy”
“How many times will i tell you i don’t love you, i don’t love you a bit”he respond immediately and left the garden.
“Tears drop down my cheeks”i never knew Andy can do this to me,i never knew a day like this will ever came true,i never knew true love does not exist,until now”she ranted
Stephnie james,she’s a girl from a wealthy family
A young polite lady,capable of making man drool at the sight of her unique and sexy features
A strong daughter of a billionaire who never listen to anybody excepts her parents.
But her problem is she,s scard to give her heart to any man.
Her biggest fear was to fall in love again.
———————- Grab ur popcorn and let’s ride on

Brought to you by authoress bella
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