CODELIA – Episode 38

Oops!She's a sex worker

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(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 38

Authoress P.o.v 💕

he placed his head on her br*ast and used her hand to scattered his hair.

Chad raised his head up and looked into codelia eyes. he moved his face closer to codelia face and codelia also move her face closer to his.

madam Cassie put her hand on her jaw surprised of what she’s seeing. Chad jam his lips with hers and they both kissed theirselves passionately.

madam Cassie clear her throat and they stopped kissing immediately. codelia place her palm on her face.

“you don’t need to be shy and you, why did you kissed my daughter?” madam Cassie asked.

” Am sorry I don’t know what came over me” Chad replied and look away.

madam Cassie stood up and move closer to Chad. ” you need a hug, I knew you aren’t that bad when I first saw you, am glad you shared your problem with me and I most say you really went through Alot, but that doesn’t mean you should vent your anger on innocent people, I will like it if you stopped killing innocent people” madam Cassie said.

” Aunt, I believe all human are betrayal apart from I and my sister, I believe all mother’s are the same until I met you, I was very surprised when I saw how caring you’re towards your daughter, I know she’s not your mother I just used the word mother because you’re the only one that deserve to be call a mother, and as for those people I killed I won’t killed them if they don’t do something bad to me” Chad said.

” stop killing them, did you know the pain their families went through after you killed their love ones” madam Cassie said.

” I will try but I don’t promise you that I won’t kill again” Chad said and madam Cassie hug her.

” I wish you can just stay here with me” Chad said. ” I can’t, I need to go back to my house, I can’t stay here for long, but I promise I will always come to visit” madam Cassie said.

“thank you, but I will like you to move out of that place you stay” Chad said. “but why?” madam Cassie asked.

“I don’t like that area, I want you to stay in one of my mansion, I just wanna take care of you like my father, you are just like my father to me” Chad said.

“but there’s nothing bad in that area” madam Cassie said. “I know but I don’t like that area at all” Chad replied.

“Alright thank you” madam Cassie said and hug him happily. “you are moving out tomorrow” Chad said.

“Ah that’s too fast” madam Cassie said. “no it’s not too fast” Chad replied.

“And I will also like to be your daughter” Vivian said coming to the garden. ” Awww I now have many children” madam Cassie said and hug Vivian.

” did you accepted me as your daughter?” Vivian asked. ” sure madam Cassie replied. “jealousy” Chad replied and Vivian roll her eyes at him.

“I want you guys to monitor your mother very well am having a feeling that she hasn’t changed, I think she’s up to something bad, I don’t think she has changed I can see through her tears” madam Cassie said.

” I like you because you’re very wise and caring and that’s one of the reasons I want you near me, but you don’t wanna stay with me” Chad said.

” I can’t stay with you, I don’t wanna be a burden to you” madam Cassie said. ” you can never be a burden to me” Chad replied.

” I have many children and you can’t accommodate us all, I will stay in the house you promised to give us” madam Cassie said.

” that’s better” Chad said. ” when are you going back to school?” Chad asked code. ” why did you asked” codelia said.

” I just wanna know” Chad replied. ” I won’t tell you” codelia replied. ” and you will tell me by force” Chad said and move closer to her.

he tickling her in her waist and she burst into laughter.

” leave me alone” codelia said in-between laughter. ” mom, let go somewhere else I have something to discuss with you, let leave them alone” Vivian said. ” Alright” madam Cassie replied.

” Brother, you didn’t touch the food I served you since morning why are you going this to yourself” Jeff sister asked him.

” I didn’t touch it because I am not hungry” Jeff said. ” You haven’t eaten since yesterday that you came back from that lady house.

I heard you are monitoring her, that’s not good” Jeff sister said. ” Priscilla I really love that girl but she doesn’t love me back, if you see her she embarrassed me this morning in the presence of that arrongant jerk, I must have her” Jeff said.

” brother love isn’t by force, and am not sure you love her, you don’t love her, because if you do you will understand her, you are just obsessed with her, she’s carrying your child doesn’t mean she must get married to you, wise up Jeff I haven’t seen you like this before” Priscilla said.

” love is very wicked” Jeff said. ” I just want you to erase any feelings you have for her, you are a good guy and you deserve to be happy” Priscilla said.

” Hi” Anna greet Vivian.

” good afternoon ma” Vivian replied with a smile.

” I wanna discuss something with you, can you kindly follow me to my room?” Anna asked.

” hope there’s no problem?” Vivian asked.

“no there’s no problem” Anna replied with a smile. and Vivian followed her to her room.

“I know you are in love with my son Chad, I can help you get him if you give me the go ahead” Anna said.


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