Kind, crazy & cold-hearted

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)



By: Faith Lucky.

Read the story of three identical sisters (triplets) who were separated from birth but got to meet again when they grew up.

Wanna know their names?

Meet Kim Ji (kind):
She’s the kind nice sister who grew up to be rich.

You can easily fall in love with her even from the sound of her voice because of how nice she sounds. She can barely hurt a fly.
Meet Kim nana (crazy):
She’s the perfect definition of madness.

She’s stubborn and troublesome and doesn’t hesitate to beat anyone who crosses her part. She doesn’t care if you like her or not, just be sure to stay out of her way.
Meet Mi cha (cold-hearted):
She grew up in the wrong hands and was made to believe she didn’t have a family.

She didn’t receive any love and as a result, couldn’t show one to anybody. She was trained to be fierce and heartless and worked for one of the most dreaded illegal institute.

She grew up to be a cold-hearted assassin.

Brought to you by Faith Lucky
Love you all


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